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Kayan Mata Side Effects

Kayan Mata Side Effects

Kayan Mata Side Effects: Kayan Mata, originally found in the northern part of Nigeria. Obviously “Kayan Mata” is not an English word. Kayan Mata is two different words from the Hausa language of Nigeria which in full means; “Kaya means equipment or property and Mata means woman or spouse in the Hausa language”. So. The combination of both makes the word “Kayan Mata” meaning woman’s equipment or women’s thing. which is a  spice used by the Hausa women to either tighten or sweeten their privates. Weird? It shouldn’t be.

It’s a trending recipe of the northern women across Nigeria and it’s or has gradually taken over the market (women circle) for pleasure enhancement amongst women and also to make their men enjoy them more.  “Kayan Mata” originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It refers to herbs or potions that act as love enhancers for couples.

The products which have been trending on social media as the merchants openly advertise them and also post their clients’ testimonies on the efficacy. Kayan Mata could be said to be one of the most common herbs women in the northern part of Nigeria use in keeping their coital lives alive and well. Herbs that could only be found as at now in some northern states in Nigeria are now been sold all over Nigeria. You can find this Kayan Mata in states like Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, etc and they range from ranging from perfumes to sweetener powders, sweets, zuman mata/maza (woman’s honey), drops, lubricants etc.

Known to many things of us are explicit and obvious side effects of the Kayan Mata. But neglected due to uncontrollable coital urge and other attributed things that come as a result of using the Kayan Mata seed. But specifically listed below are some of the side effects of Kayan Mata.

Yes, using Kayan Mata might be favourable and mind-blowing in fulfilling your coital and other related needs. But like it’s said, “everything with an advantage has its disadvantage”. So is there a case of Kayan Mata. The big question is “have you ever considered the side effects of Kayan Mata?’ or “Disadvantage of the usage of KayaMata”. If your answer is “No” then you’re in to discover a new thing or probably things about the use of Kayan Mata and its side effects.

So, what are the side effects of Kayan Mata

1. Probability or prone to use of excess dosage

Although there are many health benefits derived from the organic Kayan Mata as confirmed by a study published in the International Journal of Traditional and Natural Medicines, one of the major issues with herbal medicine is dosage and how herbs may affect health. And this is a major concern on Kayan Mata. Hence, abuse is inevitable as there’s no specified dosage and it’s as disastrous as it sounds, even more. Under no medical condition is an abuse of any health substance, either conventional medicine or tradomedical medicine. Also, a survey from medical practitioners has proven that scientific fact about Kayan Mata is yet to be established.

I guess you’ve seen victims of drug abuse? You sure have, would you want to be destabilized and neither would you want to left emotionally broken when you’ve gotten to the peak of using and over-using the Kayan Mata of a drug.

2. Kidney Failure And Liver Damage

Kayan Mata is not medically regulated, hence it’s highly dangerous to the body system is exposed to a lots of uncontrollable and unquantified rate of some certain chemical which is in the Kayan Mata, and now following the massive trend of the drug or will I call it recipe in the market plus the earlier discussed unregulated attribute, it’s very prone to unscrupulous vendors and marketers who can Manipulate and sell adulterated mixture of the drug to the innocent naive purchasing client whose only concern is gaining the most out of it. Research has made us known that this type of un-regulated and non-scientifically approved concoction can possess toxic chemical and some heavy metals which can have adverse negative effects in the kidney resulting to “kidney failure” and damage of the liver. These conditions are given rise to as a lack of a quantifiable measure of Kayan Mata which is needed is not specified due to lack of the medical backup. This kidney failure and liver damage are other deadly diseases capable of cutting someone’s life short while the person dies in pains and regrets. “Regrets and mistakes are memories made” but “death is no memories, it’s an end” keep this in your head while you think of Kayan Mata and its benefits, so you can take precautionary measure to avoid kidney failure and damaged liver.

3. Microbial Contamination

You sure can’t avoid this, but first, what is “microbial”? Microbial, relating to or characteristic of a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation. That’s microbial, we’re now set to open the discussion on microbial contamination. Microbiological contamination known as the non-intended or accidental introduction of microbes such as bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi, virus, prions, protozoa or their toxins and by-products.

Notable changes for Product Contamination include loss of viscosity and sedimentation due to depolymerization of suspending agents, pH Changes, Gas Production, Faulty smell, shiny viscous masses, etc. These and many more are also accompanied by using Kayan Mata which carries substances that makes you prone to microbial contamination. The heavy presence of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in the herbal medicines used for the treatment of coital dysfunction is a major source of concern for medical practitioners. The analysis of microbial of some Azanza garckeana (Goron Tula) juice shows that it can harbor unacceptable levels of bacteria raising concern for bacterial infection. It is of high importance to wash wild fruits properly before consumption.

When you’re left with this or in this dilemma as a result of the medicine (Kayan Mata), microbial control is the next option which will cost you some fortune, that’s if it ain’t that bad, but if it’s it won’t cost you “some”, it will you fortunes. Control of microbial growth means to inhibit or prevent the growth of microorganisms. Hence, this control is affected in two basic ways: (1) by killing microorganisms or (2) by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

This control of growth usually involves the use of physical or chemical agents which either kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms.

The agents which are responsible for the killing of cells are called cidal agents; agents which inhibit the growth of cells (without killing them) are referred to as static agents. Thus, the term bactericidal refers to killing bacteria, and bacteriostatic refers to inhibiting the growth of bacterial cells, a bactericide kills bacteria, a fungicide kills fungi, etc.

So, stay safe today.

4. Dry vagina

Vaginal dryness occurs as a result of decreased levels of estrogen. The estrogen is the female hormone that keeps the lining of the vagina lubricated, thick, and elastic. Absence of the vaginal moisture may not be a big deal to some, but it can have a large impact on a woman’s romantic life by causing pain and discomfort during intercourse. Kayan Mata causes this? Yes, it does… How? When you try to stop using it or you try to make love without having used the medicine, you will experience what is called “withdrawal syndrome”; A withdrawal syndrome is a set of symptoms occurring due to the discontinuation or dosage reduction of some types of medications and recreational drugs.

Some women who can previously get wet have reported the inability to lubricate after stopping Kayan Mata. If this happens, speak to your doctor as soon as you can.

This isn’t a prediction, it’s a fact. Once you’ve been addicted to using the medicine for enhancement, then all of a sudden you attempt to stop, you will most definitely encounter this. Similar to the case of a man who stays on drug or takes concoction or pills so as to last on bed, whenever he finally decides to stop drugging himself before lovemaking, his performance on bed both in strength and in ejaculation will reduce. So as the woman who uses Kayan Mata to sweeten her vagina. Dry vagina causes a lot of discomfort during lovemaking and could to result in marital or relationship issues once it set in.

5. Drug Interactions

Drug interaction is defined as a change in the action or side effects of a drug caused by concomitant (Concomitant drugs are two or more drugs used or given at or almost at the same time (one after the other, on the same day, etc.), the term has two contextual uses: as used in medicine or as used in drug abuse.) administration with food, beverage, supplement, or another drug.

Meaning of concomitant drugs in medicine: This designation is used when medicinal drugs are given either at the same time or almost at the same time. This is often the case in the medical aspect.

Meaning of concomitant drugs in drug abuse: If a drug abuser ingests or misuses two or more drugs, either at the same time or almost at the same time, this is also called “concomitant drugs”.

6. Increase the risk of cancerous cells

Cancer is a genetic disease, that is, it is caused by changes to genes that control the way our cells function, especially how they grow and divide. Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all cases or types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. These cancer cells are cells that divide relentlessly, forming solid tumors or flooding the blood with abnormal cells. The medicine as discussed above has some metals and toxic materials, which can spur up the reaction of this cancer cell. In simple terms, Kayan Mata makes you cancer prone. Many are not aware of this deadly risk attached to the use or excessive use of Kayan Mata which is more complicating as they wouldn’t know if they’re dying in silence or not, and getting to discover this at a later stage will surely demoralize them and leave them broken. So, blessed is the woman that has gotten this information as she knows what at stake when using the medicine. But also leaves you with no excuses for not checking your cancer status.

With the market demand for Kayan Mata is growing explosively, a higher rate of these consequences would be suffered if not properly administered rises. Even as Nigeria’s highest paid therapist, Hauwa Muhammad, popularly known as Jaaruma Empire, charges a small fortune for Kayan Mata. One bottle goes for ₦100,000 and consultations alone cost ₦50,000. “In a week, more than 30 women come to me for consultation before eventual purchase,” she remarks in one of her YouTube videos.

Women also crave for satisfaction just the way men do. But crave safely is our nugget for you. Because, enjoying the benefits without knowing what the consequences are will only land you in an undesired dilemma notwithstanding the fact that whatever you might have used the medicine to gather might all be spent up trying to get you back to a healthy you, fit for life.

One thing about life is the fact that it gives you what you planted in it. If you have been addicted to using Kayan Mata, please I beg you to review your health status and make adjustments before it’s too late. “Too hot to handle”, a book I read while in my primary school, I pray it doesn’t become that bad that it becomes “Too hot to handle”, because in that case, God is the only option you would have to get your normal life back.

Get a better way of getting yourself and your partner more satisfied today rather than the application of all these medicines which don’t even have medical backing and certification. It should be of good notice that medical professionals won’t advise you not to take it, but also noteworthy is the fact that taking it is at your own risk. You can get help today on your romantic life by simply paying a visit to a therapist, which I best recommend in place of Kayan Mata and any other supplement for boosting or enhancement.

Have a great day, enjoying your life as you do this.

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