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happy friday quotes


Great Happy Friday Quotes for brother

1. I hope you will enjoy this Friday as one of the blossom ones ever. Do have a nice moment with your family and friends.

2. Thank God you are alive today; you need to be happy for making it to this wonderful day. Happy Friday lovely brother.

3. Brotherly, thank you for yesterday; I really appreciate your effort in this world. You are so much interesting to be with. I wish you all the best on earth.

4. May you find peace on this blessed day of the week, may your success continue to reign all your life. Happy peace Friday brother.

5. I am pleased to extend my morning greetings to this that are close to my heart. I hope your kids are fine. Happy Friday.

6. I love Fridays because they always link us to another weekend to rest our bodies. Happy Friday to my special brother.

7. Happy Friday to the finest brother in the world. I already know you are the cutest brother ever seen. I wish you a happy weekend ahead.

8. Thank God for the gift of a super elder brother, you are my best friend and I will never tell you lie about this.

9. I am happy to be with you. You are so special, Lovely, nice and above all the most interesting brother to be with. Happy Friday.

10. Ensure that you smile at everyone at work today; someone out there needs your smile to be happy throughout the day.

11. Wishing you sweet happy Friday things, I want you to be motivated and cheer up because it is a great day.

12. Celebrate this weekend beginning from a beautiful Friday. You are highly welcome to the day of joy and happiness.

13. I love Friday because it leads me to the coming glad tidings, Saturday and Sunday. Happy weekend ahead.

14. Wishing the best of my friends a great happy birthday, I am lucky to have you around me now and forever. Happy Friday.

15. Thinking of the world’s best brother, I hope you will enjoy this day in great success. I love you so much.

16. It is my happiness that I have a good brother who cares a lot for his younger ones. Happy Friday sweet brother.

17. I just want to be sure that you and your immediate family are doing well. I wish you a glorious time on this beautiful day.

18. This morning is fresher than I thought. You are so special and I need you to understand this. Happy Friday.

19. Never get tired of any day, all moments are fine, all times are sweet but our mindset could be the problem sometimes.

20. I will always be happy with you for everything you have done in my life. Thank you for sending me to school.

Cool Happy Friday Quotes for Sister

21. I will not tell any lie, you are the best sister I have ever met in life, you are specially created for me and I love that combination until you finally get married.

22. I wish you a shining face this morning. I pray that anything you need will be fine. I love you so much. You are just the best.

23. I hope you had a sweet dream yesterday; your cuteness is as spectacular as your beautiful face. Have a nice Friday.

24. Whenever I set my eyes on this beautiful girl, I become so proud of you. You are so blessed and I will always be proud of you for life.

25. I am proud of you for everything; you’re an epitome of joy and happiness in the life of a lucky brother.

26. Thank you for your loyalty, your choice of been divinely a sister to me. I love you and my efforts will be to make you happy.

27. Thank you for always being understanding, you are precious than any other sister in the world. I love your gentleness keep it up.

28. Have you eaten this morning? I am only being lonely at home. Please come back soon and join your kid sister.

29. Do you know why I usually fall sick whenever you are not around? It’s because I am so much addicted to you.

30. You are one of the world best sisters; your kindness is beyond what I can easily explain.

31. A Friday is another opportunity to relax your head. I love it because almost every work is half. I will be at home quickly to meet my kids.

32. What a precious sister, your cute face is what I usually brag about in the midst of my friends. Happy Friday.

33. I am happy to be with you all my life, I am grateful to you as one of the most precious people on this earth. Your support in my life will never be forgotten.

34. Thinking of you everyday is something I cannot deny, you are the closest sister to me, and it is the reason why I will always be used to you.

35. Wishing the most beautiful sister all the best. You are my comforter in the family. Thank you big sister.

36. All I want you to do this Friday is to put smile on your face; you really deserve all the best on earth.

37. Take your cup of coffee and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Never mind what our elder brother says, he is only joking. Happy Friday.

38. I just want to say I love you. Thank God for giving you to me as a blessed sister. I really appreciate it.

39. Good morning sweet sister, today is Friday may your day be showered with success and prosperity.

40. Wishing you a happy Friday, you are so lovely, nice and cute, happy to have you as my wonderful sister.

Happy Friday Quotes for Mother

41. Since the day I was born, I have never seen a good mother as you are, I am sure you are the best mother ever.

42. I just want to be sure that my mom is fine. I really miss your beautiful face. Happy Friday dearest mother.

43. I know I used to be stubborn, but I am happy that you didn’t give up on me. I love you so much interesting to see you soon.

44. Wishing you a blissful day ahead, may you continue to enjoy this world as precious as possible? Happy Friday.

45. May you find endless peace in all you are doing? Thank God for sparing your life up till this moment in time.

46. We enjoy every beat of time spent with you. We love you as our beloved mother. Thank you for taking good care of me all the time.

47. What a nice mother I have. A mother worth more than uncountable currency in the world. I love you so much.

48. Mother is my first love, she is my happiness and I will always be happy for this great privilege. Happy Friday

49. I need to extend this precious message to my beloved mother, she is all I need, the best choice chosen from above. Thank God for the life of a beautiful mother I cannot compare with anyone in this world. I love you.

50. I have always loved you as my enticing mother; your prayer has been the reason for my happiness in life.

51. What a nice mother you are, I am so happy that I found you as a good mother in life. Happy Friday.

52. Wishing you the most amiable Friday ever, I pray that it makes you feel better every single day. Happy Friday.

53. Thanks for being there for me; I am really sorry for hurting you once in a while. I miss you so much.

54. I will always be proud of the best mother ever seen in the entire world. Your skills of loving your kids is nowhere on this earth.

55. As cute as this Friday morning looks, so I want your face to shine with lovely smile. I wish you all best.

56. Thank you for being there when I need you most, thanks for shedding tears when I was sick, I love you more and more.

57. This day is a kind of cute, this because the best mother in the world is paying me a visit. Happy Friday.

58. When you are in need of my extra help please let me know sweet mother. I am always at your service until the end of time.

59. I am sure you don’t know how much you mean to me. I love you like never before. Thank you so much.

60. Your braveness as mother is divine, thank you for being there for me all this while. I just want to say, happy Friday.

Happy Friday Quotes for Father

61. Dear father, I am so pleased to send you this message because you are dearer to me than the most beautiful treasure in the world. Happy Friday to my amiable father.

62. I must confess that you are the world best father. Your sacrifices are very amazing, it is only a good father that can do so.

63. I wish the sweetest mother in the world, I hope that you enjoy this day as one of the smartest ones.

64. I really miss you; you are a very blessed mother, a precious grace I will always be happy to be with. Thank you mom.

65. Wishing you a cool and calm atmosphere. Your day shall be grown in peace and harmony. I love you sweet mommy.

66. I hope that you find this day as cute as possible, you are my best friend and greatest mother ever seen in this universe.

67. Mom, I am just very happy with you, it is my happiness that you are alive today. Thanks for the gift of motherhood.

68. I just want to say I love you for being a good mother. Thank you for carrying me for nine months, I am so happy that you are my mother.

69. I pray that the Lord make everything easy for you. I am happy you are alive to witness this day.

70. Thanks for the moments you took care of me while I was a child, thanks for sucking mucus out of my nose with your bear mouth, all this was done out of love.

Happy Friday Quotes and Prayers

71. May your success in this world last forever, may the joy and good fortune that awaits you somewhere find your root. Happy Friday.

72. Hello gorgeous friend, I really miss you. I just want to say happy Friday to you. I love you so much.

73. Thank God for this day, my prayer is to see you happy in life. Happy Friday sweetest friend and brother.

74. I just want to say good morning, I pray that your success will continue to flow in great heights. Happy Friday.

75. May your days shine in blossom joy, cuteness, and happiness? You are the most precious person in the world.

76. I beseech His holiness to bestow upon us today, great joy with endless success. Happy Friday sweetest mother.

77. I just want to thank God for sparing our lives until this day, we are happy to witness this special day.

78. I love my family, I love my parents and siblings and they are the best of people around this world for me.

79. In the beginning of the world, I have always been associated with the most beautiful family ever. May this day favor each of you? I love you all.

80. Thanks for being there for me and my siblings, I pray that you find peace and happiness in the future, and the one reigning in you now will always favor you until the end of time.

81. Today is another Friday, I am happy that you are alive to witness it. Thank you for your support, I pray that the entire desire accumulated in your heart will be fulfilled for you as soon as possible. I love you.

82. It is my choice to have found you, I love your presence, you are the best family in the world. May you find your heart desire fulfilling? I love you so much.

83. Thanks so much, I know I can’t thank you as due because you have really done great things in my life. May your success find its root from the Light of God?

84. I salute your courage the other day, thank you for being a good friend at the right time, at the toughest moment of my life.

85. May your wishes continue to glow in peace, success, and harmony? I cherish you beyond your expectations. May your Lord keep blessing you forever?

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