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Online Bachelors Counseling Degree

Online bachelors counseling degree

Online bachelors counseling degree: It is recommended that student can now select from various schools offering counseling courses online. The programs involved are bachelor’s degree, master’s, doctoral, associate and certificate levels.

We shall be looking at various bachelor’s degrees in this article, based on the courses offered under each of them, the tuition and the accredited schools offering them.

You need to observe some certain rites before enrolling in a counseling degree program, which is to confirm the state licensure requirements and the accreditation. This is necessary to ensure you are selecting the right institution for your career course. The accrediting agency for most of these courses is CACREP— The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, as soon as an institution meets their requirements, it will be granted the accreditation to train students to acquire national certification at the end of the National Counselor Exams, also known as NCE.

Let us look at various Universities or Colleges and the kind of bachelor’s degrees in counseling they offer

Drexel University

If your focus is to gain admission for an online Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Health Counseling, the college offers it. It is normally offered through the College of Nursing and Health Professions.  For a new admission, you are required to have the minimum of 2.5 GPA and SAT or ACT scores, for being a transferred student, you need a minimum of 2.5 GPA and may be required the transfer of up to 90 credits. There is a total of 180 credits whose major is 89 for the course. At the end of the course, you should have been trained in mental health and addiction treatment.

If you are interested in advance and special skills, you can earn certificates of advanced study. Psychopharmacology for counselors, introduction to Addictive Disorders, and problem Gambling Addictions are part of the courses emphasized on during the course of study. The Tuition is $501 for each course.

Corban University

This is one unique University that offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology upholding the focus in pre-counseling and clinical counseling. The first focus is to prepare students for a master’s study which may later lead to a doctoral degree or continue education. The admission for fresh students requires a minimum of 2.7 GPA and a diploma, and you must be a Christian or have faith in Jesus Christ.  At the end of the course, you must have been taught numerous skills in psychology and human interactions.

The major for psychology is 27 core credits and 15 credits for specialization. You will attend classes for the following courses: Counseling Skills, Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development, and premarital and Marital Counseling.  The Tuition is $420 for each credit.

College of Kentucky

If you don’t know that this college is one of the best in the world, you are missing already. It offers an online Bachelor of Science in Substance Abuse Counseling.  If you are new to the school, the requirement for admission is a high school diploma and a minimum of Union GPA if 2.0. However, if you are a student been transferred to finish your course in College of Kentucky, don’t worry, you also need an equal GPA of 2.0 to continue your education and may transfer along 90 or a bit fewer credits. There is a total of 120 credits, while among the quantity, the major is 39. It takes a period of eight weeks to finish one term in this college.

These are the courses you will be trained upon: Ethical Issues in Chemical Dependency, Foundation of Chemical Dependency, Drugs and Society, and finally Recovery and Relapse. The Tuition is $225 per credit.

If you are a senior student, you may want to combine the Bachelor’s degree with a graduate degree i.e. master’s and they will be done with both within the period of five years. This is a very good concept, I urge you to try the school and you will not be disappointed.

Washington State University

Washington State University is also one of the most outstanding Universities in the world. It is a very nice state University I can bet you get quality education as you may have planned.  The college features an online Bachelor of Science in psychology that has its primary focus on clinical counseling. The course is offered by the school’s global campus. There is a total of 35 credits major for the psychology courses with 6 credits that are required in the main area. It requires the least GPA of 2.5 to freshly gain admission into the University, the same requirement for transferred students but may transfer up to 90 credits.

In the course of your study, you will be taught how to observe and deal with human issues, and then prepare you to gain admission into a master’s degree level in Psychology. The courses to be taken during the training include Abnormal Psychology, Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Health Psychology.  The Tuition per credit is $507 for residencies and $565 for outsiders.

Colorado Christian University

This is popularly known to be an international Christian school that offers a Bachelor of Science in psychology especially focused on clinical counseling.  to gain admission into this college, a student will need at least a diploma, a GPA of 2.8 and SAT or ACT scores. A transfer student will be required to present the minimum GPA of 2.8 and then transfer probably 90 credits. There are 120 credits required for the completion of this course. At the end of the course, you must have been trained in integrating the study of psychology and the behavioral psychology of the Christians world. The courses to be taken include interpersonal relationships, spiritual formation for counseling, and empathy training.  The online courses in this college are normally completed in five weeks. The Tuition for each course is $250 for members of the military.

Liberty University

This is another well-organized University around the world. LU offers Bachelor of Science degree in relations to counseling—the one of which three of the courses is Bachelor of Science in Psychology programs which include: Christian Counseling, Crisis Counseling, and Addiction-Recovery. The last course i.e. the fourth is B.S in Religion otherwise known as Christian Counseling. The program’s aim is to train you to become an expert in counseling via the Christian opinion. The freshman admission requirements are a diploma and a minimum of 2.0 GPA. If you are a transfer student, you will need a minimum of 2.0 GPA and transfer probably up to 9- credits.

To complete the degree, it requires 120 credits of which 36 are the major. The core courses include Psychology and Christianity, Counseling of Children and Principle of Crisis Response. The tuition is $455.

Fort Hays State University

This University features the two Bachelors as I call them—Bachelor of Arts and Science in sociology that is based on dealing with addiction counseling. If you successfully complete this program, be guaranteed to become licensed addiction counseling in Kansas; however, it is advisable for students to ask for their state’s licensure requirements.  The admission requirement for a new student is a diploma and a minimum of 2.0 GPA. Transfer students equally need the same GPA to be accepted as the freshmen and may come with 90 credits transfer. The degree covers 120 credit units before the completion featuring 21 core credits in sociology and 30 credits for addiction courses respectively.

The courses involved are listed below: Addiction Psychology, Ethics in Addiction Counseling, Grant Writing, and the Tuition is $218.67 for each credit. The school is located at Hays, Kansas.

New England College

This is a college that is well known for its superb performance in terms of offering an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It focuses more on Addiction and Substance Abuse even marriage and family therapy is not excluded. The course is focused on identifying problems and figuring out solutions for them.  If you have a diploma and the minimum of2.0, or the GED to gain fresh admission in the College, while you need the same GPA as a transfer student and may transfer close to 90 credits, which include 16 credits in psychology, and 16 credits in the course of study.

The courses you will offer include Marriage Psychology, Trauma and Addiction, and Counseling and Therapy. The Tuition is $405 for each credit per hour. Note that, credits are also awarded for life and work experience.

Bay Path University

If you are interested in an online Bachelor of Arts degree in counseling, BPU offers two which include B.A in Psychology counseling foundation and the B.A in psychology foundations in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling.   These two courses, according to research, were administered by TAWC—The American Women’s College with the sole purpose of empowering women to achieve success in life.  The requirement for admission is as low as the minimum of 2.0 GPA and a diploma or GED. The course’s completion requirement is 120 credits, in which 42 will be focused on for the core psychology, and the other 42 in the major.

At the end of the program, you will have been certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. The program actually teaches you to identify the root of problems and how to find a solution for them.

The University of Maine at Augusta

This is another reliable and accredited University that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Human Services degree with a focus on Adult Mental Rehabilitation, and Addiction Counseling. The degree contains a minimum of 121 credit hours, in which 69 are major. As a new applicant, the minimum requirement for admission is a diploma and a GPA of 2.0 or GED, sometimes, a HiSet score is required. As a transfer student will need the same minimum of GPA as a fresh student to begin to learn. At the end of the program, you will have met the requirements for a licensed Social Worker on a Conditional credential, and the completion of Mental Health Rehabilitation and Community credential.

The Tuition fee per Credits is $291 for residents and $233 per hour for non-residents.

New England University

This College offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with the main focus Addiction and Substance Abuse, Marriage and Family therapy. as a student of this program, the focus is to train you to understand the dynamism involved in problems and the strategic means or ways to get rid of them. For a fresh admission, you will need a diploma and a minimum of 2.0 GPA or the GED. The transfer requirement for you is equal in GPA with a fresh student and may accept close to 90 credit units to continue your learning.  It is known with the college that credits are awarded for life and work experience.  The program is completed with 120 credit units, of which 16 credits go for psychology and another 16 go for the main course of study. The courses you will offer are the followings: Marriage Psychology, Understanding Trauma, and Addiction, and then, Counseling and Therapy.

Tuition per credit unit is $405 it is Located at Henniker, New Hampshire.

General Information and Overview of Online Counseling Career

Online graduate certificates, without doubt, have proven of recent to be the most commonly available programs and as well very popular in preparing a student for state licensure depending on the state’s requirements.  The National Board for Certified Counselors—NBCC engages with the entire states in the matter of how to administer licensure exams for passing out students of psychology or counseling programs—no wonder the licensure factors in each state varies. For this reason, it is highly advisable for a student to know about their state’s licensure requirements before applying for a course.

Note also that Bachelor’s degree programs in counseling are normally known to focus on addictions, human psychology or behavior or Substance Abuse. Most of the states require that the minimum requirement to become a professional counselor is a master’s degree – this will lead you up to acquire your license.

One good factor about a Master’s degree in Psychology, counseling or related courses is that it enables you to focus on a specific area. For instance, your interest or goal could be to become a professional Marriage and Family counselor, the first path to take is to earn a master degree in counseling related programs.  Talking about the coursework, it varies within your specialization, however, in the case of some programs that prepare you to become a direct counselor who observes clients, will require that you go through supervised counseling practicum, fieldwork, and internship experience.

As for the Doctoral aspect of the programs, it is available for counselors that are willing to take their career to the advanced level either as lecturers or educators in Universities and Colleges, Professional Practitioners, research experts, or professional supervisors in counseling. The Doctoral level of the career deals with topics such as group counseling, supervising, counseling assessment, counseling diverse populations, and counseling curriculum development.



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