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50+ Happy Easter Quotes

happy easter quotes

1. Congratulations it is Easter, long life and prosperity to everyone around us. Wishing you a fantastic day.

2. Good morning and be blessed with all that you need on this Easter day. I wish you a sweet dream tonight.

3. Blessed is today, may you enjoy every single bit of it with love and joy with your entire family. Well-done.

4. Have a wonderful festive period; you really deserve lots of love and joy on this special day of your life.

5. I wish you all the best today with much happiness, success and complete grace from the Lord.

6. You are special and that’s why you are alive on this special day; have a wonderful day ahead. I love you.

7. This day is a sacred day, may you find all your heart desires easy for you to achieve. I love you with all my heart.

8. Wishing you one of the most awesome Easters ever celebrated on earth. Thank you for always been there.

9. There is love in sharing so I am sharing my joy with you today. I will always be happy with you for the rest of my life.

10. Easter is here again, may the Lord make it a reason for your success from today. You shall be protected anywhere you find yourself.

11. There will be no reason for you to shed tears in your home this year except tears of joy. I wish you all the best.

12. Thank God for everything that has occurred in this world in your favor, when you thank Him, He does more for you.

13. Take the opportunity of a blessed day to get closer to your Lord. Have one of the most beautiful days in your life.

14. I love you so much and pray that everything you ever need will be achievable for you. Thank God for your life, my angel.

15. I cannot stop thinking about you forever; you are one of the blessings the Lord endowed my life with. Happy Easter.

16. I love your smile so much because it brings comfort to my heart. I wish you all the best in this world and hereafter.

17. For the blessing of this day, wishing you all the favor that comes with it. May you smile at the end as a man of luck.

18. Thank you for always been there for us, we appreciate your selflessness in our life. We shall not forget you forever. Happy Easter sir.

19. The reason why I love you is that you are devoted to God. I am using this opportunity to say congratulations for the celebration of this day.

20. Precious people are rare to find, thank God I found you. Let us enjoy the echo of this festive period together in passion.

21. I truly love everything about you and wish you the best of luck ever. Easter is around the corner, may you enjoy the fragrance till eternity.

22. I love everything about you to the core and pray that you understand the depth of my feelings for you. Happy Easter.

23. Let us thank God for allowing us to witness this wonderful day alive. Happy Easter to all my family members and friends.

24. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you and salute your effort in making things easy for us. Happy Easter to you.

25. Enjoy the love of this day; it is my joy that I have somebody like you guys around me. You really made my day.

26. I bless the Lord today with all my heart for allowing me to be alive. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy.

27. I beseech the Lord to protect you as you are going and coming, and put an endless smile on your face. Happy Easter.

28. Today worth causing me to jump up and shout praise the Lord. Thank God for everything you have done in my life. I wish you all the best,

29. Have a genuinely protected day ahead; may you find this Easter better than the previous ones. I appreciate the mercy of the Lord upon you.

30. Thank you Lord for our union, we are grateful for everything you have done in our life. Happy Easter to the one reading this message.

31. You shall be blessed forever by the Lord of this special day. You shall enjoy the fruit of your labor to the end.

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Happy Easter Quotes for Mother

32. Mother, every tear that dropped from your eyes will not dry in vain. You shall be rewarded for all your good deeds.

33. May you enjoy the effort you have taken in the life of your children, we really miss you and on behalf of my siblings, I say, happy Easter.

34. Wishing the best mother in the world a great and sweet Easter. May your success continue to remain with you.

35. Happy Easter to my dear mother, loving you is the best thing I know how to do. I beseech the Lord to spare your life for us.

36. Why won’t I miss the mother that carried my pregnant for nine months and delivered me in pain? I wish you all the best.

37. Celebrate this wonderful day my sweet mom. You deserve to be happier today. I pray that your effort in our life shall not go in vain.

38. Thank you, Lord, for the mercy of a good mother. My dad is the luckiest father on earth because he found a good woman. Happy Easter dear mother.

39. Whenever I see my mom smiling, I am always free through the day because I don’t want anything that will make her sad.

40. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing you gave me—the blessing of a good mother worthy of being celebrated forever. Happy Easter.

41. Wishing my sweet mother the best in this world. as you gave birth to us in goodness so shall you enjoy us in good fate.

42. May your eyes continue to see us excel in life to do the greatest things for you. I wish you a wonderful day ahead.

43. I wish you a bountiful day ahead. May you find this Easter as the beginning of your joy and happiness in life.

44. I love you so much dear mom, the reason is that there is no other mother like you in this world and hereafter.

45. If it is permissible to worship a human, you will be the first I will adore with so much love. You will have to be my second deity.

46. Thank God for the kind of love you show to us; we are happy to send this message to you on this special day.

47. Thank God for your life, you are such a blessed mother that should be celebrated with lots of love, passion and endless joy. Happy Easter.

48. I wish you the best on this day of joy. Mother, you shall not see the death of your children, we shall be the one to take care of you. Happy Easter.

49. Blessed be your name o Lord; you gave me one of the best mothers in the world. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

50. Wishing the best mother in the world an awesome Easter; I pray for the salvation of the Lord upon you.

Happy Easter Quotes for Dad

51. I just want to bless this day with songs of praises to the Lord; this is a day of salvation, love, peace, and enthusiasm.

52. Good to hear from my super dad this morning, I celebrate today with you in love and good health. Happy Easter.

53. I am wishing my beloved dad all the best on this special day; Lord your name shall be glorified forever.

54. I am happy for the life of my dad today; he is healthy, strong and agile. May the rest of your days be filled with more success.

55. I can’t imagine a day without hearing from my sweet dad. This is the reason why I am using this precious opportunity to say happy Easter.

56. You have been the love of my life and my joy is that I found you as a good father that does not have a comparison in this world. Happy Easter.

57. May your face continue to glow with smile, love, peace, and joy. I wish you a glorious season to celebrate in peace.

58. You are simply the best of the fathers I have ever come across in life. The most beautiful thing that has ever occurred to me is that you are in my life. Happy Easter.

59. I love my dad so much that I can’t stop praying for the Lord to spare his life for us to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

60. Happy Easter to the best of fathers in the world; The Lord shall bless you with all you want and give you a life lasting happiness.

61. Have a wonderful Easter celebration with your wife my dear mother. I really miss both of you. Thank you for everything you have done in my life.

62. A parent like both of you is rare to find in this world and this is the reason why I will always adore you forever. Happy Easter.

63. Thinking of the most beautiful things in this world and then I realized that there is nothing more beautiful than both of you.

64. With the most loving time in my life is when I realized that both of you are my parents, despite I was small, I knew I have found the best people in my life. Happy Easter.

65. Wishing you the best of time on this wonderful day of our life. The Easter smiles at us in awe of the sacred day.

66. The most handsome father in this world is still alive to celebrate this praiseworthy day. Thank God for the grace of life.

67. Thank you, father, for everything you have achieved for me. You built me into a great child. Happy Easter to my love.

68. You achieved my dreams for me amidst hardship; there is no reason not to be happy having you in this world.

69. You are my friend, my helper, my sponsor and the most beloved father in the entire world. Happy Easter to you.

70. Whenever I see you being sad, I am not also happy. Thank God for all you have done in this world for me. Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Quotes for Sister

71. Happy to have you as a sister, lucky to grow up with you. Your love, comfort, protection, and joy have given me more than what I expected in you. Happy Easter.

72. I understand how much you mean to me, how you guide me with your words of wisdom, even when you are mad at me, I still see the love you have for me. Happy Easter.

73. Sister, I am so much worried about you. I want to see you soon so that we can joke and laugh together after many years. Happy Easter.

74. I watch you grow and it gave me joy because I guessed you will become a wonderful woman one day. Today, my dream about you has been fulfilled. Happy Easter.

75. I miss you my dear sister; true if there is an ocean that can contain my tears, you would have seen how many they are.

76. I set my eyes on you and saw my mercy. You are my immediate sister, which means you are meant to support me. Happy Easter.

77. Let this holiday serve as a great opportunity for you and me. I wish to come home soon so I can see your face once more.

78. Enjoy this season; it is the most beautiful gift I can give you as far as I am concerned. Happy Easter to my beloved sister.

79. To my wonderful sister, can’t you see how beautiful you have become; can’t you see how nice everything about you has become? I just want to say, happy Easter.

80. Loving a precious sister is not easy; it is a gift that is rare. A pleasure that comes with passion and blood bond. Happy Easter.

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