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She caught you with another babe? Bad Guy! You felt like a badass?

Two weeks after you realize that you miss her more than you envisaged; more than the lady she caught you with. You are now back to your senses and have realized that, she means a lot to you than you can ever imagine!

You believe you have left it a little too late! Hmmmn! Well, Better late then never in getting your woman back. It is very key to measure your words, since she might still be sad and angry with you; for breaching her trust and loyalty. Here, it is most important that before you try to see her face to face you can decide to send messages to her mobile; text, chat as the case is.

I have pulled together 5 messages that would make her melt in forgiveness because she really loves you to. You need to be sure that she is still hurting, you need to check the timing. Ladies prefer messages in the evening, before dinner, or when they are about to go to bed! One of this either works for your woman.

Before you type in words the words, ask yourself, do you really want her back? The conviction of your self-realization would add more spice to your intent.

Here are the 5 messages that would make your heart broken girlfriend forgive you.

1. I don’t have excuses for what I have done! I feel so ashamed that I would do this to you. I am sorry

A lady appreciates responsibility and accountability. Own up to your actions and don’t make excuses. This is very important as excuses will make you come off as proud and that you would still do same again. Try to let her know you were responsible for your actions and that no matter her punishment, you would deal, since you deserve it.

2. I think about you every single day, and the thoughts leaves a beautiful smile on my face. Please forgive my imperfections, as I am simply human.

You need to make her realize that you remember her every single day since this incident occurred. A girl you sincerely love should be in your thoughts, regardless of the number of girls you’ve been with. She may be mad at you but trust me, she would read the text/chat again and again because she misses you but she feels hurt!

3. I know you are very angry with me right now, but I just want you to know that I would love you forever!

This could either do two things, make her more angry, or get her to calm down. In the middle of all these, she would look at you as someone who intends to walk through this process and forgive you. It is important that you follow this message up with a call.

4. I know I have put a crack in your heart, it is difficult to come away with this, because I overlooked your happiness selfishly for mine only to realize my happiness lies in you. Please forgive me

Ladies want to hear all words of happiness, do not hesitate in making her realize that you need her to be happy so that you would be happy as well. Ladies also love it when they realize what impact they have made in your relationship. Give it a Go!

5. I cannot do this alone, let us walk through this together! Help me, I feel so terrible. I need you!

Ladies love a sense of responsibility, they want to show that they care as well. They may feel bad but then certain words like this would calm them down to a reasonable extent. You should follow this up with either a call or a checkup at her apartment.

Ensure that you are really sure you want her forgiveness, invest time in crafting out the message. You can add more lines, but make sure you follow the explanations below the messages. Be sincere and creative with your use of words, and your woman would be back to you in no time.

I hope I have helped someone today!

Yours In Love

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