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Best 2018 Christmas Destinations in Africa

2018 Christmas Destinations

Looking for those getaway 2018 Christmas Destinations to have fun to the fullest this Christmas period? You might even take it a notch higher by checking out the Best Christmas Destinations in Africa where you can go rock and roll in 2018! Then look no further as we have compiled a list of tourist attractions where you can relax, have fun and relive the experience throughout the remainder of the year, here is our rather short but interesting list.

Enough of the flights to Dubai through those cheap flights to Dubai, get on our list and see that there is beauty in Africa.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This amazing place is one with a fascinating history and beautiful beaches all around, it is located just right between India and Tanzania. Even better, the stone town located in Zanzibar is the live of the island with beautiful traditional houses, several mosques, and a Sultan’s palace. I know what you must be thinking right now, a site with Muslims where Christmas is being celebrated, yeah, you’re absolutely right, there’s no mistake to this at all and it’s all possible because people from all over the world come together to celebrate regardless of the custom and religion of the locals.

Take a peek at the tourist attractions in Zanzibar, you would absolutely love IT!

Cape Town, South Africa

Heck, having this list without Cape Town being included makes it bias, one-sided and incomplete. As one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, Cape Town is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas with whoever it is you choose to share the amazing moments with. The town is a site for seeing animals in their natural habitats, hiking and enjoying the beautiful view of the beach.

Find out top 10 things to do in the beautiful city of Cape town by watching this video:

Djenne, Mali

When looking to experience something different from the everyday life that is riddled with technological advancements in architectural design, Djenne is the place to be as it’s an ancient city with creatively built mud houses decorated with paint, you need to trust your instincts on this, it’s a place you want to be, experience and relive any other time you have a break from work and there’s need to keep in touch with your ancestral roots, mud houses in Djenne are nothing but stunning.

Check out this stunning visual of Djenne, maybe you won’t pack your things to start running there for Christmas

The pyramids, Egypt

Regardless of whether you have been to Egypt or not, you must have heard about the great pyramids built thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians and how they managed to pull it off is still a mystery to the world at large as back then, there were only primitive tools. This great wonder and the cat-like structure directly in front of the pyramid referred to as the sphinx makes Egypt an interesting place for a stopover, especially for people looking to have the experience of a lifetime.

What do you know about the Pyramids of Egypt?

The Victoria Falls

Everybody love waterfalls right? Even if you have a phobia for a large embodiment of water you will find yourself wondering about how magnificent it is to have water create such a beautiful scenery when you get to the Victoria Falls in southern Africa. Asides the fact that the view is beautiful, this fall holds the record for the largest waterfall in the world and during the raining season when there is a downpour, the fall gets filled up with plenty of water that makes it impossible to see the base of the water. Travelers looking to spend their Christmas time at the Victoria falls can walk along the fall to see how magnificent it truly is or join a couple of other people interested in hiking.

This spectacular 4k view of Victoria Falls will blow you away.


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