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Can a Breakup Affect Mental Health?

Breakups are really awful; they happen a lot but how you handle it is what really matters. Some find it easier to move on after a breakup, while some will find it very difficult to move on after a romantic breakup. To some, it usually causes a lot of emotional turmoil and leads to emotional trauma.

After a breakup, it is a normal thing to feel sad, angry, anxious, or even heartbroken. So, if you just had a breakup recently and you are having any of these emotions, you do not need to think that something is wrong with you, it is normal for you to have these feelings after a breakup.

Can a breakup affect your mental health? The answer is YES. A breakup can affect your mental health. When the breakup leads to an unusually prolonged feeling of sadness, anger, and feeling of being dejected, then you should know that the breakup you experienced is beginning to affect your mental health. When you have a breakup, especially a romantic one, and you are finding it difficult to get back on your feet and move on, you are feeling sad and dejected for an unusually long period of time, then you know that the breakup is starting to affect your mental health, and something should be done about it as soon as possible.

How do you know that your mental health is being affected?

It is possible that people who have gone through heartbreak do not know that it is beginning to affect their mental health. This happens most times because the signs that one’s breakup is affecting mental health is not usually visible physically, it is usually mental, you cannot see it unless you pay close attention to it.

That is why we are writing this, to enlighten you on some of these signs that shows that your breakup is affecting your mental health.

Loss of interest in what used to make you happy

This is one of the commonest signs that a breakup is affecting your mental health when you notice that those things you used to do that gives you joy or makes you happy no longer interests you. For example, if you loved playing video games before a breakup, and then after the breakup, you have withdrawn from it for a long time, then this is a sign that your mental health is affected.

Change of appetite

This could either result in loss of weight as a result of a loss of appetite, you will begin to lose your interest in food and not want to have anything to eat because of this feeling of dejection.

You can also have to deal with weight gain due to excessive eating, which may be detrimental to your health. Neither eating too much nor eating nothing will cure your mental health problems, it will only make things worse.

Feeling of worthlessness

When you just go through a breakup, you begin to feel that you are not valuable or you are not any worth. This is the feeling that people do have when they have a breakup, if you are feeling this way, then you should know that the breakup you experienced is beginning to affect your mental health.

Lack of energy

You will know that your mental health is being affected when you start to lack the energy to do the normal things you used to do before the breakup. Things like work, doing the laundry, etc. When you suddenly lose interest in all of these, then you should know that your mental health is affected.

What do you do when your mental health is affected?

When a breakup starts to affect your mental health, you should not just sit there and do nothing, it could lead to severe depression and may even result in suicidal thoughts. There are things that can be done when a breakup starts to affect your mental health. Check some of them out.

Consider therapy

Going for therapy does not mean you have gone mad or crazy, it is actually a way of helping to heal or relieve someone emotionally from depression, anger, or from a disorder. By talking to a trusted person about it, it helps to take off some of the load and then you become lighter because you have shared your problems with a trusted person.

A place where you can get help is at BetterHelp Therapy and what the therapist on there will prescribe for you will work, if done diligently, as long as you are willing to make changes. Therapy may be quite expensive, but there are some therapists you will find that you will be able to afford.

Get a pet

Pets are probably one of the best companions that you can get. Pets will give you a sense of worth and responsibility, this is because when you own a pet, it gives you a sense of responsibility that you have something to look after.

When you have the pet, it will always want to be around you, when the pet is around you, it gives you the sense of worth and calmness that you have a pet that loves you and protects you regardless. If you want to get a pet, we suggest you get a dog, this is because they are smarter and are the best animal companions that you can have.

Push yourself to hangout

Even though you may feel so reluctant to hang out with friends, you still need to do it. This is because when you hang out with friends, it distracts you from whatever was bothering you before, you tend to laugh, probably eat and talk to friends and new people.

This will help you stay pumped and you may not even remember that you had a heartbreaking experience.

Final words

We have made it clear at the beginning of this article that a breakup can affect mental health when you are beginning to feel sad and dejected for an unusual prolonged period of time. The good thing is that if you take the remedies we listed out here seriously, you will begin to recover and see changes in due time.

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