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What’s love without friendship? What’s “l love you” without “you are my best friend”? You certainly can’t be in a relationship without been each other’s friend. It is possible that the relationship might not withstand the test of time. Friendship in a relationship gives an added spice to your love life. This is the reason most relationship counselors advise to marry your friend because it reduces friction.

Love starts from friendship, that’s why I am not particularly a strong believer in love at first sight. You might admire someone at first sight or have a strong deep feelings, but is it suffice to say that based on that feeling, you are in love at that instant and going forward? Love grows out of friendship, out of deeply emotional encounters. What’s the essence of been in a relationship when you hardly can share dreams or personal ideas with your partner? That’s why some people have a spouse and a best friend separately. I thought your partner should be your best friend considering the fact you are going to be living a lifetime together?

Love that is not birthed from friendship might easily get shaken. Love is amazing when your partner becomes your gist partner, your partner in crime.

Friendship makes you feel free, alive and ‘loved’. You feel comfortable with your friend, you get to be silly without trying so hard to mask up, get to express yourself without feeling vulnerable, you get to say your mind without feeling you might say wrong and be admonished instead of being understood and corrected, you get to share silly jokes together and so on. Friendship is amazing when you are with the right person but relationship with your friend makes outright sense because you get to get a double dose of love and friendship.

It is awesome to fall in love with your friend, life would be beautiful as everything come down as easy for you both. I am in love with my friend, How about you?

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