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Best Nigerian Dating Sites 2019

Best Nigerian Dating Sites

Best Nigerian Dating Sites: Finding love is one thing every man or woman grows to do at a certain stage in life, you can engage in any type of relationship that suits your life; you can either choose to engage in serious relationship, flirty, or just a casual or even get involved in one which might eventually lead to life contractual deal (I mean marriage).

Just in case you don’t even know the meaning of dating or relationship, let me take out time from a scarce dispense of time to define that for you. “Relationship is a loving or sexual friendship between two people”.

Just like I said before, you can either choose to have a loving affair which can, in turn, turn around to become marriage or go the other way round and decide to just get involved only in a sexual or flirty relationship on a mutual agreement with your partner.

Fast forward to our main subject of discussion which is “Best Nigerian Dating Sites 2019”, I will be taking you through a journey of discovering the best Nigerian dating platforms available to your best use in 2019.

Knowing fully well that technology has brought life to a touch button of dreams by evolving itself into our human life and making search for a partner easier than it has ever been before, you don’t have to start all the mirror rehearsals before approaching your “CRUSH” unlike before when you needed to “chop some liver (summon courage) before you can take that bold step towards approaching a girl, you can now pick up your phone, enter a dating site, woo a lady and have a jolly ride but that is if you are able to convince her though.

There are a number of dating sites in Nigeria here where people have found love and are still finding love. However, after a thorough research which took me days of navigations and using this site’s features, I have assembled in order of importance, just like the economist will say “scale of preference”, I compiled a list of best Nigerian dating sites for 2019 and I can assure you that your love life is just one click away after you are done reading through my analysis of these sites and how they function.

Be you a religious person or not, be you the circular or undefined person or not (just saying), there is a platform for you, so, take a sip of patience and read through.

Best Nigerian Dating Sites that you should check in 2019


Are you seeking a romantic relationship? meet ladies and guys interested in dating by browsing profiles of single Nigerian men and women, and you can make connections through this amazing site, it is a free dating website with attractive and able-bodied men and beautiful women living in Nigeria around the world.

On you can find your life partner or match from their pool of over thousands of single and women logged on to their platform all searching for hook-ups, love and even marriage, this platform has over 300,000 members.

Signing Up

Signing up to, you can either join via Facebook login, at least I can say almost every human who can access the net is on Facebook especially we Nigerians, or you can sign-up by feeling the form which is displayed when you click “join and start dating”, after feeling the form, you sign-up by clicking “join” which is directly beneath the form.

After the initial step, another form is displayed where you are to enter your personal details like your state, weight, relationship status, how tall you are, body type, if you have children or not, education level, among many other questions.

Once you are done updating your profile then you can proceed to search your match by clicking on the “search” button which is at the top left-hand side of your screen, after which you enter your search details to find your match.


Match, Chat, Date. This is their procedure which is stated on their home page giving you assurance of being on the right platform without much navigation through the web, they have a special feature which distinguishes them from other dating sites and that feature is their “SWIPE” feature. With this feature, you can swipe till you find your match. They also have a very good user-friendly navigation which is very cool to both newbies and oldies o their platform.


This is a perfect pick for all and sundry seeking for all kinds of relationships, it is very easy and it offers platforms for those who are even religious in nature and seek relationship online with their fellow believers, it also has international dating option accompanied with local TV programs and others…

It is one of the most widely used online dating site in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole, it usage is as simple as plugging a charger to your phone.

Signing up is just as simple as creating a simple profile, find desired matches available at their disposal, chat them up and hook-up. No more no less. But mind you, your interpersonal relationship skills matter a lot as ladies and even the guys on this platform wouldn’t engage in a long boring and less engaging chat.

4. is an online Christian community of single men and women that shares same Christian beliefs and values. They offer great features like chat, matchmaking, blogging, discussion boards and pictures galleries.

Signing up to

Like you can decide to either join via Facebook login, but more flexible and securely you can also choose to sign-up with twitter account, a feature most other Nigerian dating sites don’t have, and if you do not desire to use any of the previously mentioned methods, then, you can choose to fill the sign-up form, move on to confirm you are not a robot, then subscribe to their newsletter and also agree to their terms of services, after this you can click on “continue”. Once you are done with that phase, another form will pop up, on this particular form, you will tell about yourself with few details like gender, age, church, marital status, country, state, and lots of other details needed about you.

Once you are done then you can now move on to update your profile by uploading a picture of you, but this is an option, not a necessary procedure, so you can either do it or just get started with chatting while you consider doing it later.

With an assurance of finding a fellow believer, you can begin to search or find your match, while you are on this/ the search, I happily say “happy finding”


This is another online platform that offers varieties of option to choose from, unlike Nigerianchristiansingles which restricts you to being a Christian before you can be a member, by a function of them offering variety service, it lives you with a blank cheque of thousands of single and ready to mingle men and women from diverse religion and cultures, all you need do is pick your best fit and live your love life how you so desire.

Signing up to

Like the normal procedures of signing up to an online platform, you will have to fill a registration form but of two pages, the first page will be displayed for your filling once you hit their sign-up button so you can fill in your desired account details and other basic information about you, immediately you have completed the first form, click on “next” and it will take you to the second page where you get to finish your registration.

Having done this, the next thing is to verify your email and start operating your account as a member of, then you start getting to find and meet singles who are ready to mingle and tangle, find love and have (my wishes) a joy-filled relationship.

The platform gives you the opportunity to meet Nigerians all over the world and have a nice time or just maybe you are probably looking forward to finding a serious relationship, you might just find none and if you can maintain the balance maybe you can end up tying the nuts and become couples with that #happily_ever_after. Just saying my thoughts…

This are the best Nigerian dating sites for 2019 which I have carefully compiled to make decision making easier for you so you can optimise and utilise your time on the right platform(s) while searching for love or hook-up, whichever you might be searching for, don’t forget to apply wisdom because you and I know that every dating sites which exist and have ever existed harbours scammers who will also parade themselves as being who they are not just to either dupe or wreck you, so you need to tread with caution to avoid being a victim to this group of online bullies and scammers so you don’t end up biting your fingers

You can search for love and meet your soul mate but let me also drop this too; some of these sites and others which didn’t make the list do perform checks on their users in order to confirm identity to avoid or reduce impersonation and other unlawful act and false registration or membership.

Remember, whoever you eventually find or meet that meets up with your requirement or whom you feel connected to, if you are to eventually meet physically, please and please let your first, second and if possible your third meeting be in a public place like an eatery, malls, and many other or any other public place you might know or feel comfortable with for your safety to avoid putting your life at risk, especially for the ladies,

you know rape is as rampant as money ritual is, so even if your new Mr. Right seems to be a pastor, don’t and I repeat don’t let him trick you to making your first meeting place his home.

Whatever you do online remember these rules

• Don’t share nudes
• Don’t share secrets
• Don’t share financial details
• Don’t let your guards down
• Don’t trust based on lust or infatuation presumed to be love
• Be as real as possible
• Avoid scammers

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