You are still try to look out for reason(s) to kiss your partner? Find out the reason to kiss from this amazing health benefits of kissing.

This post is not just for you to to explain how to kiss a girl or to show you what you need to do to kiss a girl on a first date. No! This is to illustrate why you need to engage in the art of kissing other than your sexual feelings and obligations.

I know what kissing does to lovers. Not only does it make you wake up to your sexual urges and kisses but it also opens the doorway for intimacy and closeness between love birds. There is something you do not about the reasons to kiss and this is why I will share the health benefits of kissing so that you look beyond just kissing for intimacy but also kissing to benefit you health-wise.

Is your lover around you at the moment? Well? I don’t know about that anyway. Let’s get on with the health benefits of kissing. You can share with him or her later when you are reading!

Amazing health benefits of kissing

One of the health benefits of kissing is that it helps you lose those fats in your body

You don’t believe? Yes kissing helps you to lose weight. It has been established that Deep french kissing helps to reduce the calories in your body. I am aware that nothing beats the early morning jogging and the yoga classes but then what you naturally without having to think of the physical stress you go through goes a long way in reducing fats in your body.

Various researches has stated that vigorous kisses reduces between 10-15 calories of fat. Having sex with kissing for so long has been to be a ‘PLEASURABLE EXERCISE’ so you can leverage that to take out the unnecessary fats in your body.

Also, when partners’ lips touch during the process of kissing, you will realize that your heart skips a bit and this is caused by an adrenaline gush of passion known as EPINEPHRINE. An adrenaline push that has been researched to assist in metabolism and reducing calories.

Remember, a very romantic kiss of 1 minute can indeed burn off between 2-3 calories. So what are you still waiting for? get on with kissing your partner and enjoy the amazing health benefits of kissing time together.

Another one of the amazing health benefits of kissing is that it helps as a stress reducer



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