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Do Men Really Share Their Wives With Other Men?

Do Men Really Share Their Wives With Other Men?

We refer to the sharing of wives by several terms like swinging and wife swapping. In this sexual practice, couples have sex with other couples.

Some people find it a way to make their sex lives more fun, while others think it will make their relationship with someone stronger.

Do Men Really Share Their Wives With Other Men?

The Popularity of Wife Sharing

Some of the American couples let their partners:

  • Occasionally have sex with others
  • Practice wife sharing
  • Have emotional commitments with multiple partners

According to available data, 4% of all adult couples’ practice one of many of the above. Though it is not significantly large, it does mean the one in every 25 couples you know are indeed into consensual non-monogamy.

People refer to them as “open” relationships too, and some 2.8 million practice Consensual Non-Monogamy or CNM.

Recently, a survey of 2003 Canadians conducted online came up with the same 4% figure. Most of the other studies on the subject have reported similar statistics.

The Canadian research had mostly young adults as the reviewed participants. Both monogamous and CNM participants had the same level of satisfaction with their relationships. At the same time, the latter reported higher couple satisfaction.

The researchers concluded that while CNM couples make up only a small minority, they should give open relationships more attention.

More Than Adultery

We have a cultural tendency to veer towards monogamy. The edicts of monogamous relationships, which are, by and large, “normal” relationships that people have, make even a single breach of sexual fidelity destroy a whole relationship.

It is viewed not merely as a sexual act but also as an act of betrayal. “Cheat and get out” is how the psychological experts at cuckin.com put it.

It is also true at the same time that the problem of infidelity is a particularly old problem. Just think of how old the Ten Commandments are and how it prohibits adultery, and you will realize the same.

For some of the swinging couples out there, wasting time thinking is not even an option. They embrace CNM with open arms. It is, however, rarely wise to rush!

Non-monogamous relationships have been so widely practised for such a long time that many scientists feel that it is a part of our genetic makeup.

They suspect it can potentially confer the practising species a survival advantage. Just consider the following fact- before the invention of DNA testing, through CNM, men could have more offspring than they might have ever been allowed otherwise.

Is it a Mental Condition?

A significant portion of the public views people who practice CNM as having some psychological or emotional issues. But as per most studies, wife sharing men and their wives are not that much unlike the couple next door.

The main differences between the two categories of couples are as follows:

  • Swingers have happier marriages
  • They are more likely to be expressive of non-sexual affection
  • They find their sex-lives to be more satisfying
  • They have better communication levels in their marital relationships
  • They praise and encourage their marital partners more
  • They are less jealous

Do Men Really Share Their Wives With Other Men?

To conclude, researchers think that sharing wives is a part of our modern culture that is increasingly entering into the mainstream of society. It is psychologically quite healthy!

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    September 20, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    Well, they share if they are comfortable with that. Still, there are some women which are not into it rationally, but want to try it out because of chance to explore their sexuality.

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