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Emotional love SMS

Emotional love SMS: This is the latest article that comprises of various love messages and SMS you can send to the one you love. That special man or woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with. I bet you will love our SMS because we intentionally, carefully and romantically selected our words to suit your taste. You can try it and see what I am talking about. You will come back and read our articles on love messages after this one.

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Emotional Love SMS on Life

1. My heart is full of love for you. Loving you is my greatest joy. I will always be with you now and forever. Thank you, my angel, for your smile alone is a blessing that should make a man be grateful to God. Having found you, I realized that the world is liberated with love. You made me happy the first day I set my eyes on you.

2. Could there be anything better than being in love with you? In fact, the joy derived from your smile is big enough to make my days for the rest of the year. It is my pleasure that I have you in my life. Thank you, my amiable angel.

3. I am always happy whenever I see the reflection of your boundless for me. It gives me joy whenever I see you. I have seen the best in you; which makes you the best lady in my life. Your love is my happiness.

4. My heart beats so much for you. It is the most beautiful sound I hear anytime I see you by my side. You are my joy, love, happiness and the most beautiful queen the eyes have seen before. Send me some kisses to make my day a blissful one.

5. I will not stop loving you until after my death. When I resurrect, I will continue to love you till eternity. I will cherish you beyond what you need. I will always praise you in your absence and make you happy in your presence.

6. Loving you is like a bar of chocolate so sweet like the taste will never end again. You don’t know how much you mean but to my surprise, you happen to be the kind of man I have been searching for. I love you my beloved one.

7. It has always being my dream to make you happy every single moment of your life. I swear, your love is what occupies my heart every night and day. With the beginning of every time, being with you has been the best thing that happens to me.

8. You may be too calm for others but for me, any mood you find yourself is okay with me because I have dedicated my heart to love you forever. No matter what any says about you will never in any way get me tired of you.

9. Indeed, true love is priceless; when you find one, hold on to it till eternity. Don’t let anything to separate both of you. If she is a princess, make her smile always, if she is a queen, love her in awe and treat her like the queen she is.

10. The kind of love preserved in my heart for you is more like the moonlight. It shines in my heart and brings happiness to me. Whenever I wake up in the night, all I used to think about is you. I love you, my dear angel.

11. If y can dwell in your heart for just one minute, I am sure will see paradise. I will not in any way be sad until my breath ceases. I love the fact that you are always happy around me. This is a reason for celebration.

12. This night is cool and it is because you are part of it. I won’t tell you how much you have changed my life but the truth is that you belong to me. I cherish you beyond the sky and wish you understand this truth in me.

13. For the kind of love you have for me is special. There is no reason to stop thinking about a heart that cares about you. A heart that thinks more about your well being is the best for you to hold onto.

14. I have seen many people in this world, I have come across many beautiful ladies worth being married immediately but when I met you I realized that they are just like punctuation marks in a sentence compared to you.

15. The day I set my eyes on you, two things came to my mind; you are calm and gorgeous, therefore you will be a good mother to beautiful kids. Now, I have come to realize that my thought was true. I love you so much.

16. You may not understand the kind of feelings that are in my heart for you but just know that without you my days will be bored. I love every single moment spent with you. I will always be yours forever.

17. When I look into your eyes, every little thing becomes important to me. It is not because I just love you but for the deep respect I have for you. Indeed, this world has brought for me, a lovely angel that can never be taken for granted.

18. In the brim of light, I see your love and grab with a hand of passion. It burns my hands and quickly I put it in my heart that can take it forever. The other day we met in the raining night, it comes to me that we shall live forever.

19. When I was small, I saw my wife. I saw her holding my hands in the rain. She was a black beauty not taller than I am. She was a pretty angel singing love song along with me. As soon as I grew older, she is the first love I met in life—it is you.

20. The best love that has ever occurred to me is the one that emanates from your heart. It is not kept there by a human but God almighty. I wish you all the best in this world. You are my champion, my lady and the most beautiful girl in the world.

21. My woman, my life. You are my lady and the heart I breathe with. You took me to the land of love and cherish me with a true heart. I love the fact that you belong to me and I belong to you. I must say, this is the greatest chance ever.

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Short Emotional Love SMS to make him happy

22. The love I receive from you is more important to me than a million dollars; it makes me happier than the taste of chocolate.

23. Bet it, I will always love you no matter the condition because you are a precious angel with lots of charisma.

24. I wish to see you any moment from now; you are my handsome husband. The best I have seen ever.

25. I am wishing you a blessed morning time because I cannot do without thinking about you even for a mini-second.

26. Wherever you are right now, just know that the kind of love I have for you is more like a treasure that has no compares.

27. Your heart is pure for me because I realize have been able to swim in it the way I want. It is so large for love to live.

28. Being with you is the most lovable moment this morning. I am in the dining room waiting for you to join me.

29. Good morning darling, you are such an interesting guy. I have searched the entire world; no face is as merciful as yours.

30. Enjoy this life with me because there is nothing that is permanent. Let a smile be the freshest thing on your face this morning.

31. I will rather be with you for the rest of my life than to go for a million dollars Ferrari, your love is more important to me than any other thing.

32. Whenever I see you smiling, I understand that you are happy. This gives me hope that last night was full of light.

33. It gives me joy that you are the most handsome man I have in this world. Thank you, my beloved angel.

34. When I’m fool by anyone, I get upset but anytime you fool me, I am always happy because it is the sign of love I have for you.

35. The truth is that you mean the world to me; you are more than just a husband, you are my friend and the air I breathe.

36. You are my satisfaction, my joy and the most beautiful gift that puts a smile on my face anytime I see.

37. I know you will be busy this morning, but it doesn’t mean I will not find a way to reach out to you all my life. Good morning.

38. I will be yours forever. I know you mean a lot to me right from the bottom of my heart. Good to know you in this life.

39. It will not take me much time to love you better than you want. This is because you bless me with a daily smile anytime I see you.

40. I realized how much I love you immediately I see how sweet you have been since the day we met. I wish you a lovable moment.

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Short Emotional Love SMS for him right now

41. Your presence makes my heart beats faster than it can. It is the most beautiful thing that has ever occurred to me.

42. You are my brightest future, since the very moment I met you, I understand that your love will be the comfort I have been searching for.

43. When you smile, I see the impact of true love in your eyes. Thank you for always been there for me. I love you.

44. Love is perfect for you because you are always cute in terms of true love. You never stop being amazing to me.

45. In you, I have found the kind of ma I need for my unborn kids. I will no longer be scared of becoming the woman to give birth to your children.

46. There is no other thing I think about on earth before you because your thoughts sleep and wake with me.

47. If loving you is a job, I would have been coming extra early to work so I can have more of you that every other person.

48. Let me confess today, your smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this earth. I love you.

49. You are such a cute person, a lovely heart and the most beautiful paradise on this earth for me. Thank you, my love.

50. You are the best man to lean upon when things are not fine; the reason why I chose you is that you never like anything evil to touch me.

51. I came to realize that I cannot imagine a world without you. An angel like you is worth more than the earth and everything it contains.

52. If I have you, I have found the most beautiful thing in this world. I will always respect the fact that you are my happiness.

53. You have no idea how much you mean to me; but still, I will never give up loving you until you take time to understand me.

54. You may be strange sometimes but I still love you that way. You are the perfect match for me and I will never lie to you.

55. I used to be extremely happy whenever I see you smiling. A glance at you is a glance at the most beautiful flower in the world.

56. Every moment shared with you, none has proven to be none awesome. Many other beautiful moments shall come for us to celebrate.

57. Sometimes I used to think that it is important to love you because it gives me more energy to do the best in my life.

58. Anytime I think about you, the world becomes a super paradise; yes that’s just the truth and I want you to take note.

59. The truth is that there is no one that can take your place in my heart. You dwelling in it is the security that keeps it smiling.

60. A heart that smiles has a flower that loves it. You are my rose and I am your lilt, we are meant for each. I love you.

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