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Apology Paragraphs After A Fight

apology paragraphs

Apology paragraphs for the one you love after a fight. You better check these apology paragraphs out now and start sending.

1. What can I say than to apologize for things I have done wrong? Never did I ever think of hurting you for once but it seems I am always repeating the same thing all the time. I am pleading with you right now that you should find somewhere in your heart to forget the past and embrace me once again.

2. I apologize for the mess I have caused you. I apologize for the things I said that hurt you. I am sorry for what I did not do. Please forgive me and overlook the mistakes I have done in my life that affected you. You are the best, the most interesting person in my life.

3. Lying has always been a consequence of an unreliable relationship. I just realized that I have bridged the rule of the passion that keeps on moving. I am really sorry for this silly attitude. Please forgive me and I am sure this will not happen to you again.

4. The best time I have ever had in life is the one I spend with you. The love of my life, you don’t need to get angry to the end to the extent that you won’t pick my calls again. I am sorry for the things I have done that hurt you. Forgive and forget and I will become the happiest person on this earth.

5. I hope that you accept my apology so that we will come back to be one again. I am really sorry for my action. Please forgive my shortcomings towards you. I will look into my actions and then adjust for us to have a better day together once again. I love you so much and I really mean it.

6. I was absolutely wrong when I slammed at you. If you can forgive, I think this will serve as a sense of responsibility to me. I love you and I did what I did out of the jealous because I love you. Please, you are my happiness and I am so happy because you are the one I love.

7. Sorry for the pains I made you went through. Sorry for the way I made you feel and the way I behaved when we had a fight. If you don’t forgive me, it will be like a disaster to me.

8. I am sorry for everything that transpired between us. Sorry for the behaviors that you have to endure from me. I love you and wish I didn’t hurt you at all.

9. If I knew how much you will be hurt, I won’t have altered a word while you erred. I would have been quite to calm the situation with maturity. I am really sorry.

10. I love you and cherish the way you live with me. You just have to overlook my mistake so that we may last long and win the devil together. I love you.

11. I will always love you to the end because you are the reason why my hat remains white. You came into this world for me so that I will have comfort in my heart. I love you. I am sorry.

12. I will not hurt you again. You are a beauty, why should I be the one that makes you feel bad? You are a precious treasure in my life. I am sorry.

13. Give me one more chance to clear the mistakes of the past in the present life. I promise I will change and then you will enjoy the power of love in me.

14. This life is a bit tedious until I met you and then I found comfort, but since the day we had a fight, I am been so miserable because I can’t live without you.

15. To you my beloved angel, you have chosen to be mine before now and everything was going on fine. I don’t actually know what happened. I am sorry; you just have to forgive me for peace to rain.

16. Baby, I never meant to hurt you in any way. I am sorry for my silly action. Find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I love you to the core.

17. You mean the world to me. It is just the truth because you are so special. You are my eyes when I can’t see, my legs when I can’t walk. I love you, please forgive me.

18. Everyone has something or someone that makes them happy. You are the angel that makes me happy. I love you with every strength I possess, please forgive me.

19. I will always stay with you for the rest of my life no matter what happened between us. If you could understand me the other day we met, you should know that I can’t stop loving you forever.

20. I need you strictly by my side. You are my happiness and the strength that the Lord assigned for me. please forgive my mistakes and let us come back as one.

21. We need peace among to reign between us so that our relationship will move well. We need love and understanding for our marriage to go fine. I am sorry if I hurt you.

22. Since the day we had the last fight, I have been so sorry and lonely. I want to use this moment to plead with you. To beg you that I am really sorry.

23. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I see a garden decorated with lots of beautiful singing flower. This is the more reason why I can’t be happy without you.

24. I wish the day we fought did not come, perhaps I won’t be miserable the way I am today. Please, don’t be angry at me again. I love you.

25. It really affects me that we are no longer in the same mood we used to be with each other. I can’t just forget those beautiful moments we shared together.

26. I love you more than you can think because you are my joy and the happiness that I have been searching for. I love you beyond extraordinary reasoning. Please forgive me.

27. If you don’t forgive me, how do I live? How do I find peace in my heart? How do I make things happen the way I used to? I am sorry please, forgive me.

28. I love you with the intense power of love because you are my chocolate angel. This mare fight shouldn’t make us punish each other unnecessarily. I am sorry.

29. I know I am wrong and I have accepted my mistake. It is now left for you to look into the matter with maturity and forgive the past mistakes.

30. You are to me like an angel of comfort. Every second of my life involves your thinking. I think about you day and night, I love you with all my heart.

31. You are like a river of milk, so sweet to taste. If I can’t taste your sweetness again, how do you want me to cope in life? I am really sorry for that day.

32. Just know that whatever I did that day was out of jealous. If I don’t love you I won’t act that way. I am sorry for everything. I love you.

33. What is the meaning of this life without someone you truly love? What is the best solution for a sadist if not a woman that can be his comfort?

34. Who else can make me happy among all women if not you? You are now like a sister to me and also like a mother you have been caring. I love you.

35. It may be late to apologize, but it doesn’t mean that the days I wasted before this apology was easy for me. I am sorry for what happened.

36. If you can be patient in life, everything will occur naturally. I am actually sorry for everything. Just put all the blame on me. I accept with all my heart.

37. Forget about your part of the fight. I have forgiven you, now I need you to forgive me too so that peace will reign between us for life. I love you.

38. You are my angel, the happiness that I have been searching for. You are my love and the pearl of my life. I love you so much that I can’t sleep without thinking about. I am sorry for that day.

39. With you, I think this world will be a field of roses. However, it keeps wondering me that we had a fight. Does it mean that impossible things are now possible?

40. Don’t worry about me; all I need is your forgiveness. We are meant to offend each other so that we can earn reward from the Lord too for being humble to each other.

41. Who on this earth can live alone without the help of others? No one. If we cannot forget the past, we will not find someone to make friend with. I am sorry.

42. I wish you could understand the way I feel whenever we had a quarrel. This is the reason why I want us to sit down and redefine our relationship for good. I am sorry.

43. I wish you could understand how much you mean to me. Perhaps you would have understood the pain I go through without you in my life.

44. Please come back to me and let us settle for good. I love you and then appreciate everything you have done in my life. I am sorry for the speech I made against you.

45. I wish I could return the hands of time so that I will erase that day away from your memory. You may not count it as anything, but the guilt is still fresh in my memory. I am sorry.

46. When we offend each other, it is a great idea to apologize. This will earn us more of God’s love because He actually loves those who are humble.

47. This is the result of arrogance. I am really sorry if I have offended you by my action. Please forgive and forget. I love you so much.

48. Ask me one thing about this life which when you don’t have, there will be no much happiness in your life. I will tell you that it is the comfort of a woman. I am sorry.

49. What is the meaning of the life of a man who does not have a woman beside him? He is just like an empty space. No value no respect. I am sorry baby.

50. All my intentions were to surprise you but it is so unfortunate that it turned out to hurt you. I am really sorry for this silly joke.

Apology paragraphs for a boss

51. You are the boss and we are your staff. The difference is clear and it is the reason why we are here to apologize for the work not done to your satisfaction. We are sorry sir.

52. I am sorry, dear friend. I never wanted to miss your wedding but I was not in a good condition to attend. I was arrested for disobeying the traffic rule while in haste to attend your marriage. Please, find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I am sorry.

53. I wish you could just open my heart and see how sorry I am. You may have quickly accepted my apology so that I won’t die in the next few minutes.

54. Please, forgive my mistakes, they are meant to happen once in a while. If you keep holding on to what human do towards you, you won’t have rest of mind at all.

55. I wish you could understand the kind of pain I suffer; you won’t hesitate to accept my apology anytime from now. I love you to the core. Please forgive me.

56. You are the best person in this world for me. You are the happiness I searched for and the treasure my heart will always hold onto. I love you, please forgive me.

57. You took me to the land of love and gave me a reason to be happy. I love you with all my heart and wish you could just understand how much you mean to me.

58. I love you beyond the scope of love, believe me, because it is the fact that I am telling you. Remember, the day we got married, we were meant to help each other. It is your turn to help me happy once again. I am really sorry. I love you with all my heart.

59. Things have gone wrong, birds have flown away, rain has fallen and the body has been wet. Please, hear my voice, and I am sorry.

60. Thinking about you has really been a good thing in my life when we were in good times together. However, I am so sorry for myself. I am sorry please forgive me.

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