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Effective Prayer Points For Favour

prayer points for Favour

Effective prayer points for favour – Favour is a really valuable gift that God could bless any man with. Favour opens doors automatically for a person. If your boss looks upon you with Favour, there is nothing you will do in their eyes that will be wrong. If the Lord himself looks upon you with favour, you will just find that you do everything with relative ease. Because He will crown even the tiniest of your efforts with huge success. Favour is a big gift. Indeed.

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Even when people meet new people and then select who will be their friends, they pick the friend that they think is most FAVOURABLE. The one that they feel will have the most rapport with them. Favour is a really deep and huge concept. Sometimes, we mix luck with favour.

They are both very similar though. Because when the two are in effect, to outsiders, the person benefitting from either Luck or Favour seems to be doing little and gaining maximum results. Sometimes, God just does His stuff that way. Luck however, is more like coincidence that favours one positively. While favour is more decision based. If someone will favour you, then they took the decision to favour you. That is pre- thought. Luck is not pre-thought. It just happens.

Praying for this wonderful gift called favour is really a good thing.

A smart move in fact. In order to earn maximum result in life, one needs favour as backup. Whether favour from God or humans, one has to be present and prayer is extremely important.

Praying for what you want is a good thing. Praying for favour is a really, really excellent idea! So, do you need perhaps ideas for prayers for favour? Not to worry! We got you covered! Below we compiled a really long list of prayers to send and use for yourself. You could share these and you could pick your favourite prayers and pray! It’s entirely up to you!

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Effective Prayer Points for Favour

1. I ask of you Father, that You allow my parents to receive favour in your eyes. Let everything that they do please you. Grant them favour O God. He who receives favour from You has found a lifetime’s gift.

2. I ask of you my Lord, to bless me with favour so mighty that everything I lay my hands on from today starts to blossom and flourish.

3. Dear God, I ask that you help me receive favour from my potential helpers.

4. Dear God, grant me unlimited favour to conquer my enemies so that I can have full cause to glorify your name, Amen.

5. My Father in Heaven, I ask for favour so that all previously closed doors against me will start to open for me Amen. Let it be so, O God.

6. In the name of Jesus, I receive total and thorough favour today and forever, Amen.

7. I receive mighty favour today so that I can have victory over principalities and powers from the dark side of this world. Lord please grant me such favour.

8. I receive unlimited favour today to accomplish whatsoever I want to accomplish. For You have said in your Word that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

9. My Father and my God, I pray this day that You grant me outstanding favour in all my endeavours. Let your favour bring me benefactors and helpers from far and wide in Jesus’ name. Amen.

10. My dear God, I ask You to give unto me favour beyond my expectations. The power and favour to be prosperous in all my doings, Lord grant it unto me. Amen.

Great Prayer Points for Favour

11. I pray to you God to grant me favour to not lack financially, favour to receive wealth and also to have good health. Because health is indeed wealth. Father Lord grant it unto me. Amen.

12. Dear God, you are the one that makes a way where there seems to be none. Dear Lord, give me your divine favour to overcome challenges in Jesus’ name, Amen.

13. Father Lord, with your mighty favour, let me be prosperous in all my doings in Jesus name.

14. Dear Lord, I know your favour is all sufficient, God grant me favour to have a long, fulfilled, gift packed and sweet life in the mighty name of Jesus.

15. God, I ask for favour to excel in my are of work and also for promotion in my place of work. Amen.

16. O God, I ask for favour which supersedes favour. Let people see me and the glory of the Lord shining bright in my life. Amen.

17. O God, I ask for favour to successfully complete whatsoever I lay hands on to start. Help me not to leave things mid way. Amen.

18. O Lord, I ask for your favour as I go out and as I come in. Lord, protect me and guide my footsteps. Amen.

19. O Lord, I ask that you grant me favor in all of my dealings. Amen.

20. O Lord, I ask for favor to overcome all of the devil’s temptations, Amen.

Solemn Prayer Points for Favour

21. My Father, I ask for your grace and favour concerning all of my needs. Please Lord provide for me in areas I am lacking. Amen.

22. Father, I ask for the strength and favour for you to bestow on my guardians and friends. Provide for all of their needs. Amen.

23. O Lord, I ask for your favour to walk in truth and faithfulness with you. Lord, give me the grace.

24. O God, I ask for unlimited favor in my education. Help me to top my class always. Help me to always have excellent grades. Amen. Success is mine.

25. O God, I ask for favour to always excel in whatever things I lay my hands upon. Only you can do this for me and also I ask for favour which makes it easier.

26. Lord, I ask for favour to reach great heights. Heights that I had before hand thought I couldn’t reach, help me to reach it O God.

27. Lord, I ask for favour to meet fantastic people. Fantastic people that will impact and change my life for the positive. Help me meet them Lord.

28. Dear Mighty One, I ask for favour and grace to always do your will. Help me to be able to do your will according to your wishes in glory. Amen.

29. Lord, I ask for favour to impact lives positively as I journey through this life. I want to touch lives positively and tremendously. Help me to be able to do this. Grant me favour. Amen.

30. I pray now that God’s favour will bring me unlimited joy, boundless joy and testimonies Amen.

Wonderful Prayer Points for Favour

31. I pray that through God’s favour, I will accomplish great and greater things more than my peers, parents and neighbours have ever achieved. Amen.

32. I ask for the favour of God today to accomplish the impossible. For nothing is impossible when God is involved. That is why I am praying for God’s favour right now to be able to accomplish what the world says impossible. May the Lord grant me such favour. Amen.

33. I ask for favour of God to guide me to my place of unlimited success. Spirit of success will start to abide within me, Amen.

34. I ask for the favour of God to destroy every plot of the enemy against my life, my career, my children, my family, my wife, my husband.. May the plans of the enemy never come to pass over our lives. Amen.

35. I ask for your favour Lord, so that You always meet me at my point of need. Give me such favour O God.

36. Lord God, I ask that You look upon me with favour and bless me in all of my financial needs. Help me not to lack anymore financially. Amen.

37. Lord, I ask for your favour, help me to grow my finances beyond my own imagination. Send me lots of clients and customers, help me to make it in life. Amen.

38. Dear God, I ask that I should always be the head and never the tail. Grant me uncommon favour to always be at the top.

39. Lord, I ask for grand favour from you, I want you to bless all the works of my hands, whatever business venture I might be going into, bless it for me beyond my own imagination. Amen.

40. Lord, I ask for uncommon favor to never give up in my life pursuits. It takes a strong man to keep going. Help me to never give up, even when I lose hope, give me strength and courage to never give up. Amen.

41. Favour Lord, is what I ask for. Favour. To be able to stand firm against adversity and trials from the devil. Help me to not be swayed by the devil and his circus. Amen.

42. Lord, I ask for your favour. The favour and strength to overcome temptation in every form especially temptation to sin, Lord grant me such strength.

43. God, my father, I ask that you rain showers of everlasting favour on me. Let favour overflow in my life, let me always be favoured.

44. Lord, I ask for favour to be an excellent motivation to all of my friends. Grant me that favour Lord. Amen.

45. God, give me favour to always stand out in all I set out to do.

46. God, my Father, I ask favour to not miss opportunities as they come. Help me to grab opportunities as soon as they present themselves, Amen.

47. I ask of you Father Lord for favour concerning the health of me and my family. Help so that none of us falls I’ll to any kind of illness. Amen.
Prayer of Favour for Students.

48. Lord God, I ask for your favour in my academics. Lord, help me to excel and come out in flying colors. Amen.

49. Lord God, I ask for retentive memory to be able to have good grades. Lord grant me such favour and blessing. Amen.

50. Father Lord, I ask for raised G.P this semester; I am willing to put in the effort required to get such, Lord. I just need your strength, grace and favour to be able to actualize it O God. Help me.

51. Dear God, I ask for your favour to be able to choose my major wisely. Even though I don’t really know what to major in yet. Teach me.

52. Father God, I ask for favour for my teachers. Give them the strength, capacity and power to be able to impact the right amount of knowledge in me for me to grow up as a smart individual, Amen.

53. Dear Father, I pray concerning my parents. Provide them with enough money so they can take care of my studies without complaints. Help them not to complain financially. Amen.

54. Dear God, I pray concerning we the students of this nation, help us to be useful to this nation after being through with our studies. Help us to be of use to the nation. Grant us such favour.

Prayer Points For Favour for Financial Success

55. Dear Father, I commit my earnings into your able hands. Help me to earn significantly more in my work. Amen. Increase my earnings..

56. Father in heaven, I ask for your blessings upon the work of my hands. Grant me favour to win huge work contracts so that I can glorify your name.

57. Almighty Father, I ask for favour in the eyes of my boss. Help me grow and look favorable in their eyes. Strengthen their likeness for me. Amen.

58. Dear Alpha and Omega, provide me with enough resources to be able to sufficiently cater for my children. I don’t want them to lack anything in terms if their wants. The financial resources to be able to fully cater for them provide it for me. Amen.

59. My Father and my God, I commit my business into your hands. Bring me more valuable customers. More valuable clients. Allow not my business to run bankrupt. Help us to turn in huge profits at the end of the month and year, Amen.

So, above are effective prayer points for favour. Just pick one and pray!

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