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Apology Love Letters To My Wife

Apology love Letters

Apology love Letters to my Wife: It is not a shame to apologize to anyone you claim to love. This is a respect that the Lord has put between you if you don’t know. It has been made a reason for you to stay together for long. You need to learn how to recognize your mistake anytime you hurt someone intentional or unintentional. This virtue can in a great extent makes you reconcile with them and then strengthen your bond better than ever. You can pick any of our apology love letters below and send to your loved ones that you offended. This may melt their heart when received and then probably forgive you. It is good to try something because we don’t know where it will end.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 1

I am sorry for my mistake. You have to forgive and accept me back because I am so much deep in sorrow since the day I hurt your feelings.  I have resolved to be faithful to you. Please, forget about the past even though it may be hard to do. I am still in love with you. How I wish you understand this. No matter what, I will practice self control in order to avoid anything that will affect our marriage from on set. Look at me with your eyes of mercy once again so that love and peace will reign in our home. You have the upper hand today; why not make it mercy upon me and for the sake of the children we own together. I will like you to consider the wellbeing of our children so that they won’t get confused in life. Let us resolve this issue amicably to bring more joy to the family. I accept that I have erred you, just please find a way to forgive me in any means you can. I will not stop loving you until the end of time. I will cherish you until the death does us apart. I will not regret having you as my wife because you are the best for me. Please, find somewhere in your heart to accept me once again.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 2

If you don’t forgive me, how am I supposed to leave? How am I supposed to enjoy this life without my found rib? You don’t know how much I regret my actions.  How sweet it will have been if we can come together as one to face the challenge of our marriage. You are my love and the most precious wife on the surface of this earth. Give me this second chance and I will not hurt you again.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 3

God knows I never wanted to hurt you. I thought you will understand it to be just a mare play. If I knew my prank will cause you this agony, I will have preferred to die yesterday, so that such evil event will not happen. I regretted waking up to life that day but still, we have to thank God for sparing your life. I hope this will not cause you a lifetime problem, because if it does, I won’t forgive myself until death does us apart. I promise to take care of our daughter until your wound is hilled. As I write to you, I am in the pool of my tears, only faith keeps me standing, otherwise, I would have committed suicide. Why has such a childish thing come from me, your husband? I love you so much and will always do for the rest of my life. No matter the condition that this predicament puts you after now, I promise to stay by your side. I love you. Remember, I told you that the Lord has chosen you for me. It is true, in fact, the truest word coming from me. Don’t be scared that I may leave you. Am I not the cause of your pain? Am I not the one that should be the first to take care of you? Am I not the one that should be forsaken by everyone after this silly mistake? Baby, I urge you once again that you should find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. You may not forget, it is a memorial matter that can’t be forgotten forever. I love you my heartbeat.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 4

It is always been said that a heart that has an iota of forgiveness is a great one indeed. As you receive my letter, know that I am on knees begging for your sympathy. I know I have really hurt you beyond tolerance, but I believe that you have this power as a woman, to forgive me. I love you my sweetheart. I appreciate your love for me too.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 5

Day and night have become same to me since the day you left my home. I have come to realize that we can’t live separately. I am so doom these days because you are no longer waking up next to me. I have lost the support of a good wife. I have been always lonely ever since the day we separated. When I look deeper into the issue that caused our fight, I realized that I was at fault. Please, forgive me. Forgive me of the tears I caused you. Forgive me of the mistakes and misconducts that pulled out tears from your innocent eyes. I really have missed your gentle nature. Probably, your calmness and beautiful nature caused my taking you for granted. I am sorry sweetheart. I will for your sake and of God lower my ego. I will listen to you whenever you have anything to say. I will become a cool-headed husband for you. You decided to marry me because you found out that I was the right man for you. We were compatible. Now, I will look deep into my new character, pray to God to cure me of my heart disease so that I will become a good husband to you once again.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 6

Please, wipe away your tears. Don’t allow sorrow to overwhelm you. I love you with endless passion and want to be yours for the rest of my life.  I want you to fill your heart with joy because now, I am ready to be the man you expect. That man you met some years back. I promise never to allow my emotion to rule over me again. I love you so much, my beloved.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 7

The very moment I realized that I hurt you truly; my heart became sour and sad. I wish I didn’t wake up to understand that.  You need to forgive me because I have resolved never to let such a thing happen between us again. My joy this morning is that I was able to control my anger by not raising my hands on you. I love you so much and pray that you should understand that it is true. My love for you will not in any way deviate because I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. Your presence in my life is very important to me. I love your way of life so I keep wondering about what transpired between us. Good, this be a dream or what? This is so amazing my sweet angel.  How much more can I say, when a jovial wife like you suddenly got angry at my action? This is a sign that I went too far this time around. Sorry for this my beloved wife. Are you not the mother of my kids? Are you not the one I vowed to spend the rest of my life with? Are you not that very beautiful lady of that blessed wedding day? I am still in love with you. Please come back home to fill the empty space in my heart.

Apology Love Letters to my Wife 8

You may not know that you are the heart that keeps me walking. You are my strength the divine comforter the Lord has endowed my life with. If someone loses an awesome wife like you, it is like he has lost every good thing in life. He is like a lifeless person walking on the surface of the earth. I love you so much and pray that our union lasts longer than we hope. I love you.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 1

I never meant to hurt you because I cherish you with endless passion. I love you so much that even in a second, can’t stop thinking about you. You are my joy, happiness and the most precious being God gave me as a future wife. Your eyes are filled with tears because I hurt you. This is a big shame on me. I cannot make a woman happy. I don’t know how to make a woman smile. Why then am I called a man? Sweetheart, please forgive me. I won’t repeat such thing again. I won’t make you sad even for once after this time. This is a promise and I will try to keep it. I love you my best lady. I used to think of you day and night. I used to admire your walking step but now I can’t even see your face. Baby, I know you love me perhaps it is the reason why I took you for granted. I am sorry. Tell your friends too that I said I am sorry for disrespecting them by hurting you. I love you and then admire everything about you.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 2

I want you to know that this relationship is very important to me. It is a blessing that should be kept for life. I have seen in you a blessing that will last forever. I want to be yours all my life. I want to make you my wife so that you will give birth to noble children for me. I love you, my dear angel. I am happy that you are now part of my life. Please, don’t be angry at me again. I love you.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 3

My going and coming never left a day without thinking about you. I just want you to know that even a jiffy without you could easily make me run mad. So, if you truly love me, forgive me as soon as possible. You have always been the one that puts a smile on my face. You are my joy and the happiness that will reign in my life forever. I love you with complete love. I want to be yours forever. You made me want to be a husband anytime soon. This is because, I realized that if someone has you as a wife, his life will never remain the same. Please, forgive me. Maintain your good heart and never allow anything to transpire between us. I love you with all my heart. I want you to know that you are very important to me. A day without your smile will cause me millions of sorrows in a second. Baby, have you heard? Have you heard that I don’t have any other person but you? Have you noticed of recent that I can’t love any other girl again? Your love has completely occupied my heart. It has blocked every space in my heart. Please consider this fact too, so that it will be easier for you to overlook my mistakes.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 4

Never mind what people say just to make sure they separate us. Please, think critically and give your opinion about our relationship. Be yourself. You can’t be manipulated against me. Fine, I know I hurt you but it doesn’t me everything that anyone says is the complete truth about me. I love you.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 5

I may not be able to make you smile as you really wanted but always have it in your mind that I will never hurt you intentionally. I am so much in love with you so tell me why I will be happy to see you being sad?  I am pleading with you from this moment to forgive me. Accept my apology so that our love car can move forward to its destination. Your beautiful face will not let me rest if I see you falling in love with another man. Your unconditional smile will only send me to my early grave if I see it being given to another man.  Your love is strange and I won’t lie about this. It baffles me so much that I asked if there is still true love on the surface of the earth. I will love you for the rest of my life. Give me your joy because seeing you being sad only makes me hate myself. I feel like being rejected. I want you to know that you are the one I wish to spend the rest of my life with. I want to treat you as a queen or like a princess that deserves endless love.

Apology Love Letters to Girlfriend 6

I have come to realize that if a home can have your type, the whole world will be a great place for everyone to live. It will become a space of passion and joy. It will become an awesome palace for couples to enjoy their life. Baby, you are my paradise, and I wish to dwell in you anytime soon. I want to share my love with you. You are my greatest achievement so far. Anytime you are ready, I will be glad to be your husband. I love you.

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