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Affordable Romantic Beach Getaways in Nigeria

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

Affordable romantic beach getaways in Nigeria: I have gone an extra mile to ensure that I present to you the list of the beaches we have in Nigeria. We shall look into the beaches one after the other, the enjoyment involved, the place and probably the locations.

However, before we proceed in the article, what exactly do we do on the beach? This is a question that should be answered no matter how significant or stupid it may sound, for the purpose of an official article, must be mentioned. Beaches are places where people both singles and married or couples go for relaxation and fun during holidays, honeymoons or other special days as may be defined by the people or individual involved. Beach is literarily defined as “A pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high and low water marks.

The Beaches in Nigeria and their Locations

Now that we know what a beach is, and the purposes of visiting them have been addressed, let’s look into the different locations of beaches we have in Nigeria and also explain along, how romantic they can be.

Elegushi Beach Located in Lagos

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

This beach to be precise is a private one. It is owned by the Elegushi royal family. It is one of the most beautiful beaches areas you can ever visit. This is the reason why I feel like the Lagosians are really in full-time enjoyment. You can visit any beach of your choice depending on how close or how you want it.  As for this particular beach, it is one outstanding place with the ambiance of good nature, natural breeze blowing on your adorable skin, especially when you are together with the lucky lady.  The beach of recent is now open for night clubs, lounges, and restaurants. The Gate fee is 1200 naira, in which 1000 naira is for the entering, and the N2,000 naira is for a parking space if you come with your car or vehicle. If you have no vehicle, then you pay N1,00o only, which will cover the entrance fee.

Calabar Beach Located in Calabar, Cross River

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

When I was a little boy, I thought beaches were found only in Lagos, Nigeria. Then, I knew about Bar beach, Onikan beach, Badagry beach and many others not mentioned yet.

Here is Calabar Beach and it is known to be a very trendy environment for its escapade, lovable, solitude and marvelous views. The ocean on its own is one of the most beautiful views ever; with the entertaining waves splashes every now and then will never let you get tired of the beach. For this reason, this environment is the best for honeymoon. The Calabar beach is bordered by a swamp and the only means to reach it, for now, is by boat or Canoe that ensures a mystical exploit on the water body, for this reason, everyone on the beach will be marooned too. The habitation there are fishermen’s hut and it is characterized by fewer tourists.

Interestingly, the beach accommodates privacy, therefore giving visitors that respect of privacy they always want especially couples. What baffles me about this beach is not even the ocean, but other facts surrounding it such as ports activities, tourism development caves, tunnels, and waterfalls are an amazing natural environment that gives this beach a name only angels should know.

Most of the time, the weather is normal along the coast. As it is known, Nigeria lies in the tropical zone, which means cool weather is sure in this specific area of the country. The temperature normally rises up to 32 degrees.

The beach is a silence story, i.e. there are no much people on it, to the extent that the sand looks like a mirage. However, you can still enjoy your honeymoon by exercising your arms in the canoe or swimming at the safe part of the ocean.

La Campagne Tropicana, Lekki Lagos

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

La champagne Tropicana is established to ensure that African hospitality and culture is showcased in a cosmopolitan approach. The beach is surrounded by many beautiful natural environments such as clean beach, lagoon, and mangrove forest which unfailingly provide visitors that long-awaited opportunity to explore at closer distances, a numerous tropical Flora, and Fauna that includes snake trees, species of epiphytes, monkeys, squirrels, mangroves, bats, and numerous species of birds which does not exclude kingfishers, seas hawks, egrets and ducks.

Aren’t you longer interested in the enjoyment of the most beautiful places on earth with your spouse or partner? Here I am presenting Lekki Beach to you, free of charge to see the amazing things going on there. Why come and explore the mangrove forest’ play’ increase your rapport and communication with family and friends’? What about strengthening your bond with neighbours and team members? Are they not good enough to enjoy good places with you? If you are already an expert in fishing or an amateur, don’t worry, you are going to catch enough fish home in the lagoon—and if you feel like just relaxing, you are free, for space is yours to manage.

The truth is that the resort is fantastic for a honeymoon, conferences, and many other occasions such as a birthday or even naming ceremony if you want to take it to an unconditional level. All about this beach is awesome fun.

You will never regret visiting this beach. Remember, we have things like family gateways, destinations proposals, and weddings; all can be done on this land. However, note that the only camera you can take to this resort is Phones, so be informed.

Kamp Ikare, Ikare, Lagos

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

This is a resort beachIt is a private beach and hotel own by Anuradha Mahbubani, a perfect honeymoon point, awesome holiday sports for couples, families, friends and what else. If you are in damn need of a perfect gateway for maximum enjoyment, don’t forget to reach this point. It is super fantastically endowed with funs.  The location is Ikare, a village there in Lagos State however; it is only accessible by boat. There are main communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins that are situated around a swimming pool some meters away from the ocean.

The officials have found an easy means to get to the Kamp Ikaare Beach; you will need to board a speedboat. Though, the journey will take approximately 45 minute visiting along mainland and 25 minutes from Victoria Island.  To get the arrangement of the boat ready contact these numbers:  01-8168174, 08100000467.

Patigi  Beach

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

Located in Niger state—Patigi Local government area of Niger state. It has a historical relationship with the town Patigi.  The beach has silky, soft sand and a palm-fringed backdrop, it has a beautiful landscape and numerous activities you can participate while on the beach. it is a safe location.

You can have fun on this beach and everything will be fine with you at the end of the whole activities you might have partaken. You are free to go to the beach with your camera, flip-flop, and picnic set all these are to ensure maximum enjoyment. Remember it is a beach; therefore, it is one of the most perfect places for couples to enjoy their honeymoons. Patigi Beach is known for its calmness; therefore, if you need privacy, it is a good place to be. The common visitors are fishermen if you are the fishing enthusiast I think you will find this place fulfilled.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

This beach is also known as Akodo Beach, it is one outstanding beach you will never regret you visited. Very suitable for couples and singles alike, you can enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean, with white sand you will never want to step out of. This should be one of your favorites in Nigeria. You can as well secure a private place over there for the best experience on your honeymoon.

Ibeno Beach Ibeno Akwa Ibom

romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

The local area of Ibeno is located at the South-South of Nigeria, i.e. Akwa Ibom State. It occupies a vast coastal area of over 1,200 and has its length from Okposo at the eastern border of Mbl Local Government area and the Bakassi Penisula which extended to Atabrikang village on its western line. It is equally closed in the south by the popular Atlantic Ocean, and shares edge with Eket, Esite, Onna, and Eastern Obolo local government areas.

Ibeno Beach is as wide as about 30 kilometers from a town known as James situated along the Atlantic Coastline of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.  It is known as the longest beach in West Africa. It is endowed with the ambiance of beautiful coastline, Ibeno, is a home of tourists’ facilities, water sporting is not new over there beach soccer is one of the favorites, and general boating activities are all over the whole beach.  I am sure you will have visited one of the liveliest places in Nigeria if you can try Ibeno beach for Honeymoon, outing, parting and so on.

What about those beautiful arrays of trees you can’t even take off your eyes from? They are one of the most beautiful matters ever seen. They provide beautiful shelters for visitors along the beach, this actually prevents from the burning rays of the sun.  if you need to relax with the Gulf of Guinea, the beach is one outstanding place you can have such fun—a gulf guinea over which scattered gas flares from ExxonMobil offshore oil platforms produce a beautiful image of flaming tongues on the ocean.

Ibeno beach is the longest sand beach I can testify about in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It showcases one of the best Natural places to visit here in Nigeria.

Unwana and Ndibe Sand Beaches

This is also described as the golden sand beaches and serve as one of the most amazing centers of attraction in Ebonyi State. At weekends, these wonderful beaches are always full of interesting activities and as for holiday periods, you are going to find the best feelings ever especially a honeymoon time spent there.  There used to be numerous parties around, different kinds of music, events, and lots of ideal relaxation you can hardly imagine. These have given the beach an outstanding recognition around the country.

Are you talking about sporting such as sport fishing, swimming, sunbathing, yachting, and canoe racing? They are all available at the beach for you. Couples that are interested in creating a stronger bond can visit this site for maximum fun for such purpose.  The Ndibe beach finds its entrance from Abakaliki through Amuro and Mgbom roundabout in Afikpo.

Ifoko Beach

Ifoko Beach is another famous beach around the country—Nigeria. It is located in the city of Port Harcourt—a natural beach. this is a well-known beach, neat and clean as it is regularly maintained by the local residents. The sea is one blessing to the people, an outstanding blessing indeed.  This is the reason—the people depend on it for their livelihood as the majority of them are fishermen.  If you are on vacation or for a romantic purpose, you can always take a long walk with your partner along the shore, and enjoy the amazing views of the beach.  there are lots of perfect hands restaurants over there, where you can relax your stomach with superb tasty food of your choice. Wildlife watching in a rainforest is not out of the fun. It is located at Elem Ifoko, Port Harcourt.

Kuramo Beach

Affordable romantic beach getaways in Nigeria

This wonderful beach is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the most funs filled places. It is sometimes referred to be similar to bar beach. The name Kuramo is given as an honor of the feature on its border. Kuramo Lake is what surrounds the beach. If you can’t play with your stomach, don’t forget that Kuramo beach is full of restaurants. You have the chance to witness lots of entertainments in this beach, if fact, Lagos as a whole both on the street, halls, bars or even top of your roof is always full of fun and entertainment let alone a beach.

Here are the beach gateways in Nigeria where you can have the best of fun.

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