I Love You In Nigerian Pidgin Language

Nigerian Pidgin language

I love you in Nigerian Pidgin language: Nigerian Language means pidgin English here. It is not an official language but mostly accepted by Nigerians especially during jokes in nights of a thousand laughs. The Language is gaining advancement almost everyday. It shows the sign that very soon will be accepted by many people in the world.

We have written this article in the Nigerian Pidgin Language, it may be hilarious to you.

1. My way no fit pure until I see your face wey dey shine like moon. Your matter dey give me shimgbaka and I dey sure sey na you go kill me with love.

2. My love for you no get mate, your appearance for my life God know sey na blessing you be for my life.

3. Success no be only by the money wey you get but the kine woman wey dey make your heart dey jolly everyday like jollof rice.

4. I know sey with you for my life, everything go better; your face gan na melody wey dey give me rest of mind anytime I sight you.

5. The kind of love wey I get for you na only angels go fit measure am. He be like sey this world na chocolate land bcos me no dey feel pain bcos I get you.

6. How I fit take explain this my love for you? Since when I know you, everything wey dey dabaru dan set; I come dey wonder sey where this your love come from.

7. I dey feel like Obasanjo bcos you love me; I dey feel like Dangote becos you kiss me; my heart dey boil like water bcos you hug me.

8. Night and day be like one for my eye as be sey na your matter dey always dey my heart. The thing don turn my nature and I dey enjoy am like that.

9. My morning na your matter dey spend am with me. I dey feel like sey if you no dey my life, jolly no go role. You na my heart and I no fit play with your parole.

10. If I go fit turn this world to strawberry so that you be happy, I go do am sharp, sharp because your love dey shak me like codeine.

11. I wish sey I fit enter your heart to see how thing love dey shak you reach as be sey my own love for you don dey turn my head like alomo.

12. Erujeje think sey him get muscle, when I feel your love, he dey high pass cocaine. I nearly love my teeth as I dey look you like pesin wey dey look film.

13. The kind of woman wey I like to be my wife na’im you be. See your shine, shine face wey dey give me serious trouble for belle.

14. You be like big blessing for my life, na you I wan follow till this love matter go join us as husband and wife.

15. Soup wey sweet, na money kill am, any guy man wey get you as wife, him own don better. I like everything about you so tey my heart no dey beat until I see your face.

16. You fine like Rihanna, I swear I no fit lie you. The power wey your love dey hit for my heart Allah kuwa, I no fit deny am. You be my number one Oteku.

17. Oteku wey no fine, no dey cross my lane. You too fine like your mama, the resemblance no be here. I like you wella.

18. Anytime wey you dey sample your smile for me, I go just dey wonder the kine planet you come from. I like you like butter fly.

19. The entire world know no sey me heart dey with you kampe like panadol extra. Anytime I dey with you, he dey do me like make I dey rub your body.

20. I don see things tire for this life, but I never see face wey fine like your own. Your character sef na one gold wey dey shak my heart well well.

21. I feel like to dey were you dey now, bcos I don too miss you. I come begin dey cry like new born baby wey him mama no breastfeed.

22. You na one in a million babe, I like your body as he stand like olumo rock. If they no tell me, I go think say you be Shakira.

23. Love matter na like pepper and honey; sometime he go pepper you and sometime he go sweet your belle. I love you.

24. I dey feel like prince anytime I see your face. I wonder how this life go be if you no dey to console my heart if gbege enter.

25. He don tey wey you don dey save me from troubles. You dey show me the kine love wey I dey find. I like you like sey tremor dey happen for my heart.

26. I like this world as be sey you dey there. You be my life and jolly because anytime wey I dey with you I dey always forget my sorrow.

27. Anybody wey get you as wife go surely enjoy life. You be better lady and your pesin dey make me happy.

28. Anytime I see your face things dey run for my mind; I no know sey life get human apple until I taste your lips wey wet like strawberry. I like you like pepper soup.

29. Things dey run for my heart like wey I go like tell you. Truly, you fit no know my love for you but the truth be sey I dey always feel your parol.

30. My money and my health I wan spend on top of your body. I like you so tey heaven and earth dey shake for the power.

31. You be the queen wey dey make me dey happy. You make everything dey set like flower for my mind. I like you with my whole heart.

32. Give me the chance maa show you wetin love dey talk. Let maa spoil you with money as be sey I like you pass mommy water.

33. You too fine like butterfly; your wakka dey do me like Zebra own; anytime I see you, I dey feel like Anthony Joshua.

34. Nothing wey I no fit do for you. Believe me, na you be the girl of my dream. I dey always feel your parol every single day of my life.

35. When things hard me na only your face I dey see after God. You don turn the butter wey dey make my butter dey sweet. I like you my princess.

36. Oteku wey no get mate, na you be the best among other Erima. Erima wey get sense, abeg na you I go marry o.

37. My life be like bitter kola because you no dey. I dey always wan make sure sey laugh dey your face every day.

38. The way you dey make my head turn with your love dey surprise me. I dey feel like tomato anytime I see your face.

39. I dey run my heart like butter fly because I see sey you be my love wey deserve the accolade wey dey make heart dey jolly.

40. Life na ginger as far as you dey there. I never see guy wey he head dey there like you before. You be better pesin I swear.

41. My heart dey boost like red boost because you woze me one smile. I begin dey feel like sey this life na paradise just because you give tear me kiss.

42. He don tey wey I dey eye you; thank God you finally understand sey my heart dey with you anytime any day.

43. If life remain life, I go always dey feel your parol till this life go end. I go let you know sey you be queen the day we go marry.

44. No other woman fit take your place for my heart. Na the thing wey dey give me the confidence about you be that.

45. When I tell you sey I like you, omoge no be lie; na the sermon wey my heart dey yaun be that.

46. I like you pass my life, I go dey love you till eternity. You be don, and the reason why I wan settle down with you be sey you go be better mama for my children.

47. You be the angel of my heart; the only girl wey dey make my heart dey totori. Something dey bite me like soldier but I like am like that.

48. Your face be like sugar; he dey sweet me like sugarcane, your voice dey sound like chocolate and I dey feel am from the bottom of my heart.

49. Nobody know how your love dey do me yori yori, na the smile wey my face dey sama dem dey see. I love you pass your mama.

50. Inside the whole girls wey dey this world, na only you my brain dey think. My mind dey feel like gentleman wey take cannabis.

51. Every day of my life dey be like boy wey dey eat biscuit; you know how he go dey feel. Small boy no dey share halewa( sweet) with anybody.

52. Chocolate na food but he no even reach you for sugar. I dey like the way you dey taste anytime I kiss your lips.

53. If distance no dey between us, I for don shappaly hug you tight. One thing wey you no know be sey, I feel die on top your matter.

54. My heart dey ring the song of your love. The kind song wey you dey normally sing for me anytime we share time na one of the best experience for my life.

55. Na you be my peace, my heartbeat and the girl wey fine pass for this world. I see sey one day, you go be my wife.

56. Your beautiful heart na blessing for me; you too good and your better character na like mercy wey no get level.

57. If life dey, hope go dey. Wetin I dey try yaun you now be sey, just like tomato be for inside soup, na so you be for my life.

58. When bread no sweet, na the pesin wey make am no try at all. The God wey create you no be human being. You too fine omoge.

59. Omoge, how far? How parol, happen kilo sele? I just dey miss you like missed call, your love dey ring for my heart like ring tone.

60. Telephone don die na GSM kill am; benelene wey dey sell na codeine give am the liver; my music wey dey play na because you dey with me.

61. My heart dey fly like rocket because I love you. Your smile for my body na’im he dey sleep. No wonder I dey happy every day.

62. My life no remain the same again since the day I toast you wey you gree. Omoge, na dying matter I go do on top of your matter.

63. I been don dey fine way to signal you sey you be my number one guy. All other guys wey I don meet for life na wash. You be superman for my front.

64. I dey love you like watermelon, the taste of your saliva dey like pineapple; I like you pass pawpaw and enjoy your company pass sugarcane.

65. Your parol dem dey always make sense to me; I no go lie sey your face na like benzene. The aromatic segemenge wey dey dazzle me from your smile no get mate at all.

66. Everything dey make me happy for you. I no fit lie you, the thing wey dey make my heart dey sweet na because I like you.

67. I thank God say I get your tyoe for my life; you be my life and heart wey dey beat for my life. I like you wella because you fine pass karashika.

68. I feel like jagaban the first dey wey I meet you, I begin dey raise my shoulder as I land for your domot because I know say you be my watermelon.

69. My yellow pawpaw guy, no other guy fine reach you for this life. If I know sey na like this you be, I for don dey friend you since ten years ago.

70. Plenty things don come my way wey make life tire me but since the day wey you enter my matter, I swear everything don settle like water.

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