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Funny Friendship Messages You Should Send Now

Funny Friendship Messages

Funny Friendship Messages: Friends are one of the most interesting people in this life; they are always with you when you need them most. They come to you when everyone is running away from you. It is normal in this world that sometimes, people will make you sad, but in as much as you have a good friend to console you, life going on. Try and make a good friend with people it will help you a lot. You will have a fighter for you in your absence and praiseworthy lover in your presence. Become a good friend by texting our funny friendship messages to your friends.

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Funny Friendship Messages For Motivation

1. Friends are the helpers to each other, they smile together, happy together, and are always seen together.

2. Make good friends and they will lift you to the best place in this world. Stay with them, and you will enjoy the response.

3. When you have good friends, you have found the best gift in life; they will always make you happy no matter what.

4. Be patient with your friends, they are the reason why you are always happy every minute of your life.

5. I have a good friend, I call him Mr. Best because he really worth that title. When friends are together, they help each other to grow.

6. Let’s show good relationship, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Friends are meant for each other, not against each other.

7. Whenever I see people being in love with each other, I understand that they were first friends and then brothers.

8. Friendship is one of the greatest phenomenons on earth; it brings two different people together as brothers and sisters.

9. As friends, we are meant to be happy together, sad together and endure together. When it is time to enjoy, we do it together.

10. If I am given a friend and a million dollars o select, I will go for a good friend who will achieve something more important than that.

11. Your true friend will follow you to the highest mountain to support you when you need him most.

12. Your true friend defends you in your absence and supports you in your presence. He never wants anything to hurt you.

13. Let’s hold hands together as friends, we are always seen together; this is the sign of good bond existing between us.

14. Your true friend wants to see you happy every day, even when you are not happy, he ensures that you smile.

15. I will rather go for a friend that to go for a treasure that will finish. True friendship does not end, it continues till eternity.

16. I need someone I can call my true friend. I need someone who will understand my person and will be patient to calm me down when I am hard.

17. You can call me your friend and still gossip about me. What is the value of the friendship we said we are?

18. We are friends today; we could be better friends tomorrow when we hold on to the value that exists between us.

19. The best way to lead this life is to have a good friend that will voluntarily serve as our navigations when we take the wrong direction.

20. Friends are meant for each other, they make your life better than it used to be. They tell you the truth about your character.

Funny Friendship Messages to make your friend happy

21. When you meet the right friends, they lead you to the path of righteousness. You need friend to climb the highest ladder.

22. Friends are the best gift in life, when you have them; they update you about things that are important to your life.

23. I have seen many relationships breaking down like bricks, but the one I am yet to see is the one built upon friendship.

24. Friends taste like chocolate; they make you happy when you are sad. They are bring hope back to you when you lost it.

25. Friendship has been in existence right from the beginning of time; it is also one of the reasons why this life has refused to end.

26. If you can be so cool like a friend, believe me, you have won the best award in this life. They are amazing people meant for a sad heart.

27. Your friend will never like to see you suffer, he will be sad when things are not okay with you. Make the best of friends in life.

28. Good to know that there is somebody called a friend. I realized that when I need something, I see only a true friend.

29. Why are we friends if I cannot sacrifice my time to make you happy? We have to be bonded together in sincerity.

30. The most beautiful feelings we have in life is the fact that it comes from the heart of true friends. They can do anything to make you happy.

31. When good friends make promises, they fulfill them. The fulfillment of their promises for you makes them happy.

32. When you have good friend, you have found a heart to run to, a shoulder to lean upon and a comfort to give you blossom affection.

33. We need friends to go to great heights in life; when they are around us, they make us feel happy every minute of our life.

34. Our friends have an affectionate bond with us; they make us happy at all cost. They bring smile to our boring face.

35. Your friends are those who came to defend you when necessary and then laugh at you when necessary. They are always on a reason to make you smile.

36. I have you and I have the best of friends. We fight, we settle, we laugh and smile because we have many things in common.

37. Good to hear from friends because their voices sound like a drum of comfort, pleasing to the heart.

38. We are friends to help each other in times of sorrow; we are friends to celebrate each other in times of success.

39. Friends are always in need of each other. They are the best for each other no matter what. Have a wonderful friendship message.

40. Friends are meant to bring love to each other’s heart. They are the reason why a life is happy. They smile to the end.

Funny Friendship Messages to inspire your friends

41. There is a flower called friendship, it never fades away. It is always wet with true love and sympathy for those that share it.

42. With the pass of time, friends grow more into the best they can be at a time. They are already meant for each other.

43. A friend is that superhero whom you like to see really soon. A true friend is the one you never forget but miss.

44. When you have someone that is more interested in your happiness, such person should be your best friend.

45. Your friend is that pretty person that sends a hug to your way early in the morning and comforts you with prayers in the night.

46. When you are starve of love and smile, call a friend and you will get your heart desires fulfilled. It is good to have friends.

47. We are meant to brighten each other’s face; we are still together today because we value the bond of friendship.

48. When friends fight it only increase their love for each other. They may be distanced from each other for a while can still be the closest later.

49. I am always grateful to have a good friend I am used to be proud about; being a friend is a good reason for happiness.

50. Friends bring the thought of joy to you. They make you happy even when you are sad. They give you many reasons to smile.

51. Your friend will never let you down when you need them most. They celebrate with you and still wait to console you when you are in trouble.

52. The heart of a good friend can never be taken for granted; it harbors your love and wish for great things in your life.

53. Happy to have you as my friend, it has achieved more of good for me than I ever expected. I love you so much.

54. I wish you all the best in this world, and pray that every single day of your life will also be blessed with love. Good to hear from you.

55. I have heard of true love but the one you share with me is what we call an advanced true love. It is love in the next level.

56. I cannot exhaust the kind of gratefulness I have because you decided to become my good friend. I love you my dear angel.

57. You are a friend that treats me special. This is the reason why the bond of the friendship between you and me will be of great impact.

58. The thought of a good friend will not only make you smile, it will bring the pack of joy in your heart forever.

59. There is nothing better about this life than having a righteous friend that leads you to the way of God. I wish you all the best.

60. If you know the impact of your friendship in my life, you will have demanded for a billion naira for changing my life.

Fuuny Friendship Messages to add Value to your friends

61. When I set my eyes on you, I see good thing in life; this is because you are one of the most important people in this life for me.

62. I don’t know how to reward the value of your friendship, but no matter what, life will always be fine in as much as you are part of it.

63. You are part of me and this is the reason why I can’t stop loving you. Your friendship is a goal that was later fulfilled.

64. I am so grateful to have you. I appreciate you for the entire special things you have done in my life. Thank you my friend.

65. No one understands the bond that exists between us but as God will make it, we dwell in each other as brothers do.

66. You are my brother from another mother, you make me smile every minute of my life and it is the reason why I love you.

67. With true friends, life becomes how you want it because they do no other jobs than to help you achieve your dreams.

68. The best impact I had most is when I met you as a friend. It is the best thing that has ever occurred to me.

69. When I think of you and the amazing things you have done in my life; I feel a comfort that gives me joy in my heart.

70. Truly, your smile makes me happy and your friendship is a treasure that should be given more attention for you are a man of integrity.

71. Greeting my best friend because he is one of the most beautiful faces I have seen ever. I love her beyond the sky.

72. Whenever you are around me, I feel like been with you for the rest of the day because every moment shared with you is fantastic.

73. Being with a good friend like you is like having the whole at hand. I wish you all the best in this world as my good friend.

74. There are friends all over the world but friends like you are rare. Indeed you are a blessing in my life. Thank you for being a good friend.

75. Truly, I must confess that a good friend like you brings joy to the heart. It is a lovely feeling to have you around me.

76. You are a blessing that cannot be taken for granted. A wonderful star that should be kept in the most beautiful heart.

77. The reason why I like you is that you don’t only know me my eyes, you know me by heart and that’s the most important feeling.

78. When I met you, I understand the reason why it was said that your friend is the one that brings out the best in you.

79. Whenever I am not too fit for the day, I run to a good friend that will rescue me without disgracing me before anyone.

80. Thank God I have you in this world. You are one of the best people in this world. I wish you all the best now and forever.

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