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How To Show Your Husband Love on Valentine’s Day

How To Show Your Husband Love on Valentine’s Day

How To Show Your Husband Love on Valentine’s Day: Your husband provides a lot for you and shows you how much he loves you each day— so why not make this Valentine’s day extra special? We have 10 ideas for how you can make him feel special on February 14th and throughout the year.

1. Tell Him With a Special Note

There are few gifts that can express your love like a hand-written note. Tell your husband exactly how much you love him with a meaningful note on special stationary. Remind him of your favorite memories like your wedding day or include a paragraph about your favorite things about him. No matter what you write about, make sure it’s genuine and comes from the heart.

2. Give Him the Gift of Time

Whether you’ve been together for ten years or just ten months, showing your husband how much you have cherished your time together is a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Celebrate the moments you’ve spent together, and look forward to the ones ahead by getting him a gold watch.

3.  Honor Your Love with a Unique Gift

If material gifts aren’t quite his thing, but you think your husband is “out of this world,” get him a gift that commemorates your galactic love. Celebrate this Valentine’s day by naming a star. Whether you name it after your loved one or decide on a name together— he’s sure to appreciate this stellar present.

4.  Plan an Extravagant Date Night

How To Show Your Husband Love on Valentine’s Day

Have a restaurant you and your hubby have been dying to try? Give it a go and make it extra special by getting some concert tickets or planning a fun event to make this romantic evening one to remember. Maybe you’d love to spend a night in just enjoying each other’s company? There are plenty of ways you can make date night special, even if it’s a night spent in with ice cream and movies.

5. Take a Vacation

Celebrate your love and growth as a couple by spending some time together on vacation. Whether you visit the city of love or opt for an adventurous cruise, there are plenty of romantic travel destinations to explore with your husband.

Some of our favorite couple’s travel destinations for 2019:

  • The Bahamas
  • Venice, Italy
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Paris, France
  • Bali, Indonesia

6. Dress Up His Wardrobe

Many men don’t take their wardrobes too seriously. If your husband needs a little outfit inspiration to take his wardrobe into the 21st century, get him a few classic pieces to up his style game. Whether he has a refined sense of style already, or he struggles to find the right shirt to match his pants, helping him out with a nice article will be life changing for both of you. A pair of timeless jeans makes outfit decisions easy, and he’ll look amazing for date night.

7. Hobby Gift

Does your husband have a unique hobby? Maybe he’s a culinary extraordinaire and would love an engraved set of knives. Show him that you encourage him in all of his passions with a gift that helps him be his best.

8. Write Him a Song

If you’re musically-inclined, writing a love song for your lover this Valentine’s day is one of the most romantic and special ways you can express your love for him. Tell your husband how much he means to you with lyrics that show him how much you care about him every day of the year— not just in February.

9. Relive Your Best Memories

Reflect back on your best memories by gifting your husband a photo from your first date, a fun vacation, or any other special moment you’ve shared together. Include a note about what that moment meant to you.

10. Say Thank You, I Love You

The best way to demonstrate how much you love your partner is by thanking him and telling him you love him each day. Whether you tell him in person, send a text, or write love notes, he’ll know how much you appreciate his help and his love 365 days per year.

Cherish the time you have together, work hard to resolve your disagreements, and remember to take time from your busy schedules to spend quality time together.

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