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For one year I died.

I was unconscious all through the one year. I woke up with dilating eyes to a total strange environment. I felt hot compared to where I’m coming from, that peaceful ambiance I felt was no longer available.

I faintly called out “hello”, who is there, somebody help me. I kept saying that for a while till I fell asleep again when I got exhausted and couldn’t get any response.

I had slept for a while when I heard voices. I struggled to open my eyes and I heard screams “she is awake” “oh my God,she made it” and I looked at my mum as she cried, tears streaming down her face. I still couldn’t understand why, she came closer and I rubbed my hands on her to wipe the tears away. I still couldn’t fathom why I was in the hospital and for how long, the first thing I asked mum was, where is Tade?

Mum immediately told me she will call him to inform him that I was awake and exactly one hour later, Tade walked into my ward but it wasn’t just Tade that came, I also saw a woman and two lovely boys that looked exactly like Tade. I did not understand what was going on.

Tade rushed to my side and hugged me, he looked guilty like someone who just ‘poo’ed’ in his pant and trying so hard to mask it up. He profusely thanked me for saving his life and he was so sorry for what I had to go through all because of him.

He also told me how he had been spending everything he could on my hospital bills for the past one year. I screamed, one what? How come? What happened to me? One year in the hospital? It seemed like heavens heard me and answered me because the memories flooded in like a river and I couldn’t stop the flashes. I remembered it all, how I decided to donate one of my kidneys for him to live, and afterwards realized he had a wife in America. I fainted immediately and coupled with complications from the Kidney transplant, I had been in coma for 1 year.

I wept so much, he hugged and consoled me. My mum was crying too, I really don’t know if it was because of what I know or the ones I’m yet to know.

I became calm after awhile and I decided to ask who the lady was and why the striking resemblance between him and the kids. He stuttered and I screamed at him even with my almost inaudible voice to answer me at once. Errmmm, she is….. The lady cut in and said she just wanted to appreciate the love and the kind gesture I showed her husband by donating the kidney to him. I asked whose kidney? whose husband? I stuttered too, she replied Tade of course looking a little confused.

She continued,

I came with him and our boys immediately we got the news that you WERE awake because I really can’t thank you enough for saving my husband’s life, even for the fact that you are just one of his interns at work.

Husband? Kids? Intern? I passed out again.

I woke up after two hours with my mum sobbing quietly. I saw Tade but not with his wife and kids anymore. Tade knelt beside me and begged me crying, I kicked at him, pain and regret enveloped me. I couldn’t stop the tears as the pain was overwhelmed and choked me.

I remember all, how we met, how we grew, fell in love (or I fell in love with him), how I had always thought no guy can ever love me as much as Tade did. Memories kept coming in flashes, the pain was unbearable. I stopped to ask him, where was she all the time we were dating and during his sickness? Why didn’t she donate for him?

He made me realize they were all living abroad before he decided to relocate to Nigeria and start his career here. He told me his wife and the kids had to stay back because of his wife’s job and he wanted his kids to school over there at least for awhile till he settles down here.

What about when you were sick? I asked. He said he was the one who told her to stay back with the kids, so that in case he didn’t make it, the kids would still have her and that since I got tested positive to the test, he knew I would because I loved him. I slapped him real hard and kicked furiously at him until I was weak and couldn’t any longer. This is just too much for me to grab or soak in.

Tade apologised and walked out,out of my life forever.

Wicked, Emotionless, Terrible, Tade is! or did I act naiive? Did I allow love to overwhelm me? Was I foolish?

Few months later….

I had lost everything, my job, my customers, my admission abroad to continue my education and my man. I felt so naked but I’m thankful to my family and friends. I’m beginning to learn how to walk again, I don’t know if this pain will eventually disappear all totally but I know it is subsiding already. I have to move on, do I have a choice?

My name is Jane and this is my story.

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