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50+ Happy Friday Quotes & Images

happy friday quotes

1. Today is one of the best days, let your eyes be full of rays, if you know how sweet the day will break, you will have loved to sleep till date.

2. I don’t know how to bring your heart to let you say obey, I am such a wondering man thinking of how to make your thoughts my waves; I love you as nothing will end again.

3. Friday is a day for paid; it is a pleasure that comes not with pressure. If you want to enjoy your day, prepare to say hello to me on Friday.

4. I love my heartbeat as it beats along with yours; if I know how to make you smile all through the way, I will have done so in haste.

5. Your eyes are popular but unique, they whisper love in my heart for you. I wonder why I can’t stop thinking about your stay.

6. I want to say happy Friday to the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, I hope he understands my ways that she is the one I love with confidence.

7. You are such a blessing in my life; I love you more than you can ever think. You are a superstar; I feel like to make you my wife. Happy Friday.

8. Smile, it is another Friday, a day with many colors that brings us to another holiday. If you understand words, I think the day will be a thing of joy.

9. Let there be a way for me to say I love my life, O I get you so much today. You have been that puts a smile on my face.

10. Shining like a sun that’s what you are; thinking like an angel is your virtue. Your smile is like a chocolate and I won’t lie.

11. My life is full of passion for you; it is what you should understand with all your spirit. I love your smile like a blessed tree.

12. Nothing can stop me from falling deeply in love with you because you have been the best I ever want to live in my life.

13. Let this Friday be entertainment and relaxation for you; you know how much you mean to me? Better than the moon, the star and sun all along.

14. You are the solar system of my life; you give me the kind of light I want in my world. I wish you all the best forever.

15. Thank God you are here with me to put a smile on my face; I will not stop thinking about every sweet moment we shared together.

16. I love you more than you can think; you are so special, precious, a flower of passion and compassion. Happy Friday.

17. I want to wish my love a happy Friday, may you be able to make it in this world. I love you so much.

18. Thank I have got one of the most beautiful women in my life; she is so cute and lovely. I wish you the best that is attached to this day.

19. All faces are bright on Fridays because it is like a car taking us to a new garden called Saturday. I love you my heart.

20. Have a wonderful Friday with lots of love shining on your face; you know the moon is bright but your brightness is better.

21. I am overwhelmed with the joy of realizing that you are part of my world. I hope everything is fine over there? I love you all my life.

22. You are just the most interesting flavor in my life; you are simply the most intelligent girl for me. I love you so much. Happy Friday.

23. What a wonderful guy you are? Just like a diamond I see the whiteness of your heart full of love for me alone. Happy Friday.

24. Friday is a special day for lovers to see the bliss of Saturday ahead. I love it so much because it reminds me of another sweet moment to be spent with you.

25. O my God, another Friday is here again, I am gonna play the music to the end. Enjoyment is coming my way, no doubt.

26. If I have the power to make you happy all your life, I will have chosen that part to make it happen. It has always been my dream for you. I love you.

27. My heart is completely engulfed with your love; it gives me joy that you are the one that always has the courage to put a smile on my face. Happy Friday.

28. You are my happiness, the space of joy I have in my heart. I wish you understand the power of my love for you.

29. Been with you is the most beautiful experience in this world. I will always let you understand one thing and it is the fact that your happiness is my watch world. I love you.

30. Every Friday is a blessing, I hope that you will find the blessing that will bring lots of joy to your life; you will not live to regret.

Happy Friday Quotes for sister

31. Dear sister, I may not be where you are but always my heart is with you because you are very important to me and I love you with all my heart.

32. I wish the loveliest moment in this world. You are the best for me; I pray that the Hands of God that is bigger than the worlds will pour you lots of success this day.

33. Can you come around so we can enjoy the music of a blessed day together? Father is around to take us around the street of California.

34. No matter of how distanced we are, the love that bonds two sisters together is stronger than a magnetic force. I miss you.

35. I have been so lonely since these days because you are far away. I miss your play and the beautiful stories you tell me.

36. Taking care of you is my responsibility, though you may be in your husband’s home, I will still show you how much you mean to me, sweet sister.

37. Good morning, I hope you are having the best if this fantastic day. When you are back, I will gist you about the most beautiful events that occurred in your absence.

38. Friday has come again. It should be a day of joy for everyone, enjoy yourself and make sure you are happy.

39. Have a wonderful day ahead; I hope that everything you need will be fulfilled for you. I love you so much, my dear sister.

40. I can’t just imagine that the most beautiful girl in the world is my sister; all the best on this special day of the week.

Happy Friday motivational Quotes

41. You can always be happy if you want. It is your choice to determine how you want your mood to be in a day.

42. Where is life, there is always hope. If the world is not as you want, always remember that in as much as the sun is still shining, the way to our provision is possible.

43. Getting ourselves together after a failure in life is a great lesson for everyone to learn because it gives us more hope about a better future.

44. If life brings success to embrace it; if it brings failure, take heart. Sometimes we encounter good things in life, while sometimes we encounter evils. This how life is designed.

45. Today may not be good enough for you to stand up, tomorrow may be another better day to achieve your dream.

46. Don’t just give up; anything you wish to become in life is possible. When the time comes, everything will be easy for you.

47. This world is the most beautiful place to live because there is no other place for us to be. When you are overwhelmed by pain, perseverance will be enough to take you to your destination.

48. Don’t give up until you finish your job. In the middle of a quest, it may be hard because we are almost exhausted, don’t worry; the last energy will be enough to reach the endpoint.

49. Ever pain does not last forever; it will either stay long to leave us or to kill us. Any pain you find yourself, always deal with it with persistent.

50. Life may bring you black while you are searching for white; always remember that you can still turn the black into white.

Prayers for Happy Friday Quotes

51. May the sunshine of this beautiful day be your passion forever; you are a great love and I am so much happy with you.

52. Happy Friday, may your success come to you from any angle it is. Get the best out of this wonderful day.

53. I pray that the special glory reserved for you by the Lord shall be given to you anytime soon. Happy Friday.

54. I beseech the Lord to bless you with all your heart desire. May the coolest breeze of blissful day calm your heart.

55. Today is full of lots of love and joy; it is a special day that the world celebrates. I pray that your happiness will not be hard to find in it.

56. Have one of the most beautiful days in life; your joy will not stop flowing in your mind. Happy Friday. I love you.

57. I wish you the most interesting things in this world. You are simply the most wonderful things ever. May you find peace in your entire household?

58. You shall be blessed with lots of love and progressive happiness. Everything you need in this world will be possible for you.

59. Blessed is the name of the highest God who protected Moses from the hands of Pharaoh, may your life and entire properties be protected.

60. The gracious God shall have mercy on you; you will always find peace in your heart and the Lord will protect you till eternity.

61. May you be blessed in all your life; any impossibility in your life shall be possible. I wish you the best in this world.

62. I want to be blessed with the best people in my life; you are one of my targets in my prayers; may the Lord accept my prayer on you.

63. I am wishing you a great and super loft height in life and hereafter. I beseech the blessing of the Lord upon your business.

64. Great indeed is the most powerful God. I pray that He should bless you with anything you want. I love you.

65. There is this truth and it is the fact that you are the reliable friend I have. You always defend in my absence. May you find the way to your victory easy.

66. Having succeeded in life, what next? Maintenance of the success is the next. I pray that the longevity of your prosperity lasts forever.

67. In your absence, I thought the world will become something else. I have come to realized that a friend like you is very rare. May your day be brighter than ever.

68. Good morning, it is another Friday, may the intention you left home with be achievable in a good dimension.

69. Have the best Friday ever ahead. Take your coffee, make some exercise and hope for the blessing of the Lord coming your ways.

70. I just want to inform you that you are one of the most outstanding people ever seen. I pray that your happiness will last forever.

71. Wonderful people are rare on earth. They are always the best anyone can share the best of time with. Happy Friday.

72. May your success have no bound; may your good thoughts about yourself and others come to pass. Happy Friday.

73. Happy Friday to my heartbeat, may your day be filled with the kind of joy you need in your life. I love you.

74. May you find endless joy in this world; everything you need shall be granted to you by the Lord. Happy Friday my angel.

75. The most precious Lord shall bless you forever, and make you smile in all ramification of life. The corollaries of your life will be perfect for you. Happy Friday.

76. May you find peace and success in all your life; you shall be blessed with lots of joy. I wish you the best in this life.

77. The love of God shall descend on you in a way you don’t expect. It shall shower your life with divine success.

78. This day shall be your starting point to boundless triumphant; it shall be well with you in anything you lay your hands.

79. I ask for the mercy of the Lord in your life; may you be drawn close to the garment of Light of God. Happy Friday.

80. Any evil formed against you shall not reach you by the special grace of God. May your happiness bless you as you desire.

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