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Baby Dedication Message(s), Prayers & Sayings

baby dedication message

Baby dedication message(s) can be sent when you are ready to take your baby to church before God. How happy it is when you welcome a new born child, the feeling is out of this world. The next thing to do as a christian is bring the baby up to God with the intention to raise him/ her under the mercy and grace of God.

As a parent, when you dedicate your child to God, you are accepting the fact that the baby came through God to you and also putting yourself under God’s holy light to raise the child within the tenets and principles that is expected of a Christian – Godly parents raising a Godly child. Isn’t it?

Baby dedication is the moment when you entrust your baby into the hands of God. For family and friends with the intention to share baby dedication messages to families of the new born, I have collection of baby dedication messages, that you ca share with family, friends and loved ones.

As a husband or wife, these baby dedication messages can also be shared between either party to acknowledge the presence of God in your family, and to tender your appreciation for another beautiful addition.

Baby dedication message(s)

1 This is an amazing day in your family and for the baby. May today be a special and great one for all of you. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication quotes

2 May the day bring joy, peace and happiness to your family as you celebrate your baby dedication. God will be with the baby and protect him/ her. It is well with his/ her soul. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication prayer

3 I pray today, that the entrance of this baby will bring new things into your family. The welcoming of this baby will bring new opportunities and new grace in your lives. Happy baby dedication.

Child dedication text message

4 I am so excited to be a part of the christening and dedication of this new born baby. I pray that today will bring a lot of amazing memories for all of us. Amen.

Baby dedication message parents

5 My thoughts are with you on this wonderful day. May this beautiful occasion  be that one that is loved and welcome happiness as we welcome the baby. Sending my best wishes from here. May the grace of God never depart from your family. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication sayings

6 I am sending my prayer on this day of baby dedication from here. May the entrance of the baby bring blessings from God. May the dedication of today be filled with affection, grace and memories that are unforgettable. May God’s light continue to shine on your family. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication blessing

7 We thank God for giving us the opportunity to witness a baby in your family. May he/ she bring in more babies into your family and may your happiness this day never turn to sadness. Happy celebrations.

Baby dedication prayer from friends

8 I appreciate your invite today to come to your church for your baby’s dedication. I pray that the joy in your family will never cease in Jesus name. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication prayer from colleague

9 Congratulations on this beautiful day. May this day bring peace, happiness and love  as I felicitate with you and your entire family. Happy baby dedication.

Baby dedication prayer letter

10 The baby dedication of today will bring in wonderful and long lasting happiness in your family. All the best wishes from me to you on your baby dedication today.

11 May the holy spirit never depart from you today. I am sending my best wishes from here. Even though I can’t make it today, I will find time to pay the baby a visit and I am wishing it the protection and guidance of the almighty. Grace will never depart from your house. Happy christening and dedication.

12 I am wishing you and your wife the very best of today. May God be with the baby.

13 The baby is God’s gift to your family and to the earth. I am sending my best wishes and the grace of God on this special day of baby dedication.

14 Congratulations on the dedication of the baby today. May the holy spirit be with your family and help you to raise the child. Happy baby dedication.

15 This beautiful occasion heralds the commencement of a beautiful life journey for the baby. May your family be blessed by God and may the Holy spirit lead you aright and may you find grace in the teachings of God in order to be able to train the child. Happy baby dedication.

16 I pray today that God’s light will shine on the little baby today as he officially becomes God’s baby. Congratulations on this amazing baby dedication day.

17 The beginning of the baby’s spiritual journey is here, I and my family are sending our best wishes. May God bless the baby with happiness and peace to conquer the world. Happy baby dedication today.

18 I pray that the blessings of God will never depart from the baby and your family. I pray that God protects him/ her and send angels to guide his ways as he grows according to the will of God. Happy baby dedication today. God bless you and your household.

19 I welcome the baby into the world with God. I pray that the Good lord will continue to bless you and provide for you. may joy, peace and happiness follow your dedication today. God is with the baby already. Happy baby dedication.

20 I am sending my greetings to the little baby today. Happy baby dedication with lots of love from me and my family. Cheers.

21 God will be with the baby from today henceforth, he/ she will never lack any good thing. The hands of the almighty will be with him and he will have a reason to be a glory child for your household. He/ she will bring more joy and happiness to your house and he/ she will never be a cause of pain to your family. Happy baby dedication from me to you.

22 Congratulations on the baby dedication today. I wish him/ her the favour and blessings of God all the days of his/ her life. Happy baby dedication.

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