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5 Simple and Basic Side Chick Rules

basic side chick rules

Basic side chick rules. It was your decision to be a side chick, no one forced you. Whether or not you decided to continue with your side relationship, the choice was yours. This post is not to tell you to stop hanging by the side, but to show you the basic rules to stand with if you want to enjoy your side relationship!


Simple and basic side chick rules ( Need to Know)

RULE 1: Don’t be a monitoring spirit

While you may make it a point of duty to know the main chick, do not ever stalk her on social media. Wetin concern you? You are a ‘blaady’ side chick. Leave the ‘Orijinal’ gel alone! Monitoring Spirit!

RULE 2: Use your head, he doesn’t love you

It is not a love case, he doesn’t love you, gerrit? Use his arse the way he’s using yours. Use your head, you are nothing but a side chick. Collect as much money as you can, but remember that bills; house rent, school fees, and other sundries must be settled.

RULE 3: There is a law of Karma

Don’t try to think you can replace the main chick! If you do, and get married to him, another girl will replace you in marriage. Hey! Stop screaming, yaaa nothing but a side chick!

RULE 4: There is love in sharing

Don’t be jealous. Don’t ever think you are the only one chopping the young man! If another ‘chikala’ enters into the matter and ‘chops’ him as well. Free her, there is love in sharing!

RULE 5: When you are caught, game is over

When Madam calls you to scream that you should leave her Bobo alone, just respect yourself and move on! You have exposed yourself as a side chick simply because you did not play your game well. She will ‘treat your f**kup, trust me’ You want to play smart and continue? Hot water and Acid awaits you!

Nifty sixth!

If you get pregnant, you are so on your own. Your baby will become a side baby! You want me to mention names of those who felt they could pin a side-guy down with babies here on IG? You know them as much as I do!

Do you think these rules are not enough, or you have further addition to these side chick rules? Drop them in the comment section below.

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    August 18, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Being a side chick is fast becoming a norm, i fear for the future of our younger generations!

    My favorite part is that of Karma, the bitch bites hard tho.

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