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Amazing Prayer for a Good Week

prayer for a good week

Monday mornings can be pretty difficult to wake up to, that’s why you need the prayer for a good week. When you remember the Monday morning movement, long hours of bus and car traffic, responsibilities, decisions and weekly deliverable. You either get an immense joy, happiness or even unhappiness. I understand the emotions that comes with a restful weekend and a stressful work week. It’s mixed really.

For readers that are not on any paid engagement or 9-5, the week is here again and the feeling of coping with other demands and reaching set out objective and goals come to fore, yet again. Why not get the week started with a prayer for a good week?

You certainly need to start with a weekly prayer, and you know it! Right?

Prayer for a good week 1

Dear God, the week has started yet again and I am about to make my way to work. As I step into the car for my Monday morning movement, I pray for your protection and guidance. I acknowledge your name for making me go through the night and wake up hale and hearty. I commit the week into your hands and I pray that you go ahead of me and take charge. I commit every step I take and every move I make into your hands, take control in Jesus name.


Prayer for a good week 2

Bless the work that I do dear Lord, take control of every word that comes out of my mouth. Let there be love in my heart for everyone that comes close to me. Give me more grace to live according to your words and your will. Take control of my steps as I walk through this sinful world. May your name be glorified. Thanks for everything and more. Amen.

Prayer for a good week 3

May God bless and be with you as your rise through the daily chorus of sound and noise. May he keep you happy and cheerful and you dive through the work processes of the day. May God bless the works of your hands and may he bless you as you share your wisdom to your colleague and friends. May he embrace you and shield you from all the dangers of the world. May your week be blessed already. It is well with your soul in the new week. Cheers!

Prayer for a good week 4

May the almighty God bless your journey in this new week. May he allow your pace steady and make the path you will tread on safe. May no obstacles come your way and may all your daily take and conversations yield fruitful results. God will lay his amazing hands on your journey in this new week. You are blessed, have a happy new week.

Prayer for a good week 5

Dear God, please bless the new week for us. May all the challenges that comes with the new week never overcome us. We pray that in tbhis new week, we will not be discouraged and may we remember through all situations that you are with us and your hands are on us as we journey through the week. Thank you for everything king of glory. May your name be praised. Hallelujah!

Prayer for new week

Bless the new week oh Lord. The strangers we meet on our way, the words that come out of our mouth, the decisions we take are all in  your hands. May we have amazing testimonies to share by the end of the week. May your name be praised oh Lord. Thank you for everything.







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