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Blessings For The New Year 2019

Blessings For The New Year

Blessings For The New Year 2019: Send your New Year blessings to family and friends using the messages below.

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Blessings for the New Year – Reaching Out to God

1. Thank you Lord that you make all things perfect for us in this life. Thank you for all the possibilities that came into our life through your leave. The hard times and the best time all together are worth been appreciating. All this reminds us of how we need you or cannot do anything without you. We pray that you lead us to the right path and guide our entire foot steps to the direction of righteousness. We need your attention in our life so that we will succeed in anything we undertake. We ask you to open new doors for us to excel and to make everything easy for us to achieve and do. You are the Mighty One and there is no one like you from the beginning of the universe till the end. Help us release our potential where it is chained and bless our hustles with your blessed Hand.

2. We beseech your Mighty presence in our life to always guide us. We bow before you and ask for your forgiveness in any of our shortcomings. Blessed be your name now and forever. You are the Marvelous, omnipotent Lord the most merciful. Lead us to the path of success and never forsake us on the day when there is no other help but yours. Bless us in an abundant manner so that the world will see the sign of your Light in our life. We worship you and you alone our life and everything we need will be sacrificed. We dedicate our life to worship you. Bless our request and answer the prayer of the rich and poor.

3. Grant us with the gift of wisdom and make us a tool of solution for human problems. Lead our children aright and then purify their hearts to worship you alone. Make us strong and courageous to face the challenges ahead and bless us with lots of abilities to handle situations in life with maturity. Let us be a gate through which people come to you and make our unborn and born children submissive to your wills. Honor our parents and increase their love in our heart now and forever.

4. Lord, we beseech you to keep us far away from the trap evils and any temptation that will destroy our image in the presence of humans. We beg for your protection against any act that will bring shame upon us. We bless your Holy name and also hope for your grace in our life. Bless us with the supernatural ability and patience to stay firm in your course and then make the path to succeed in life easy for us.

5. We need your protection always upon our family and friends. They are committed to you and we hope that their life be celebrated as soon as possible. Blessed is the name of the Lord the most beneficent the merciful. Make this life benefit us and cause our hustle to be easy for us to manage. Let us have the ability to be independent of anyone and take our life to the next level.

6. We appreciate the Lord for the things He has done in our life. We thank Him for the joy He brought into our life. You are the greatest and there is no one like you in this world. Make us the best in any action we are involve because you are the Alpha and the Omega. Before you, there is none and after you, there is none. Make our life be an outstanding one without ant set back.

7. Lord, plant your love in our heart so that the fruit will be benefitted by humanity. Direct our heart to your light and make us feel good and tolerate our environment. Purify our heart to help others, give us a blessed day ahead and never make us cry for any reason. Forgive us for doubting you and overlook those sins we committed through our selves desires.

8. Lord, make all things fresh in our life, bring new hope to our world and benefit us of the things that will make us happy for the rest of our life. Make this coming year a home of love, success and prosperity for everyone of us and increase our means of livelihood from now on. I beseech your Holiness to descend upon me and my family. Bless my friends with what they can’t imagine.

9. We ask for your love so that the entire world we love us, we ask for your glory so that we will glorify your name to the entire humans. We ask for your success in our life so that we will be strong to worship you even till we die. We pray that you make our way to success as open as a field of glory and bliss in your Kingdom. Honor us to the extent that people will see us and say “These are the chosen ones of God”.

10. Lord, break our egos down and replace it with humbleness. Replace our arrogance with love for mankind. Make our heart develop the sympathy to be with you forever. You are the Highest, and there is none like you—lift us and make us find peace in anything we are doing.

Blessings For The New Year – Appreciation

11. Lord, let your steadfast love continue to reign in our life. For you are the one who said your promise never fails, please make this day a glorious one in our life. We beseech your help in this world and hereafter. Make our success become so great that anyone that sees us will always be amazed. You are the best and the one we shall direct our entire prayers to. You are the greatest and no one can stand your way. Bless us with a rocky mind not in disobedience or arrogance but in braveness and humbleness.

12. I commit my life unto you so that you may purify it to the best level. Thank you O Lord for this year. Thank you for taking care of my family. Thank you for giving me a job to hold on to. Thank you for blessing my daily life with what to eat and use. I beseech for more of your blessings in my life and of my family and friends.

13. Lord, bless this new day for me and increase my success in this world. Count me among the beneficiary of any amazing gift that is coming the way of your chosen ones. You are the one I direct my entire life affairs to, bless them for me and raise my status above that of my enemies. Forgive my shortcomings and be pleased with me now and forever. You are the most excellent God in the entire world and then there no other God beside you. The greatest, the highest, the one that has no ending and beginning.

14. I praise you Lord this moment so that you will decorate my life with what eyes have not seen before. You will bless my daily activities with abundant breakthrough. You will end every sorrow in my life and of my family and friends forever. Whatever our heart may desire, make it possible for us to achieve. Arrange our success for us, grant us ease of life and encourage us to come closer to you.

15. Whoever comes close to the Lord shall see nothing but abundant blessing in his entire life. Thank you Lord for sparing my life over the year. Thank you for fulfilling the entire dreams I had about my future. You are the special one, the great and the most powerful Master that fails not. I ask you to keep on blessing me for the rest of my life. You are my happiness and the source of joy and prosperity.

16. Every living soul depends on you. Every tongue confesses your Holiness. You are pure, clean and above every/any mistake. With your Might I beseech you to come to our rescue when we need you most. We I ask you to not allow evil predicaments to befall us. You are the most precious God and there is no one beside you. The omniscience, the enormous and the beloved God that will always be with us.

17. God, the eternal and the everlasting Creator. Clean our hearts to worship you alone. Direct our noble course to the point of divinity. Bless our prayer by answering them; grant our heart desires by achieving them for us. You are the best and the most wonderful make us an amazing being before everybody. Guarantee our success in this world and never stop loving us until eternity.

18. Lord, today we are still alive because of your great love for us. We are still smiling because you chose to be the source of our joy. We are still happy because you accepted us and decided to answer our prayer. You are the source of our happiness and it is the reason why we can smile. We love you so much and pray that no temptation shall deviate our hearts from you.

19. We trust in the Lord with our heart because we believe in His Holiness and then accept Him as our Lord and personal savior. Only He can bring joy and happiness to our heart. He alone can be called the highest because we depend upon Him for everything.

20. We are here today to praise the Lord for blessing us. We are so happy because He is the Mighty one and the most reliable source of joy and true happiness. Thank you for the past achievement, we are insatiable and that’s the reason why we depend on you the independent. You are the most blessed God in the entire world and the most loving one that every tongue will praise forever.

21. Lord you have always been amazing and you want to see us succeed in life. For this reason, we ask for your guidance in our daily life and wish you accept our prayers and then bless us financially. We commit ourselves to your holiness, please lift us up and make us a blessed soul to humanity.

22. Lord, let your will be my dream and your goals be my goals. Let your Hands be my hands and your feet be my feet. Let your words be my voice so that the entire world will recognize your presence in my life and every tongue will confess your Holy Name. Grant to me a spirit that persuades learning and understanding. Bless me in an amazing way that every tongue will continue to say in love and passion.

23. Forgive me Lord for ignoring the natural gift you built within me, give me the ability to raise the foundation of the potentials that are associated to my life. You are the one that created me, bless my life activities and never fail in making me a blessing to my family.

24. I over my father praying unto you to bless him with children that are scholars and rich men, I claim this prayer to myself and whoever from among my siblings you want to give. Bless us and give us a blessed reason to be happy in this world.

25. Lord, melt my hard heart for me so that I will place the wellbeing of the people before mine. Make me a great leader with love and well wish for everyone in my life. Let me have that ability to want to help them. You are the Greatest and the one that every soul depends upon. Provide for me this year and make me a wonderful soldier in your worship.

26. Man proposes and God opposes but I believe in you that whatever you decided for human is just the best. Lord, provide for me in a way that will favor me. Give me love and abundant success. Eliminate evils from my way and never let me regret why I am alive. Love me, embrace me with your holiness. Thank you Lord for everything you have done in my life. I really appreciate your presence in everything I do.

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