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Baby Dedication Prayers For Messages

baby dedication prayers

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Christian Dedication Prayer for a Baby

1. Lord, thank you for this beautiful gift that came to my home. He is a thoughtful honor and blessing for me. I dedicate this child to you even though he is a gift to me. Only you can take care of him appropriately.

2. Without you, I lack many things to take care of my child, this why I am bringing right before you to bless her for me. Guide and protect her away from the evil of the wicked people.

3. I entrust my child unto you Lord, so that he may excel in life. I beseech your holiness upon him to make him strong in faith and devotion to you.

4. I ask you to her overcome the challenges and temptation of this life. Take him away from the sins that will destroy her. Protect her against bad friends and influence her with righteous people.

5. Dear Lord, send your holy angel to guide, guard and counsel my child for me. Assist him to grow in sense, wisdom, such, physical appearance. Have your mercy covering him from head to toe.

6. I dedicate this child to serve you with complete compassion and sincerity. Let him been close to you as a fruit is close to its mother tree. Purify his heart and remove the entire heart disease from his heart.

7. I beseech you Lord to make the heart of this child firm in your worship. Never let worldly life occupy her mind and give her the sense of responsibility.

8. Direct his noble course. Discover for him a good means to be highly devoted to you. Bless him the day he was born, the day he will die and the day he will be resurrected.

9. Guide my child and show her the way to eternity. Show her the steps to eternal life and protect her against the horror of the judgment Day.

10. Plan his way to success in this life and the hereafter. Admonish him from your Kingdom and bless his hustle when it is time. Help me bless him and provide everything he needs for him.

11. Give me the wisdom to lead my child to your holy path. Give me a noble course to save souls away from evil and atrocity. Guide him against the evil plan of wicked people against him.

12. Lord, do not let my effort to raise this child in your holiness be a fruitless tree. Let the glory of your name shine in her life forever.

13. Guide my child to your righteousness. Have my child’s name recorded among your men. I dedicate him to your service. Make him a chosen one before you.

14. Bless my child and honor her before her friends, forgive her of her shortcomings whenever her sins begin to count. Beautify her face with your light and remove her stress with your holiness.

15. Lord, I worship you over this year and you gave me a child. It is not by my worship of you but by your mercy you gave me this child. I dedicate his life upon you.

16. We are so grateful for the gift of this beautiful child. A gift worth celebrate in your Holy Name. We worship you and dedicate him to your service forever.

17. Thank you Lord for this wonderful child in my life, you are great and then you gave me a bouncing baby boy. I ask you to protect him against all evils and bless him with excellent career in life.

18. I am so overwhelmed with love for my little woman. Anytime ii look at her face I return with joy. I thank you Lord for everything you have done in my life.

19. Help me train my child in your supervision; don’t let him go astray for he is your property and a gift to me. I cannot guide him but you alone can do so. Bless him for humanity.

20. I beseech the Lord to always be with my little moon. I love her so much and pray that the Lord should always provide her daily food for me to feed her.

Baby Dedication Prayers For Messages of love

21. Lord, I request lots of bounties for my child. Let him be independent of every other person but you. Honor him and bless him with abundant health and wealth.

22. Increase his memory, love him and draw him close to you. Purify his way to your path and support him with the team of righteous people.

23. Lord, I desire to raise this child to serve your purpose in this world, please make my dream come to pass and never let me regret why I have the child.

24. Lord, I am here before you to dedicate my child to your guidance, free him from general sin; I seek your help for him against any affliction that may befall him in his life. Lead him to the path of goodness and divert his attention away from the path of evil.

25. Lord, I pray that my child will receive your salvation on the Day when there will be no salvation but yours. Bless her footsteps and make her an example to the entire world.

26. I pray that you choose for him/her a good life partner. No matter the temptation, I ask you to help her overcome and never fall. I am weak and therefore need your help upon my child.

27. This is the first gift of child in my life. Make this little woman a joy in my life. I dedicate her into your light so that she will shine forever.

28. Blessed is your name for the gift of this wonderful child in my life. You are marvelous the most merciful the blessed one. Thank you Lord for everything in my life.

29. Each of my children is a great blessing from you. Thank you for this great privilege in my life. You are the best and the greatest one in the entire universe.

30. There is no one like you and it is the reason why I want to dedicate my life to you. You are the most merciful, have mercy upon my child and make him the best among his peers.

31. Lord, as you give us new child in our life, do not turn away our heart from your worship. The hardest substance in this word is a blocked heart, do not let arrogance block our heart.

32. Our Lord, protect us in this world along with our newly given child. Bless us with more good thing and blessing that will not end forever.

33. Thank you Lord for the gift of a brand new child. You are the owner of the entire dominion. The most precious the most merciful.

34. You are the best, the Light of the heavens and the earth. Light up the life of my child with your holiness and bless him/her with abundant success.

35. Cure the heart of my child from future diseases, medical or spiritual. Protect him or her against any force that will corrupt their hearts. Bless them with endless love.

36. I dedicate my little hero unto you so that he may always be healthy and sound. I ask for your holiness to bring lots of fortunes into the life of my child.

37. You are the greatest in heavens and on earth, raise the status of my child to be seen all over the world. Make her a child that puts smile on my face.

38. Blessed be your holy name. Whatever you decide is always the best. You are the most precious the one I dedicate all my heart to. I ask you to provide for my child, everything he needs to succeed in life.

39. You are the most precious God ever, the most marvelous and the most gracious. I dedicate my child unto your glory. Bless and protect him forever.

40. Lord, help me to discipline my child and guide him to your way. Prevent his thought away from evil. Bless him abundantly with endless love.

Baby Dedication Prayers As Messages

41. I ask the Lord to protect you against all evils. I dedicate you to the presence of the Lord. You shall never be put to shame in this world and eternity.

42. Bless my little one so full of wonderful promises, smile that indicates a better future ahead. May you know that you are loved by the Lord when you grow up.

43. Your little feet shall be touched by the water of honor, respect, humbleness and success. I ask the Lord to make you walk in his righteousness.

44. As your eyes search for the comfort of the Lord, I pray that it should be possible for them to see. May the Lord comfort your heart with a good wife.

45. Lord I praise you with all my heart as you give me a new reason to smile forever. You are the greatest and the most merciful. Thank you Lord for the gift of life.

46. This child is a great wonder in my life and as such, I bring it right here before you to protect him for me. Increase him in wisdom, bless his name and honor him all over the world.

47. No one can stand your way when you are ready for anyone. You are the most precious one, the most gracious person in this world.

48. Lord, plan the way of my child to the end. Guide him always no matter what, bless his job when he reached the level and provide for him all his need in this world.

49. Make this child a great heritage in my life, make him a beautiful success in this world and bless him with unexpected favors from your custody.

50. Thank you Lord as you brought joy to this union with love and joy. We praise your great name for making us smile. Please Lord; never make him/her a source of problem in our life.

51. That you are the Lord of lords, the King of those who claim they are kings. Your blessed Hands shall rub the soul of my child forever.

52. Glory to the Lord who brought endless joy to my life. You are the greatest and the master provider. Provide for my child what the entire world cannot provide.

53. Only you can make the impossible possible. Only you can bring light to the heart of my child and bless her with things he lacks. I dedicate his life to you.

54. Your name will forever reign; your love shall protect my children forever. They are the little ones; please don’t make them a source of fear for me.

55. Make my child a brave child and bless her with wisdom and sense of responsibility. Give her the talent of understanding and a great mind to make things happen.

56. Lord, walk into the life of my child and do lots of wonders for him/her bless his progress in life and make him smile forever.

57. I glorify your holy name and pray that your mercy prevails in my life and of my child. I cherish your kindness in my life and pray that your blessing continue to reign in my family.

58. You are the greatest and the most merciful. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon my little kid. I wish her a wonderful lifetime. I am so happy to have you in my world.

59. Blessed is the way of the Lord in the life of my child. You are the mightiest God in the entire world and there is no one like you. I ask for your love in my child’s life.

60. Glory is yours forever and there is no one that can claim that with you. You are the greatest the one mighty in power, the All-protector who fear no one, make my child the bravest of her peers.

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