Safe Journey Wishes in Islam: Islam is a religion of total submission to the will of Allah. It is a religion that allows Muslims to totally rely on Allah for their wellbeing because they believe He is the only one that can suffice them in anything they are doing. Beginning from their daily needs down to their journey, they handle everything to Allah to watch and protect. Today, I will be writing some safe journey wishes messages from an Islamic perspective and hope that you enjoy it.

Great Safe Journey Wishes

1. May the mercy of Allah go with you, may His sheefah always make company with you as you enjoy your journey until your destination.

2. Ay stress in the journey shall be converted into into Nurullahi for you. Your moment throughout of trip will end with alhamdullillahi.

3. May the blessing of Allah be your companion all through the journey. Any kind of harm that causes accident will be neutralized by the angels of mercy.

4. Allah will be your Wali as you move from your home to your destination. Your dream of travelling shall come with the rahma of Allah.

5. Allah will bless you beyond your expectation, guide your way to your destination. He shall bring more success to your home. Safe journey.

6. May Allah send along with you angels that never miss their focus, may they be the one to hold your hands while you arrive at your destination.

7. You are going for agood mission for the sake of Allah, I pray that His mayashau be with you and your entire family.

8. Protection of Allah that has no limit, safeguard of Allah that lasts forever shall be granted upon you this time as you travel along with your family.

9. Our Lord is the most merciful; I pray that He consider your journey free from accident. May He grant you the benefit of the journey.

10. More of success for you, more your rahma and nurun kahair for you as you embark on this special journey. May He make you benefit the blessing of Hajj.

11. Journey mercy for you from the custody of Allah Haza Wajala. He shall take care of your family after you. Safe journey.

12. As you begin your journey with bismillaahi, may your end it with alhamdulliiaah. May you stand out among the others for the same mission.

13. You are going out for the sake of Allah, may you return home for His sake. Your journey will not be a reason for you to leave the fold of Islam.

14. Ya Allah, we cannot protect ourselves but by your leave and power. Come and protect us throughout this journey.

15. We direct our worship to you alone, let it be accepted and then guarantee our safety as we carry on fulfilling our mission.

16. There is no guidance as yours. Guide our pilot to take the right direction, clear the cloud for him to see clearly and land us safely in our destination.

17. Give us the support to achieve our goals in life, bless our handwork and make us useful to our family. Bless this journey for us, so that we will live to praise you more.

18. We thank God for bringing us safely home last year. This year we are embarking on another holy passage, bring us home along the righteous ones.

19. Give us your Light to see the road to our goals. Remove every obstacle that could cause accident and let us return to our family in good health.

20. Ya Allah, to you belong the East and the West. To you belong the safety of your entire creatures, known and unknown. Please bless us with a safe expedition.

Special Safe Journey Wishes

21. We are unto this trip for your sake. Protect us from any harm on our way. Cover us in your protection and release us from the stress of ride.

22. You are the one that created the trees to live long, we beseech you to spare our life throughout this flight.

23. Make our mission be achievable, give us a maximum assurance to return home safely. You are the master protector, protect our children after us.

24. O Allah, we are leaving here for your mission. We are leaving our wives and children behind. Please, feed them, quench their taste and provide whatever they need until we return to them.

25. Journey mercy to you, may Allah be your companion as you engage in this long drive. The trip will bring success to you.

26. In you we put our trust, grant us an infinite mercy on this journey and block the evil ones from every angle until we reach our various homes.

27. I wish you a bountiful experience in this journey you are into. May Almighty Allah in His unending kindness take you home safely.

28. Allah is the greatest, He created everything, both road and the journey we are about to embark. May He be your protector over the year.

29. Allah will bless your hustle and make you happy in anything you are doing. This journey of yours will become a reason for your joy in life.

30. Have your journey guided with lots of love and mercy from Allah? May He make your face be whitened with joy and success.

31. You are simply the most amazing friend in this world. May you come back home safely to us so we can give more thankful to Allah.

32. Ya Allah, do not let our striving be in vain. As we go out to call into your religion, keep us safe all through the journey.

33. Build for us a big palace in Jannah, make us be friends of each other in this world and the hereafter. Protect us against all evils on our way.

34. I am wishing you maximum safety. I am praying for your secured arrival at your destination. I ask Allah to bless you abundantly.

35. Ya Allah, only you have the power to make us live long, please do not make this journey the last for us. Bless us with long life.

36. Accept our prayers and protect us against any predicament on our way. Give us the power to be good to our parents and lead our way to our destination.

37. May Allah make this journey profit each and every one of you. You shall be blessed abundantly with the mission in your heart.

38. Allah will be your maulah as you embark for this beautiful trip. You shall reach your destination in peace and harmony.

39. No matter how hard the entire world looks, you will not feel it. Allah will watch over you wherever you may be. Safe journey.

40. Shiffatullaahu alaikum. May the mercy of Allah cover you like a canopy so that you feel the comfort of a peaceful journey.

41. Allah will guide your way to your destination. He shall bless you with abundant success as you move down to another home.

42. May His infinite mercy continue to leave with you throughout your journey. May His endless guidance light your way to your point.

43. I am committing the life of these travelers in the Hands of Allah. May He see them through. Any kind of problem that may face along the way should be converted into goodness.

44. I will really miss you. Your smile, your words of advice and the beautiful moments we share together. Until you are back. May the blessing of Allah follow you?

45. I want to use this opportunity to thank Allah for this wonderful family. I am home alone today, please bring them back for me in peace and harmony.

46. I will actually miss you so much. I am not that happy to see you walk away but I have no choice than to accept my fate. May Allah protect you?

47. Allah will take care of your children. Allah will bless and remove your stress. As you are about to fly out of the country, may you land with the angels of Allah?

48. Glory belongs to Allah alone. Only He can save a dying soul. Whenever we are in a car traveling, it is like we are in a cascade, may Allah deliver us safely.

49. Thank you O Lord for this wonderful nikkah. We are committing ourselves to you. May you become the eyes we used to see, the Hands our driver drives with. Shield us away from the evil way attackers.

50. Do not let our car run into the bush. Protect our movement with your angels. Accomplish our mission for us. Bless us with a journey mercy.

51. Make our ways easy for us as you make the ways of your beloved ones easy in the end. Let us meet our colleague in joy and happiness.

52. Ya Allah, only you can guide us to the right path, do not let our pilot take the wrong direction. Whatever will cause crash in the future, remove it from us.

53. In as much as we are not supposed to live a caged life, we need to travel once in a while. I am wishing you a safe journey.

54. Travelling is sweet; you experience new things in this world but coming back home after a trip is to be committed onto the Lord. Have a safe journey.

55. May Allah take control of your outing and make it a Rahmat for you and your family. You will be protected from the beginning of your journey to the end.

56. May you not find it difficult in any way to achieve whatever you desire in your life. May your vision be accomplish for you by Allah.

57. Mayashaullahu will follow you to the end of your trip; you will not be touched by any affliction of any kind. Your face will finally glow with the light of Allah.

58. You are the best friend I have in my life. The most important person that makes me important. I pray that Allah should protect you anywhere wherever.

59. O Allah, make my effort profit me, do not let the pains and stress I went through to raise these children go in vain. Protect them and bring them back to me in good condition.

60. May you find joy in your journey. May the blessing and mercy of Allah that does not end continue to live with you until eternity.

61. Your Lord shall be pleased with you and your heart desires shall be fulfilled for you as you wanted. Allah will always provide for the children you left behind. Safe journey.

62. You are going for the pilgrimage for the purpose of pleasing Allah. May your purpose be fulfilled for you. You will find endless peace in your heart.

63. May Allah be with you. May He shield you with the wings of maximum protection and wrap you in His infinite mercy.

64. Ya Allah, we are answerable to your call. Accept our main purpose of coming for this hajj and lead us back safely to our various homes. Do not let us leave here without our sins of past and future being forgiven. Bless us with great purpose that is achievable.

65. We pray to Allah to bless us with abundant dates, so that our tongue shall taste the sweetness of this journey, and our heart will be relaxed upon His protection. He will not get tired of you for any reason. His love for you shall increase by His Grace after this short journey.

66. This year imurah shall profit everyone that attend, you all shall be forgiven your sins, you shall be purified and draw close to Allah Azawajjalah.

67. Have the best out of this soft trip. Be guarded by the angels of mercy. Be happy all through your stay wherever you are.

68. May Allah bring peace to your heart so that you will not worry too much about your kids. Don’t you panic, Allah will take care of them until you are back. Safe journey.

69. Happiness shall be the end of this voyage, success shall follow it along and you will not regret that you embark on this mission for the sake of Allah.

70. There is none that can make movement and power possible save God. Your movement and your energy to travel shall be blessed by Allah the All-Mighty. He shall take care of your property on your way. No armed robbers shall attack you. Kidnappers will not come your way until you finally reach your destination.

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