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5 Romantic Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

5  Romantic Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas: Between kids and full-time jobs, many couples are only together for sixteen hours per day and half of those are spent sleeping. Date nights are a time for a couple to focus on their relationship and reignite the old flame that’s gone out.

Date nights can become predictable, stale AND expensive. Spice up your dates with barbecue-themed food and spice up your bank account by having a romantic date night at home.

These 5 romantic at-home date night ideas are sure to get the fires roaring again:

1.  Eat By the Fire — BBQ Fire

Photo credit to: Danny de Jong on Unsplash

You’ve heard of eating by candlelight, how about trying a new adventure and eating by grill light? You can barbecue dinner and then bask in the romantic firelight that remains.

A traditional campfire menu of hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob would satisfy your appetite, with s’mores for dessert because chocolate IS an aphrodisiac.

2.  Outdoor Home Movie Night

Photo credit to: John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

Turn ‘Netflix and chill’ into home movies and BBQ by firing up the outdoor grill and the projector. Don’t have home movies? Instead of the projector, grab your camera and make some!

A great option that you can eat with your hands are shish kabobs. Use the grill to heat up some old-fashioned popcorn.

3.  Challenge Each Other to A BBQ-Off

Photo credit to: Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

What’s more fun than a little competition? If you’re new to barbecue, head over to BroBBQ for tips, techniques, recipes and more! They even have free lesson to help you win bragging rights AND eat a delicious dinner.

A simple menu of grilled chicken and vegetables is perfect if you’re a BBQ beginner. Loser makes dessert!

4.  Wine Tasting Night (With BBQ)

Photo credit to nic on Unsplash

A bonus to having a date night at home — no worries about driving after a glass or two of wine. Have a wine tasting party for two and use the wine to wash down a BBQ dinner.

For menu ideas, pair your meats with their respective wines; red for beef and white for chicken.

5.  Recreate Your First Date

Photo credit to Laula & Co on Unsplash

If you’re trying to renew that spark, try to recreate your first date in the comfort of your own home. For a new twist, only have food that can be barbecued.

Steak is an ideal menu item for your first date takes two night. Don’t forget the red wine!


Date night doesn’t have to end after just one night. Turn your date night into a BBQ-centric romantic weekend with a portable gas grill. Perfect for RVs, camping or tailgating, these are the 5 best portable gas grills.

Light My Fire

Fire isn’t something that just grills your food; it’s often used as an analogy for a passionate relationship. Whether you’re trying to get that flame back or keep the fires burning, a rustic meal on the ole BBQ grill is subtly romantic.

The smell of the fire on a warm summer night evokes a sense of content and it can be undeniably romantic, especially if you’re at home where you can relax with someone you feel comfortable with.

So, light up the new grill and the old flame!

About the Writer - Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is a self-appointed barbecue aficionado and lover of all vegan foods. He lives with his wife, Sara, their two children, and the three dogs that he did not pick out but now loves, in New Jersey. He is an ex-office workaholic who now uses his entrepreneur side to practice his culinary skills and relax with his family.

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