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Engagement Rings and Their Prices

Engagement rings and their prices

Engagement rings and their prices: Engagement, a formal agreement of two lovers to get married and leave the circle of bachelorship and spinsterhood, maybe you will prefer I say “the singles”, whichever you chose. Once you have decided to engage her (wouldn’t be weird if the girl engages the guy too), then there must be also an agreement of a certain period to wait for before tying the nuts. This arrangement for the marriage (as you both have turned prospective couples) will become fixed as a date is chosen for the holy matrimony.

Now an engagement ring is a ring traditionally given by a man to a woman (lovers in a relationship) when they officially agree to get married. The engagement ring has a lot of meaning to what it has been viewed for. An engagement ring symbolizes the dedication of the partners to each other, love for each other, and most all, their commitment to each other. The ring which above all symbolizes that him/her has been committed into someone’s hand and life is the reason why when we see ladies with that ring we tend to back off as the ring indicates that she’s taken already and there is simply no vacancy.

In simple and summarised term, an engagement ring is a ring which indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married.

Confused on their prices? Take a chill pill as you get to make your budget and meet with your taste. Every of these engagement rings I will be listing out is rated and priced according to the quality of their production or their quality and value. Either you get the most expensive in the world or not, engagement ring is Engagement ring. The only difference is that some women can go the extra mile of checking the value of what you used in engaging them… It shouldn’t sound weird nor horrible, some of them just want to know how much you value them, while some on the other hand just want to find out the financial worth for their best-known reasons (maybe probably to sell it when you decide to disengage #Just_joking). Whichever you end up buying for her or amazingly if you’re buying to engage him (which I consider more romantic and mind-blowing), just make sure you use it well, I mean your proposal should make that teardrop drip from her eyes (like you see in the Africa Magic movie). Make it memorable and make her feel on top of the world.

You can either choose to do online shopping or offline shopping for your ring, but I would advise you to go for offline shopping though… (Just my thoughts). Seeing they say is believing, right? So get down there, take a stroll around the accessories stores and get your taste, make an offer and get the deal knowing fully well what you bought is in good condition and the value is real.

What’s the color of an engagement ring? Yes, I caught you right there, you were thinking of the color, right? There’s no specified color for an engagement ring but you should learn to know that there’s a basic universal color which is or are mostly preferred by over 50% – 60% who shop for an engagement ring. And these colors are Yellow gold, White Gold, and Rose gold. Nevertheless, you can choose other colors for your partner, it all on your choices.

NOTE:  in case you begin to see things like 14K, 15K or 18K. It’s not money, the “K” stands for “karat” which is the term used to measure the purity of gold. So, when you see 14K, it simply means that 14% of that ring is pure gold. Same goes on with other values like 18K and 24K.

Now, let’s get to know your budget-friendly choice as we head into discovering various engagement ring and their prices.

Engagement rings and their prices

Solitaire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Beauty defined in gold is this solitaire yellow gold engagement ring. Well, solitaire refers to a ring with any piece of jewelry of a single diamond. That is, the ring holds only a piece of a diamond. The word “solitaire” isn’t limited to diamond alone nor the ring, it also refers to any ring holding a piece of any precious stone and it can either be a ring, necklace, etc.

Qualities start with its adorable yellow golden color which is accompanied with an 18KT quality, the gemstone is a diamond stone, the size is 1ct and the diamond is a round shaped one. A perfect fit for a fair skin lady and a fitted design to give you glamour, elegance, and respect, combined with its skin fit suitability.

The price of this awesome ring ranges from $390 (Wich is 140,400 Naira) to $5500 (approximately 1,980,000 Naira).

You can place your order on Blue Nile, Shane Co., and Benkol Gold.

Bezel Diamond Ring in White Gold

Engagement rings and their prices

Bezel refers to a setting carved out for placement of stone thus being a term for a setting which holds the stone in place with it raised walls (the fence in Wich the stone is placed) which gives firm support to the stone.

This ring is a white gold engagement ring which encompasses a lot of super qualities.

This awesome piece of chef-d’oeuvre is an embodiment of beauty combined with quality for a little quantity of cash, it’s a 14KT white gold! Not to say the fact that it’s accomplished with a precious diamond stone (round in shape) Wich is is firmly gripped by the “bezel” (I guess you remember our into on bezel). Not only the diamond stone is round in shape, the ring itself with its thickness and smoothness is also round with reflective design made to suit your skin. It also comes in various sizes. So, it’s left for you to choose your desired size.

It’s very cost effective as it worth ranges from $314 which is approximately 113,040 Naira to $5,000 equivalent to 1,800,000 Naira

You can get this on Klenota, Angara and Blue Nile.

Tension design or Setting

Another amazing design for your perfect pick is this tension setting solitaire white gold engagement ring. A tension solitaire ring or tension setting is a ring which allows the ring to act as a spring or holder (more like a clip), holding the diamond stone or any precious stone placed in between it in order to make it appear as though it floating. This setting or design certainly has no underneath metals or holders on which the diamond should be placed, giving you the advantage of being able to clean the stone as often as desired to keep it glittering and glamorous. Sometimes, the stone is bought separately but often sold together.

It’s a 14KT white gold tension set ring with its stunning sparkling princess cut diamond, a floating design for the diamond stone and fixable or adjustable stone holders.

As elegant as it looks so is the price, it’s beautifully expensive too with price ranging from $2,100 (costing up to 756,000 Naira) to as much as $15,000 (which is equivalent to 5,400,000 Naira!).

You can get this expensive shit on Novori, TQ Diamonds, and Emma Parker & Co

The Helios Cluster Cocktail Engagement ring

This Helios Cluster is a superb design which is capable of sweeping your partner off her feet if used to propose or engage her, the beautiful nature attracts attention and the fitting gives beauty. Just as it looks, it’s a product of Bluestone. Known for its glamorous look it also has the following qualities; it’s an 18KT yellow golden piece weighing 3.6 Gram which is designed with diamonds of size 0.321 of 16 SIIJ Diamonds.

You don’t need to go on your knees when you’re engaging a lady with this superb chef-d’ouvre (Just kidding). I’m certain you can’t get a “no” from her with this “Happy married life” looking ring.

The price starts from ₹39,725 costing up to 207,407.40 Naira to  ₹45,000 which in total will amount to 234,948.60 Naira.

To get this awesome design of a ring for your engagement, go to

That’s the list for the executive orders… With a huge smile of relief follow me as I put you through the list of more economical prices of engagement rings with less cost of conveying it as it will be strictly around Nigeria and at most within the African region.

Let’s take a tour now…

Gold plated Italian riggan

Engagement rings and their prices

Amazingly beautiful for the low price at which it is put up for sale, I still keep wondering how the seller concluded on that price. Anyways, I guess it the purchasers’ luck. This 18K gold plated Italian Riggan Engagement ring is a high-quality ring available at a low quantity of money. It’s round in shape as shown in the picture above, it has a diamond stone and surprisingly it has a pair which means you can also purchase it for your wedding.

It’s is sold between the prices of  3,825 – 8,000 Naira. How amazing this is, I really wished I was engaging someone right now…

You can get any of those rings on Jumia and Velvet Sparkles

Skylar Topaz Engagement Ring

Love this? You should, unlike the others, the blue gemstone (blue topaz) gives it an astonishing look. It’s a 14K white gold with a slim fit design to give you an adorable look.

Is she light skinned or dark? Either of the complexions, this ring fits. Does she love outing or is she a fashionista? This ring gives a perfect touch to any dress combo.

You can get this from the price range of 35,000 Naira to 129,600 Naira.

Place your order either on Konga and Bluestone

Twisted Rhinestone Engagement Ring

Engagement rings and their prices

Don’t get it twisted like your heart has been for love. This is a twisted beautiful Rhinestone Engagement ring.

So far so good, I think it’s the cheapest. The worth is actually around 900 Naira to 3,000 Naira.

Not far from you like you think. It’s on Jumia and Aliexpress

Venus Engagement

This amazing classic round diamond stoned ring is a one in a million pick any day, anytime. It’s an amazing 24K gold plated ring which is even more qualified than the other expensive ones. The fun part of it is that its hand made which gives the assurance of a lasting usage time almost comparable to infinity. Hey… I forgot to mention the fact that it comes with a case or casing.

Well, this awesome piece isn’t hundreds of thousands like you were expecting. It’s just 15,000 Naira. That’s how cheap bit is.

You can order this mind-boggling machinery on Jumia

Well, there you have it. A comprehensive list of various engagement rings. I believe you have more than enough options to choose from without needing more research as qualities have been stated and price allocated. Don’t forget to know what suits her before getting it. Getting a wrong color could or can her dress sense since she is always going to be putting it on.

How do you see the list? Do you or did you find your choice or desired one to select from? If no, what do you think was or is missing…? Let us know.

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