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Best Collection of Pidgin Love Messages For Valentine

Pidgin love messages

Pidgin love messages: If you dey find love messages for pidgin English, na the domain wey you suppose land yourself be this. If you dey find hot messages wey go turn your bobo or your lady mind to chocolate, na the right place be this. We get them plenty here for you.

1. I like you like say tomorrow no dey and the way wey your love take dey shark me be like say this world no go end again. I love you.

2. Love wey no get level no be love, the kind love wey I get for you no get mate. I love you so tey if I see you, my body go dey do me yori yori.

3. This life no be life unless you dey. The kind speed wey blood take dey run for my body anytime wey I see you dey make me I go wan run mad. I love you.

4. My heart dey wind me like say I go die the first time wey you comot for my side. Na the reason why I no like see your back be that.

5. Day and night, I no dey fit sleep at all. If I no think about you, hi go come dey do me like say kasala go burst.

6. Had it been you no how your love take dey scatter my head, omo you go shout Jesus, because the level wey the thing dey do me no get limit.

7. Anytime I see your face, na one oyimbo woma wey fine like mommy water na hi I dey see. I no go lie you, you be my number one babe.

8. Life go tire me if you no dey; that one na sure thing. I beg my baby, make you no cause my death. I love you gan ni o.

9. I no just no why I fall in love with you like fow dey fall for hin wife. I swear the wey the thing dey wory me no get part 2.

10. I don already swear sey, no other woman for this life go fit replace you for my heart. I don end am sey, na you be my number one.

11. If rain dey fall, I go dey inside with you. I go dey follow you till the end of time.

12. I wan make you know sey this life na me and you go spend am tire. I no go let any bagga come enter between us.

13. If I go fi turn the whole world to gold for you, I go don do am sharp sharp, because I no dey carry last for love matter. I love you weller.

14. Hi don tey wey I don dey find way wey things go take better between me and you but the truth be say I no dey ever get the chance to tell you my mind.

15. Wetin I need most for this life na that your eyes wey dey shine like diamond. The eyes fit make pesin hit head for pole. I like you so tey, Romeo see me bow.

16. Wetin fit make me leave you for this life? I no sure sey that thing dey. May be for next life, we go see but no be this life at all.

17. If my life fit come join your own make life better, why I no go do am? I fit sacrifice my life for this oteku but she no even know.

18. Babe ti ran yan, omo your face fine o. I think sey I don see Beyonce’, I no know say Shakira dey my front. I love you gan ni o.

19. Omoge wetin dey sup? He be like sey dem no tell you how your love dey turn my head? I fit follow you go anywhere for this life to show you how your love dey shark me.

20. I never know why this life bring us together, but the truth be sey, I go always dey remember you for wetin you be. Omo girl, I never see your type before.

21. The depth of my love for you deep pass well; I no go lie you, na you dey make me I dey misbehave. I don too like you so tey everybody dey ask whether I take origin 50%.

22. I no just no why you wakka dey do me like say something dey wakka inside my body. I come dey imagine the kind pesin wey you be.

23. Erima, da dapada, you no know sey your eyes na diamond? You don forget sey na you be my joli joil? Your face dey do me like sey my head go scatter for ground.

24. All my life for depend on this your face o; which kind mammy water you be na? Omo girl, nothing fit let maa leave you for this life.

25. I just dey try to yan you sey na you be my angel. You fit no wan believe me o; that one no be my problem, wetin I know be sey, as far as I get you for my life, things go better.

26. Your love don turn me to baby, so tey I know even dey see anything again. My brain don knock, na only your kiss go fit open am again.

27. If this life no the way I take dey jelosi, if for just put only me and you for one place wey nobody go see us. I just wan make sure sey, na only me get you.

28. Se you know sey I love you like sey tomorrow no dey? Se you know sey I dey die for you like sey heaven go fall on top earth? I swear na de thing wey I dey feel for my body be this.

29. I no just understand how the thing dey do me; but one thing wey I know be sey, anytime wey I look your face, my body go just dey do me like chocolate.

30. I fit be your super star, na your choice. If you wan maa buy you this world, hi no go take me pass one minute because I mean you like sey make I chop you.

31. I dey find way wey I go use tell you sey na you be my number one girl. Now wey you don know, I beg make you show me some love baby.

32. Baby o baby, na you I dey die for baby. You no go wan let me die na. If you know how my heart dey do me like sey hi go fly come out for my body you go pity me.

33. Since the day wey I see you, something don tell me sey na you go be my wife. I just dey wait for the day wey God go join us together as husband and wife.

34. Me no know sey na you be my sugar flower. Na when I see your face wey dey shine like sun na him my body tell me sey na you I go die on top.

35. I go give you love the way you want am; anything wey go give you joli, ma him me go do for you because you be my yori yori.

36. The kind love wey dey ring for my head for be like catapilla wey dey match sand for white sand for Lagos. I don melt finish just because I like you.

37. Oteku, you no know how you don touch my heart with your ogbonge love. Anytime wey I see your face, hi go just be like say my head go burst.

38. Tomorrow if I fit land for your domain, I swear I go show you sey no Erima be like you for this life. Your parol with me na the one wey get better level.

39. I no just know why your matter no dey ever comot for my mind. I come begin dey feel like sey my life no go remain better if you leave me.

40. I wan make you keep your head for my shoulder, I wan make you hold my hand so tey I go begin dey touch my chest for the current of love wey you deypass for my body.

41. Anytime wey you dey leave my side for night, he dey do me like sey make you no go; I no get choice but he dey pain me; I dey cry but you no dey know.

42. Maalee never scope sey na you I go dey follow follow; she no know sey I like you like sey if anything happen to you I go fit die. Bros, na the kind love wey me I get for you be that o.

43. I love you pass mommy water because you fine pass her. I look you, I see sey you find pass your mama self. I come dey look sey, which kind pesin you be wey you just fine pass everybody.

44. If this babe know sey my heart dey pain me anytime wey journey carry her wakka, she for don pity me. I no fit just live for this life if you no dey.

45. Something dey pinch me like sey make I run come hug you for wear you dey. Even as rain dey fall, I go stay with you; if you dey suffer, I go suffer with you because me don sign am sey I go die with you.

46. People dey run from you because you get this problem, but me no go ever do like that as I don sight am sey, na you be the best woman for me. I like you like fire like firewood.

47. If you no know sey the wey I dey see you dey do me like sey make I just dey kiss you dey go? You know no sey your eyes dey call my mind like sey ma hug you till dawn?

48. The thing wey dey pain me pass be sey people no just understand wetin you dey go through for your mind but no worry because I no go ever let you cry.

49. Baby no dey cry again, tears no fit solve this matter. Put your mind for God and Hin go help you solve your palava. I love you better.

50. This love wey you dey shower me dey surprise me. Even for this kind condition wey you dey, you still love me. You be baba for love matter.

51. I been think sey love don finish, na when I come meet you na him I know sey love just start. Omoge, you be love mistress and I go love you like mad.

52. I know sey your eye blind but I get this believe sey God go do am and you go see again. The kind love wey I get for you no go ever finish for my mind.

53. Even as you dey cry dey feel pain sey I fit no come back, I wan make you use the same mind dey believe sey, I no go ever live you no matter wetin happen.

54. When I first meet you, I think sey love don end, until you come begin dey show me the power wey love carry na him I come begin dey know sey you na blessing for my life.

55. As this world bring us together, I pray make we no separate forever. I wan spend the rest of my life with you so that dey world go know sey, me na your love manga.

56. People fit no like you but as for me, na you I go die for. Nobody fit make I deny you. I like you with all my heart. Na you be the best guy for me I swear.

57. I pray make God no kill us so, we go marry, born children wey go resemble us like water. I wish you well o my baby.

58. You be my lady, and I no go forget your love because you be ma joli. Anytime I see you, you dey make my heart dey beat like drum. I like you like sugar cane.

59. Let ma show my girl sey na she be my heartbeat. I no go ever leave you because anybody wey get you as wife don get better for this life. I like you my Erima.

60. If love na cocacola me go drink am with you; if love na pepper soup, I no go carry last. Na you be the reason why I dey always happy every day.

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