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The Children’s day in Nigeria is here again. Here is our collection of happy children’s day messages and happy children’s day wishes for you to send your family, friends and loved ones. Who says your partners does not have extended family? This is the best time to show that you do not only think about him or her, but also the extended family as well. Happy children’s day.

Happy children’s day messages in Nigeria

The children’s day is the special day set aside in May every year to celebrate children and ‘childhood’. On the amazing day, tributes are [aid to all the children all over the world. Children are God’s special gift of procreation to everyone, hence the reason why they will continue to wow us with their lovely innocent faces, bubbly and energetic spirits. As a result of the importance of children to the ecosystem and the economy, a day is set aside and an event is rolled up to felicitate with all the children in every country in the world.

Origin of happy children’s day in Nigeria

happy children's day messages

Children’s day originated from Turkey in April 23, 1920 and later at the World conference for Children in Geneva in 1925. In 1955, the first children’s day was celebrated and the International union for child welfare in Swtizerland supported this. Happy children’s day was adopted by the United Nation’s general assembly in 1954 and it there fore become a national public holiday all over the world.

As instructed by the United Nation’s assembly, it was mandated that all countries should go ahead and pick a date to promote the existence and understanding of children all over the world and also to start up further actions that will be of tremendous benefit of the children.

Happy Children’s day in Nigeria – What do we do?

The children’s day in Nigeria is celebrated by everyone. From the government, to the parents, non-governmental bodies. Children in schools are given public holiday and they are expected to be at the various states stadiums for parades as scheduled.

The children’s day in Nigeria is not just about the various march pasts and parades organised by the Federal or States government, but also a time where a lot of awareness and sensitization will be raised to focus on the problems of children in Nigeria.

It was observed from statistics than more than 45% of Nigerian populace are children and and about 1/3 of Nigerian children between the ages of 6-12 years are unable to go for formal education. Also, awareness are also raised on the various issues bothering on children unusual sexual exposures that lead most times to bizarre cases of sexual abuse. The children’s day in Nigeria also bothers on the various cases of physical and emotional abuse on children with the aim of empowering and sensitizing the public on the need to protect the Nigerian child!

As we celebrate the children’s day again this year, we hope that all parents strive hard to evaluate the child-parent relationship and attempt to seek for ways to establish proper parenting and upbringing for the Nigerian child!

They should know that the children of today are the future of tomorrow and if the foundation of every child is destroyed in terms of the various forms of abuse and lack of proper parenting, then there is much to be desired about the future of such Nigerian child!

On the path of the Nigerian government on happy children’s day, there is a lot to be done on the sensitization and empowerment of the designated ministries to tackles children’s societal problems. The government should not just leave the responsibility of the Nigerian child on the shoulders of the parents alone, they should also continue to strive to support parents as they raise children in the proper and ethical way.

happy children's day messages

Happy children’s day and happy children’s day messages.

We have decided to put up a collection of happy children’s day messages and happy children’s day wishes to celebrate every child in Nigeria and all over the world at this time of celebrations. May God bless, keep and protect the children!

When is children’s day in Nigeria

Children’s day is set aside in Nigeria on the 27th day of May every year to celebrate all the Nigerian children!

Happy children’s day messages

1 You need to plant honesty, trust, contentment, self control, goodness and friendship in your children. When you do this, be rest assured that your children will turn out nice. Happy children’s day

2 The beauty of children in every home comes with the fun and happiness of having little and bubbly ones all around us. We value the joy of growing and learning with them, and we value the joy of being children with our children once again. Happy children’s day

3 Children are wonderful beings, they are our moment of pure and innocent happiness. Children are God’s gift to us, and so we must teach them the way of the Lord so they will not depart from it. Happy children’s day

4 It is that time special time of the year again where we can go wild and have fun with the kids, and also thank God for giving us the special gift that life has bestowed on us. Happy children’s day

5 Children are the best gifts created by God. They bring happiness and joy to every home just as they have brought to yours. I celebrate every children in your home today and I wish them all the blessings that comes with the children’s day! happy celebrations. Happy children’s day

6 There are two great girts that we need to give our children, one is the ability to be educated, and the other is the joy of parenthood! Happy children’s day

7 There are so many things money cannot buy in this life, and the joy of childhood is one of those things. They are so invaluable that we cannot put a price to them.I pray that you have fun all in the name of the children’s day today. Happy celebrations

8 They are usually dirty with torn clothes after a very bubbly day away. They usually come tired and chatty after a day in school. Sometimes they are in a good mood, sometimes their moods are bad, but all in all it is the parent’s duty to understand the child and provide succour and support. Happy children’s day

9 Children are like cement. They are usually in their powdering form until water is added. When water is added they become wet before they start setting to become hard, durable and trusting materials in the eyes of everyone. Remember today being children’s day to evaluate how you have trained your child and reflect on what you still need to do to make a wonderful man/ woman out of your child. Happy children’s day!

10 This is the time for fun, splashing waters, watching movies, parents-children get-together time, bonding and evaluating the children over the few months of the year. What did you notice in your child? Impressive teaching and knowledge or you still have more work to do as a parent? Get on with it and support your child the way you should. Happy children’s day!

happy children's day messages

11 I wish that you have a blast today! I wish that you enjoy the day out with every child today! I wish that you enjoy yummy fast food today! I wish that you have a magical experience with your children today. Happy children’s day

12 Let us come together as one on this special day. let us join hands to protect the Universal child. let us join us to make this world a better and safer place for the children. Let us join hands to be a voice of support and trust that they need to thrive. Let us join hands with our children on the children’s day. Happy children’s day

13 Children are our hope for a brighter and better tomorrow. Happy children’s day

14 Such an amazing gift and treasure is a child. Who need every hug, kiss and warmth to survive. Such a beautiful gift is a child to us. Who craved all our kissed and hugs to grow and see the light. Children are innocent and playful little ones. They need us to teach them and sing them beautiful lullabies. They want us to be there for them and guide them so that they can live long. We should always have this at the back of our minds as we try to support the children in our own special way. Happy children’s day!

15 Why bother about the tomorrow of your child today? All you need to do is work today out for your child and tomorrow will turn out well! Happy children’s day

16 You know what children need the most? They need LOVE. This is not only for your children alone, but also all the children without parents out there. They need your love, show them!

17 The children are the hope for tomorrow. They are the future of this country and so I want to wish them happiness and joy in everything they do. I also want to pray for God’s protection and guidance as they walk about in their daily lives. Happy children’s day

18 Every child is a potential leader, teach them how to be a leader right from their hay days and they will become leaders of tomorrow

19 May the joy of a new born become a light on your path today and forever. Happy children’s day

20 Let the drums roll, it is the children’s day. Happy celebrations

happy children's day messages

Happy children’s day messages, wishes and happy children’s day quotes

21 You are the future of this country. You are our hope for a better tomorrow. You are the pride of the world. Happy children’s day

22 Childhood is the time for fun, A time to throw all caution to the winds and enjoy being a child. A time to be cared for and loved. The joy of childhood is usually the best feeling ever. Enjoy your childhood and have a lot of fun. Happy children’s day

23 Remember when were were children, our wish was to go to school
Now we got to school and we couldn’t wait to be out to high school
In high school we got excited and after sometime we couldn’t wait to get into the University
After University we couldn’t wait to go for NYSC and then get a job
Now we have a job, it is time to be responsible and get married
The more you grow, the higher your responsibilities
Making us miss being children with all the fun and carefree attitude in the world
I wish I was a child again
Happy children’s day

24 My childhood was amazing
Fun, exciting with very strict parents
I relish those days with nostalgia
And I want you to enjoy every second of being a child
You deserve to enjoy it
Because once you grow older
You would begin to miss all the fun that you should have had
As a child
Happy children’s day

25 Children are just God splitting image
Isn’t it great if we celebrate the gift of childhood this children’s day?
Happy children’s day

happy children's day messages

26 Let us try as much as possible to make the world a safer place
For all the children to live in
Happy children’s day to the little and smart ones

27 You do not need to worry about what your child will become tomorrow
What you need do is to realize the qualities in him today
Groom them and let him live peacefully within himself
Ensure that he enjoys his childhood
Because this is what will shape the future you want for him
Happy children’s day

28 You know children brings joy, contentment and happiness with them
When they come to us
Therefore there is the need to give them a lot of attention
And handle them with the love that they deserve
Have an awesome children’s day

29 This is time for splashing serious fun
This is the time for the jolly ride everyone
I pray that every child’s face with brightened with joy, happy smile and greatness
And that every child exhibit sincere sense of contentment and freedom they so deserve
Happy children’s day everyone

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