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Mr. Mark had been calling my phone all day but I didn’t answer, deliberately because I was with my fiancé and I wouldn’t wish for another dispute to ensue.

I sent him a text message later that night lying to cover up my abrupt absence from work that I had fallen seriously ill.

I got to work the next morning and my co-workers all asked why I was absent because it was really unlike me to miss work, I simply told everybody I was ill.

I headed straight to Mr. Marks office and was apologetic about being away from work without taking necessary permission.

He responded that I should have put a call through to him no matter what was happening and not just absent myself.

He explained how he tried calling me several times but he couldn’t reach me and almost came to my house to find out what was happening but couldn’t make it because he had a prior appointment with the lawyer.

He said he was worried to death about me and was only relieved after he had received my text message.

It was admirable to see how much he cared about me, thoughts about leaving the job scared me like a nightmare. I would have to leave if I was going to preserve my relationship with Tade, and I needed to.

Somewhere in my heart, I felt something like a clog in a wheel, a restraint about leaving the job. The selfish me that wanted to eat my cake and have it but I was soon forced to could only make one choice.

I got back to my office and wrote a draft of my resignation letter when I was okay with it, I typed and printed it. It was time to return it, I felt like my legs were tied.

I was carried away and distracted by my own thoughts, how would I clue Mr Mark up that I was resigning and leaving the company. Tade had made it clear that I couldn’t choose working with my boss and courting him at the same time. In my self-absorbed fascination, I wanted both my friendship with my boss and the courtship with my Fiancé.

In normal circumstances, letters like this were supposed to go through me then hands it over to my boss, but in this case, I was the one in question and I have to hand the letter it over by myself.

If I didn’t have such familiarity with him, I wouldn’t have felt so much constraint in dropping the letter, but in a few months of rubbing minds and spending time together, we had shared something deep.

I kept the letter in my drawer hoping to get a perfect time to hand it over to Mr. Mark.

Later in the evening, I got together with my fiancé and he asked me if I had dropped the resignation letter, I answered in the affirmative.

Since I was planning to drop it unfailing the next day I didn’t want to raise any more suspicion or stir any more strife.

The next day at work, I waited until Mr. Mark was not on sit and immediately I spotted him outside his office, I went to leave the letter on his table.

I imagined what thoughts would come to his mind and how he would react after reading the letter. He went back to his office a few hours later and sent for me, I knew he had seen the letter…………

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