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Are Ladies Confused Or Guys Are? Ogbeni La

ladies confused

Are ladies confused or guys are, when it comes to dating? This post by witty and controversial writer, Ogbeni La will lead to finding an answer to this or even more questions. Read on:

Date a lady of 19 to 21

You’d be clueless. You don’t understand what excites her. You don’t know half of what she prattles about. She wants closeup lovey-dovey where you call each other every ten minutes. You start thinking this one doesn’t have a life o, I need me someone mature abeg.

So you date a lady of 22 to 25

This one is just peaking. Unrealistic and inattentive because all eyes on her. She wants ideal. She compares what her friend is getting to whatever you bring to the table. Even when she doesn’t say it, her actions reveal it. You’re insecure because you know she is not entirely yours. She’s for the one ready to settle down right away. Because you don’t want to fool yourself.

So you date a lady of 26 to 30

It begins all sweet then you get a combination of uncertainty and pressure. She wants to settle down. Her parents bug her. She attends a friend’s wedding every other weekend. You’re not so sure if you’re ready because finance, because in a corner of your heart you’re still wondering is this how I will just plunge my head into this thing, ah? Because life… She’s on the same page but you can’t even understand what she’s facing. She can’t stay under parents roof without subtle bully, she can’t rent an apartment because she’s a lady and single, she can’t this and that. You’re with her, you’re fucking going to feel the heat. You bail.

So you date a lady of 31 to 34

You’d be all sensitive. Because she’s just likely gonna be understanding and patient with you so much, you begin wondering if she’s for real or playing along. If you’re a little mad, you begin to wonder why she’s even still single at that age. You sum it up and tell yourself on the average this is better. Seen life enough to be patient and understanding, lived long enough to understand responsibilities. She’s even self-employed or working in the corporate world so she’s independent. She sorts you times sef. But you start debating what people will say if you decide to take a step further… What will your mum think? What will your friend say? What is this thing people say about women aging faster? This and that. Smh

NB: The segmentation is just a figment of my intuitive imagination.

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