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Good Friday SMS

Good Friday SMS: Here are some beautiful Good Friday messages that you can text to your loved ones on a Good Friday. All Fridays are good this day is named after an event that occurred in the history of Christianity. You can always count on us whenever you feel like to send beautiful messages to those that are close to your heart. We have them in bulk for you.

Don’t worry, this website is for those who love exclusive messages to be sent across the globe on this wonderful day.

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Good Friday SMS Messages

1. May the goodness of Good Friday reach you and your entire family members; have a wonderful celebration.

2. Thank God you are alive to witness this day with me; may your effort never be in vain forever. Happy Good Friday.

3. Thank God for sparing our life to see this popular day of blessing today; may this day mark the beginning of a new success in our life.

4. Good Friday is here, we pray for more and more joy. You are special may you find special doors opening for you from today.

5. Cheer, it is another beginning; let us celebrate it like never before. It is a great pleasure to have someone like you

6. I am wishing everyone a heartwarming, beautiful and awesome Good Friday. May you enjoy your life as you plan.

7. Try your best out of this wonderful day; it is all about the celebration of a great day. Happy Good Friday my love.

8. I just want to be sure that you guys are fine, I wish you more of success in this new day of our life; happy good Friday friends.

9. May the Lord continue to love you all your life; may he prefer your success than your sorrow and bless you forever.

10. You will never in any way suffer in his world. Your success will always increase more than you expect. Happy Good Friday.

11. As you celebrate this holy day, may your name be uplifted above your enemies plan against you; may your smile never end.

12. Every Friday is good, this one is especially good so I am wishing you every special thing in the world. I love you.

13. When you have good friends, you have found the helpers when you are in the most dangerous road to your dream. Happy Good Friday.

14. Earthly love is here today, we have been given the privilege to celebrate this Good Friday. May your success never cease to exist.

15. May the Glory of the Lord shower upon you; may His love never end for you. I pray for your prosperity this year.

16. Every single thing that bothers your heart shall be removed for you this day by the grace of God. Happy Good Friday.

17. Anything you want shall reach you at the right time, you will not in any way regret why you are alive today.

18. I ask the Lord to protect us every single day of our life; may your eyes never see evil, your heart will never experience any sorrow. I love you.

19. May the Lord add you to the list of the most successful people in the world; may you find endless peace that will last forever.

20. May the Light of the Lord never stop shining in your home; as you are planning for your wedding, the blessing of this day shall follow you till the end.

Good Friday SMS Quotes

21. Thank God for this wonderful day in our lifetime, it is not easy to witness it. May the Lord be pleased with us.

22. You are just the best friend in the world and your love for me cannot be taken for granted in any way. I love you so much.

23. You have been the best father in this world for me; you are the reason why I smile today because you sacrifice everything to make sure I am happy.

24. Our dear Lord shall protect you against all evils and give you the best out of this life. Happy Good Friday my love.

25. You are such an amazing person, may you find peace, love, success, and prosperity in this season. I love you.

26. I am happy to have you around me, every single day of your life will not in any way bring sorrow to your heart.

27. May the blessing of the Lord reach you this day; may your name be remembered among those that will enjoy the love that spreads this day.

28. It is good to be yours forever because anyone that has you has found the best in this world. I just want to say Good Friday.

29. Have one of the most blessed day in this world so far; it is my wish to celebrate you forever. Have a precious Friday.

30. You shall be protecting all through this year; you shall be blessed forever without any limitation. Good Friday in the corner.

31. Have a wonderful Good Friday, it is one of the best ever witnessed so enjoy your life this precious day.

32. Put a smile on your face and be filled with love that never ends. The Lord shall not forget you at any moment of your life.

33. May the Lord hold your hands and raise you to a height you never think about. May your life benefit you and the entire family.

34. Thank God for your life, appreciate the will of God in it and be blessed for the rest of your life. Good Friday.

35. The Good Friday is here again, may the Lord make it a big day for success in your life. I wish you all the best.

36. Happy to reach out to you on this wonderful day, may you never see any evil all your life. Have a wonderful celebration.

37. I beseech the Lord to bless you in all ramification of life; may His perfect hand touch you better than you and promote your honor to the highest level.

38. I pray that the Lord honor better than you ever think, your life shall be protected against all evils and your prayers shall not go unanswered.

39. Thank you Lord for everything in this world. Let my friend be blessed beyond the imagination, give him his heart desires.

40. Wow, this is another Good Friday, wishing you comfort that has no ending and a love that will last forever.

Good Friday SMS Wishes

41. May the Lord bring your love this year so that you can settle down and become one in the spirit of this day.

42. I just want to say hello to my beloved mother. Thank you for bringing me up in the best manner. Have a wonderful Friday.

43. The Lord shall protect you from every angle of your life; from the most difficult part of your life down to the least shall be handled by the mighty hands of God.

44. Shame will never be yours for the rest of your life; as you prepare to celebrate this day; may the Lord approve of it.

45. I wish you all the best this very day and pray that you enjoy the season of holiday ahead. Thank you for your compliment the other day.

46. Thank God for all the love you have shown to me; thank you for the precious moment we share together and have a wonderful moment.

47. You will always be the one after my heart; not even an inch is away from your thought anytime I set my eyes on you. Good Friday.

48. You mean the world to me and my love for you will never in any way diminish because I have dedicated my heart for you. Happy Good Friday.

49. All you need this day is to be blessed with your heart desires; let there be light in everything you need and want.

50. You shall never be put to shame and your success will ever remain with you until eternity. Thank God for your life.

51. I have never in any way remain happy for long the way I am now and this began since the first day I set my eyes on you.

52. May the glorious favor of the Lord be yours this blessed day; may you smile forever without any set back in anything you are doing.

53. I beseech the Lord to protect the wealth that you accumulated and give you all the best you ever need.

54. Find the best you have been searching for today; may the Lord consider your case from henceforth.

55. I will always be grateful to the Lord for giving you to me; may He stay by your side when you need Him most.

56. You shall be blessed all your life and the blessing that has no ending shall be yours for the rest of your life.

57. I pray that you will never in any way get bored with this life; Every good fortune that renews happiness in a person’s life will not miss your home.

58. Lord, I call upon you on this day to have mercy on all that are sick, protect our country from the evil of the evil people.

59. Wash away our sin with your anointing on this blessed day; give us the assurance to thank you all our life.

60. I wish you all the best; I thank God for this wonderful honor He gave me for celebrating this holy day.

Good Friday SMS Blessings

61. Thank God you are my best friend and you have been guiding me in righteousness. I love you so much.

62. I just want to make this day as special one to pray to God to bless you, lift your status and grant you all the best in life.

63. I am wishing you a sacred Good Friday; never waste the opportunity to get closer to the Lord. Have a wonderful day ahead.

64. I am so blessed to have you as my sister; may the rain of love, passion, joy, and happiness fall upon you now and forever.

65. You shall be granted all your heart desires and be filled with the kind of desire you harbor in your heart of good for yourself and humanity.

66. Thank God for giving you the chance to witness this chapter in life; may the entire page in it be of a blessed favor upon you.

67. No matter the evil plan against you by the evil people; the Lord shall continue to shield you until you are completely protected.

68. May the Lord hug you with His mighty Body and bless you forever; as you witness this Good Friday, I pray that everything in your life begin to be the best.

69. You will remain my best teacher for life and I will always thank God for everything He caused you to do for me. Thank you.

70. Don’t worry, I have prayed to the Lord to help you make it beyond human expectation; may He continue to bless your entire work in life.

71. Believe me, you are the most beautiful sister in the world, may the Lord purify your heart more for His service. Good Friday.

72. Have one of the sacred most ever; dine in the house of the Lord and enjoy the power of His anointing.

73. May the Lord shower you with lots of fortune this year and open does of success and prosperity for you.

74. All your work in life shall begin to multiply in good shape. You will be celebrated soon as you celebrate this wonderful day in faith for the Lord.

75. Nothing shall be your problem in this world. You will always be protected from the deepest part of your heart against all evil thought.

76. May the good Lord protect you all your life and guide all your ways until you achieve all the best in this world.

77. The door of success will always be opened you for the rest of your life; you will never get tired of receiving the blessing of the Lord.

78. I praise the Lord for your life that is shining in the love of the Lord. You shall be blessed for every single day you breathe.

79. Your daily life shall be full of the mercy of the Lord bringing you all the good things of life; good to have you around me.

80. Good day is one of the most beautiful gifts in life and today is not left out of it; may you always be filled with love and success.

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