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Best Online Counseling Service in the US

Online Counseling Service

Best Online Counseling Service in the US: The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problem by utilizing psychological method or skills to give advice or recommend solutions to person(s) is known as counseling and this is a highly sought after solution by over 90 million Americans with varieties of mental health issues, which statistically derives a ratio of one out of every five Americans to have possession or is nurturing this health or psychological issues. Either relating to relationship, depression, health among many other issues which can cause a mental imbalance resulting to general low performance in our daily lives, we often desire an immediate result or a confidant whom you can shine with, with an expectancy of solution-oriented advice or action.

Lest I forget, counseling is not limited to psychological issues alone, we also have a large number of people sorting after counseling regarding career, nutrition and many more, so it all depends on one’s problem that leads him to search for a related counsel.

With online counseling or therapy, individual(s) who are experiencing or having problems as regards to accessing a counselor or a counseling service could find it easier and very convenient also safer (in terms of secrets) getting an online counselor or counseling service which in turn may either cost you some digits or luck smiles on you, you could end up getting a free online therapy or online counseling service, but it all balls down your utmost desire and personal satisfaction which sometimes may result to having a need to going for a paid counseling service so as to get full attention and adequate therapy.

Before we get to listing the best online counseling service in the US, let’s take a look at the kind of features you are likely to get from these sites and they may affect your usage or interaction with them.

A number of online counseling sites have live chat features which give you an open platform to text your therapist or counselor whom you have seen attracted to or whom you selected to counsel you, maybe as a result of testimonies you have heard on their bio or their expertise.

This live chatting feature comes in two forms; these are:

  • Live chat without video conversation.
  • Live chat with video conversation.

While you are considering your privacy or risk of being blackmailed with your online interaction as this has become a modern trend of privacy and personality violation carries out by cyber bullies and unqualified professionals who use the internet as tool to hunt for prey, you could make a perfect decision on making use of the “live chat without video conversation” features or sites because some sites might not have this feature. This gives you maximum privacy and anonymity by allowing you text only without making a video conference.

While on the other hand some sites offer the above features with video chat inclusive and others only offer “live chat with video”. This could either be optional or mandatory.

But the video conversation features is also added advantage if you feel, you really need to express yourself for better understanding to your therapist which makes it more real and adds more life to your conversation. If you are a couple and your partner is not with you, you could do a conference call, making it easier and stress-free for all parties involved.

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So, we can say the evolution of technology has brought counsels down to our doorstep with one click away to getting solutions to whatever your issue might be let’s take a look at the best online counseling services in the United States. Which I will be starting with;

1. Faith Counseling

If you are a devout Christian who is in need of counseling service from or to be offered by a fellow believer or an individual who will understand your “plight” then Faith Counselling is your Right pick without the excessive search.

Faith has been currently rated as the nearest and fastest growing Christian online counseling platform which even I have done my proper observation on and found them noteworthy of this honor.

Have you ever considered adding spiritual backings either in faith by prayers or fasting to your therapy while you also take the normal psychological counseling sessions to fasten your desired results. Like the believers all known that the spiritual controls the physical.

This super combination of spirituality and psychological counsel never existed in the past until faith came into existence, I guess they deserve an accolade for this or don’t you?

Faith gives you an open cheque to connect with a therapist who is also a believer or a practicing Christian just like you too.

Faith counseling’s profile:

After a well detailed screened which I did while negating and getting their service and site I discovered these few facts:

  • It was established in 2017.
  • It was owned by telehealth giant known as teledoc.
  • It is affiliated with Better help which is also one of the world best-renowned counseling site.
  • Like we discussed earlier, this aim is helping you get your professional assistance while balancing it up with your spirituality.

Signing up with faith counseling

Like I said, faith counseling started in early 2017, so they unlike other Christian sited whose sign up process are cumbersome have the modern design and features of signing up to web; it’s extremely simple and simple as lay and sleep.

2. Regain

Regain is another wonderful platform which offers great counseling service to couples.

Regain starts by giving a brief interview or questioners about some issues pertaining to what you are experiencing or currently going through, this questions takes about 4 to 5 minutes depending on your response rate (speed). Also an added advantage on is the choice of selecting a male or female counselor or a therapist to interact with.

How does Regain work?

Regain’s service is based on a subscription basis with lots of flexible plans for you to select from, ranging from the weekly fee to monthly payment.

Their pricing goes thus; $65 per week for the first month, bill up front (that is $260 up front). Then later, you can select a fee between $35 and $80 per week depending on how long you are willing to subscribe.

For a payment of $65 you can text as often as you so desire, to your counselor, from research your counselor will definitely reply at least once or twice a day; you can also hold a live video chat session as scheduled with your counselor and your live video session has no known limits till your subscription expires.

NOTE: Regain charges in different rates, based on your location and their price changes over time.

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3. BetterHelp

I would have placed this awesome online platform as the number one but having found out most sort after counseling recently in the united states is marriage related relationship counseling that is why I decided to solve that category so I can have a whole blank page to write on better

Betterhelp is the world’s largest counseling service and the E-counseling service provider for every problem you could or can ever think of, be it depression, relationship, career, self-esteem and lots of other mental health problem.

The amazing part is the fact that it’s 100% percent online platform and you get the best professional counseling at a very affordable price and it is also accessible to anyone who desires to use it anywhere, any day, anytime.

The company website states that “better help members pay a flat weekly fee and gain unlimited messaging access to licensed psychologists, therapist, social workers and counselors” living you with a large variety of choice of professionals to work with at a very convenient and flexible plan.

Signing up to Betterhelp

Like Regain, when you signup to Better you will answer a series of question so as to ascertain the kind of therapy you will require also like they offer teenage counseling, so Better help will ask if you desire individual, marriage, or teenage counseling, which also you will also need to choose your gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and relationship status.

A few other questions like your physical health, financial status and emotional state among many others will also be asked.

Once you are done answering the questionnaire, then you will have to create an account on the web which after an email verification will be done to verify your account.

4. Teencounseling

Teencounseling is an exceptional platform for teenagers aged 13-19 who are in need of a therapist to help them through pressing psychological issues.

Teencounseling Profile

It was established in 2013, housing over more than 1,000 licensed counselors available on the platform, all of who are experts in their field.

They offer professional counseling service by text, phone and video chat both to parents who want to get these services for their children and teenagers accessing themselves.

They are focused on discussing issues such as coping skills, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, depression, bullying, anger, eating disorders or any other mental challenges.

Signing up to teencounseling

As a parent: you get immediate access to help your child thrive with professional counseling but first, you get to answer some questionnaires

As a teenager:  the first thing you will need to know is the fact that “your parents or guardian will need to fill an electronic consent form before you can talk to a counselor” but before this, you will also answer some questioners after which you will fill a form to give your basic details.

Pricing: offers only two forms of payment to their clients which are:

  • $45 per week, amounting to $180 per week, for unlimited text-based counseling. But if you would love to get live counseling while operating on this plan, you will incur an additional cost of $25 per session.
  • $65 per week, amounting to $260 which offers all packages in the first option with four counseling session per month.

5. Talkspace

If there exists a competitor to Talkspace, then it can only be one which is

Talk space is almost the most talked about online counseling service with numerous mentions from Fox News, BBC, CNN, Yahoo! And a lot of other big media houses.

Like Betterhelp, Talkspace also offers a wide variety of counseling service ranging from mental health to relationship down to physical health issues.

Talkspace boasts of over 3000 licensed therapist.

How therapy on Talkspace works:

First, you will have to create an account then you will get an assessment by chatting with a matching therapist to identify your therapy needs after which you will choose a plan that best suits your budget, these plans start from $49 per week

You will be linked up with the best therapist for your pressing issues and boom!! Therapy begins.

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6. Goodtherapy

Goodtherapy is used by many to find therapist and counselors, rehab and residential treatment centers, and mental health resources.

This is one of another American great counseling sites which offers great therapy to mental health issues.

Goodtherapy believes with the good and right support, anyone is capable of healing, growth, and change.

Having this list isn’t just enough neither is knowing how they function also all you need,  there are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing which of these sites fits your demand so you can get optimum value for your money at a convenient and flexible operation without risk of loss either in monetary or time.

Some of these few questions are:

  • How do you plan to converse with your counselor or therapist?
  • How flexible is their price plans and can you cancel the subscription?
  • Do you stand a chance of being blackmailed?
  • Is online therapy the best option for your situation?
  • Will you always be available online at your scheduled time?

These few questions and others you think is important should be asked before subscribing to the idea of taking an online therapy or counseling as it will give your desires relevancy.

Do you know any other online counseling service you want us to add to the list above? Drop them in the comments below and we will gladly add them to the list.

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