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Relationship Counseling Hotline for Counselors in U.S

Relationship counseling hotline

Relationship counseling hotline: What is Relationship? At first, can we quickly look into the meaning of relationship? Let us observe together, both the dictionary meaning and the literal meaning of the word relationship. According to the dictionary meaning, relationship means: “the way in which two people or things are connected or the state of being connected.

It can also be defined as the way of being connected by blood or marriage. While the literal meaning of relationship means “the concept of relationship that has to do with the connections between people, formed by emotional bonds and interaction. This kind of interaction grows from mutual experiences.

As for counseling, what does it mean in the actual sense? It simply means giving advice to someone. The advice has to be from an expert who knows what he or she is doing. That is, a piece of advice established upon certain knowledge. It can also mean giving professional help and advice to resolve the personal and psychological problem.

What is hotline?

According to the dictionary definition online, “it is a direct telephone line set up for a specific purpose, especially for use in emergencies or for communication between heads of government. With these definitions above, I am quite convinced that you have understood the main purpose of this article. It is time, to scale the boat further hoping that we may catch more fish to fill our captive net.

How do you reach out to counseling Hotlines?

Due to the era of computer, we may not be able to limit the definition of a hotline to a direct telephone line. We now have various channels of communications to establish a school of teaching for any mental health issues either online or offline. The scope of this article will cover the necessary sources of information to handle your relationship issues.

Is there Free Relationship Counseling offline or Online?

Pending the provision of hotlines for relationship counseling, shall we quickly note if there is a free counseling service for relationship therapy? The truth is that you can’t find any free relationship counseling except as the case may be, but in reality, there is no free service for relationship counseling.

If Relationship Counseling is not free of charge how much possibly could it be?

This is another issue we need to iron out before the provision of any hotline for relationship counseling. Depending on your vicinity or country, relationship counseling price differs. For instance, 90% of relationship counseling professionals established one session to be equal to one hour. In recent data, it was made known that mostly, marriage professional counselors charge couples between $75 and $150 per hour on an average.

The Average Cost of Marriage Counseling

Marriage therapy is also established as part of relationship counseling, specifically, what is the average cost of marriage counseling? Here we go. The average cost of marriage counseling is $75 as mentioned above although, depending on your country. As for the purpose and scope of this article, I selected the US$.

This Marriage or Relationship Counseling, does it work at all?

Sometimes, before you invest in something, you will need to know if it is worth it. You must do some thorough investigations to arrive at a verdict whether to engage in it or not. I am of the view that marriage counseling works unless the couples are not ready to allow it to make significant changes in their relationship life. Whatever people pay for constantly, believe me, they benefit from it, if not 100% but averagely, they enjoy the purpose.

You can invest in your marriage; buy seeking the help of a counselor who will establish certain principles to guide your relationship.

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You may also want to know if there is insurance for Relationship Counseling

Marriage counseling can also be referred to as couple therapy. The question here, is that, is there insurance for couple therapy? It is not typically designed that insurance should cover a couple or marriage therapy. As stated in some laws such as the Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, the insurer must make the provision of impartial coverage for mental health illnesses.

This signifies that the mental health condition must have been seen as a physical health issue. They must be included in the coverage and the co-pay charges must be affordable for these conditions.  However, it should be noted that insurance act is not normally applied to relationship counseling in this article’s scope known as couple counseling.  The reason is that mental health issues are seen and treated as medical conditions.  As you can see, the need for couple counseling is not involved in medical condition rather, it is an analogous issue that should be treated as a physical condition.

However, in some cases, an insurer may be required to cover relationship counseling if the counseling is based on a mental health issue. For instance, if one of the couples is a s*x maniac i.e. he or she is addicted to s*x, perhaps another condition seriously affecting their marriage, still it will not be that easy to get insurance coverage.

What are the Hotlines for Relationship Counseling

Now that we have gained some basic information concerning relationship counseling, it is necessary to know how to reach a counselor. This will also give birth to a reason for me to write on how to reach a counselor for relationship counseling.

How do you meet a relationship counselor? Thank God for the internet, there are many ways a person can take to find a good counselor nearby. I am going to systemize the information here.  Finding a relationship or marriage counselor is as difficult as a daunting task, however, it worth it. A very straight forward way some people take is the referral approach. Probably, one of their relatives or friends who once has gone for one can refer them to their professional therapist. However, I don’t think it is ideal as the person referring you to a therapist will get to know that you have an issue with your spouse. It is advisable to search for a therapist on your own. This is exactly what this article will help handle for you.

  • Search Reliable Directories: Marriage Friendly Therapist is a recommended therapist website you can visit for a marriage or relationship therapy. It is a nationwide network of marriage or couples therapist trained to find a solution to your relationship setbacks. The therapists engaged in Marriage Friendly Therapist are professionally trained and well established in marriage or couples counseling and all have met the ultimate requirements to practice counseling.  The entire counselors have the health of your relationship as their number one priority. All they are after is to put a smile on your face once again.
  • The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) finds a therapist search feature. The counselors here are also good at giving effective couple counseling. Their aim is to help you restructure your relationship with your spouse. They are licensed and well-trained counselors in the field of marriage psychology.
  • is also another means to find a marriage counselor to help in your marriage or relationship matter. Don’t forget that couple therapy is not limited to marriage only, but equally covers all types of male and female relationships including both boyfriend and girlfriend. On this platform, you will meet counselors that are ready to put your relationship right. For a direct chat or phone call on relationship therapy, I recommend this site for you. It is a relationship helpline, it is a free online confidential telephone and chat service. You will be helped in handling your relationship challenges after a counselor must have listened to your complaint and then, certain strategies will be established for you to apply for your relationship. This is the free phone number: they have some free phone you can contact them through. The service has both open and close hour as you will see after your visit to the website. The relationship helpline opens on the following days for operating times:

Tuesday: 11am – 2pm
Wednesday: 11am – 2pm
Thursday: 11am – 2pm

  • Loveshack is another relationship forum and hotline you can rely upon for good advice on your marriage or any type of relationship you are into. It is a free relationship forum. You can swim in ocean of therapeutic ideas concerning the condition of your relationship.  The forum is always busy and interactive.  This kind of forum may solve some basic problems of your relationship, this signifies that public forums are not good enough platform for a deeper need for couple counseling. This is because the public forum will be limited to answer your query.
  • Another forum you can get some couple counseling advice is the one named Relationship Forums it has good feedback to your marriage or relationship problems. However, I once read the comment of someone stating that why he doesn’t use this forum is because a superficial reveals that features blunt advice. Once you visit the site to see for yourself, you can leave a comment on the comment box.
  • Another forum for relationship hotline is called Let’s Chat Love it is also an effective forum to get couple advice. The platform features all kinds of couples including both heterosexual and homosexual.
  • The Samaritan is another relationship hotline you can try to experience their features. Their hotline is 116123, you can call them anytime any moment for any problem you are facing in your marriage or relationship and a counselor will respond to you to listen to your complaint and then provide a solution for your marriage issues. You may also like to write an email to them via this email address: the response time is 24 hours. The equally have a branch across UK and Ireland. If none of the above channels of contact is on your agenda, writing a letter to The Samaritan is not bad. Contacting The Samaritan is free and your complaints are confidential except in some cases where a third party may be involved, e.g. an ambulance for an emergency case.
  • Lifeline is a hotline based in Australia, it features many personal problem therapies including those caused either by the situation of the marriage or relationship you find yourself. Every day, people call the hotline 131114, for various therapeutic advice on issues such as feelings of depression, loneliness, stress, trauma, suicide, and abuse. According to the purpose of the establishment of the hotline, it is to prevent Australians from committing suicide. You can get in touch with lifeline directly via lifeline services.
  • There is another hotline for emotional support therapy, it is an international organization that offers the prevention of crisis and renders emotional support to the victims of emotion. The organization is called Befrienders. Just like the name, the management is always ready to service the complainers.

Apart from the hotlines above, there are also relationship support group someone can contact for some advice. Breakup Survivor is not left out of these quality groups. They feature various quiz and also render different kinds of breakup support programs that will help strengthen your relationship.  They operate also on gender-segregated group support which is working well with everyone participating.

Daily Strength Breakup and Divorce Support Group cannot be counted out of one of the best group to seek advice for your relationship. They feature over 500 different topics, all in one way or the other may have an effect on relationships. This is exactly the reason why I include this group; they give advice on how to manage depression, alcoholism, sex, anxiety. The service is free.

Another hotline I can recommend for you is relationship chat room you will meet active listeners for relationship advice. This is not a matter of delay, according to their claim. They have a 24/7 relationship support chat room. The platform creates the room for you to confidentially discuss the problem you are having with your partner. The platform also features support on how to break up with your partner or on how to cope with a breakup.

At the end of this article, you should have learned the overall, reason why you need a relationship counseling hotline, what it means, and how it affects a relationship.

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