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Engagement Wishes For Your Best Friend

engagement wishes for your best friend

It does not matter whether you are married or not, when your best friend is getting married all you need do is send the very best engagement wishes for your best friend.

How do you want it, a prayer? Funny? Cute wishes, philosophical or you just want to make it look like engagement wishes for your friend quotes, then get on with it already, why not wish him/ her an amazing journey into the marriage-land as a best friend.

Or, Wait a minute!

You don’t know what to share or you are having issues trying to pick up the words you need? Not to worry, that’s why this post has been developed for you. To share loads of best engagement wishes for your best friend.

As for me though, the first thing I would do is to send my best wishes and I would advise that you pick one or numerous cute engagement wishes for your best friend as you deem it.

Always have this at the back of your minds though, that planning an engagement ceremony not to talk of a wedding isn’t an easy feat at all. At such, the couple getting engaged would be under immense pressure of planning wedding despite basking the euphoria of love and eternal commitment, so you need to congratulate them all the way to their togetherness.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Best engagement wishes for your best friend

I have put together 10 best engagement wishes for your best friend which you can use to congratulate him or her.

My darling best friend, our friendship from over the years has been the best thing that ever happened to me. You have always remained supportive of everything I do and every decisions I have made. I am happy that you also picked a friend of mine and your best friend as a partner as well. This is the reason why I am sending my engagement wishes to you. May god bless your marriage as you prepare for the ceremony. Cheers!!

2 Growing up, I had always wanted us to get the best of everything; the best schools, the best jobs, the best properties and even the best family. When you met her, I knew she was the best thing that could ever happen to our friendship and now you are getting engaged to her. This is the happiest thing that has happened to me right now and I want to thank God for how successful we have been so far. Congratulations on your engagement Buddy. I can’t wait for your wedding because it would be the best too.

3 I was excited when I got the call of your engagement. I never knew it would be this soon but now that it has happened it is time for the preparations. I am so excited for you and I pray that God almighty blesses your new home.

4 The star that has started shining in your life will never go dim. The blessings of God that has started coming to fulfillment will never stop. And as you have taken the step that a lot of us actually dead to take. I am completely elated to be a part of this awesome story. Cheers to you Buddy, God bless your new home.

5 Remember, the path would tough, the road will have its stones. The best marriages are not made in heaven. So, expect there to be issues, but always remember to work and pray to God, and he will help you out on all marital issues. When the foundation of your togetherness is laid on the solid rock, then be rest assured he has got your marriage covered. Please accept my best wishes on your engagement, dear friend.

6 I pray that God be with you, bless you, remembers you, never forsakes you, build your home with you, touch every needy area in your family, as you begin your life journey in life. The best of your future is just commencing and know that as you have picked your second half to be whole, the almighty will perfect everything in your life and make your family whole. Congratulations FAM, God be with you.

7 The journey has been long; the road was rough but now here we are. Looking at your hubby and the family you are eventually going to build, I cannot be more thankful. Remember that there will be good and fair times but let your love and understanding be the guidance in your marriage. Congratulations on your wedding. God bless your home.

8 Your marriage is an eternal between two people and I am excited that you have chosen the partner to bond with forever. I pray for complete joy and marital bliss as you commence this journey. You have the most wonderful best friend ever, and I am sure you would make the best wife ever. God bless your marriage.

9 Dear Best Friend, our friendship has been the best thing that happened to me. Your support to my well-being has been meant the world to me. You have supported every decision I have made and this demonstrates the true meaning of friendship, and I am glad that you chose your future who happens to be someone I know so well. I am sure you both are perfect for each other

10 Remember when we always dream about our future weddings together and how splufic they would turn out? It is so amazing that yours came up first and then I need to be a part of it. I wish you the very best of your wedding and journey as a married lady. God will fulfill and perfect all his purpose for your life as you walk that path of destiny. Congratulations dear, I am so excited for you.

Cute engagement wishes for your best friend

You can also leverage these cute engagement wishes for your best friend, which I believe will be perfect for the occassion.

11 I had always knew you would be the first one to get married my best friend. You have always been a very patient, kind and amazing person. When I met your fiancée, I knew the definition of perfection. I pray that your wedding day remains beautiful and your marriage, even more wonderful. Congratulations Bestie.

12 You are such a beautiful couple and I celebrate with you today on your engagement. May your togetherness take you to the highest level of your lives now and forever. Congratulations once again.

13 I have been overwhelmed with a lot of emotions on seeing my best friend getting engaged. I am so happy that you found your better half. Congratulations from me and my family.

14 I wish you all the love so everlasting as you embark on a beautiful journey together. I know you would be a gift and blessing to your marriage. I am also sure that you will bring all the laughter and happiness that your marriage needs to survive. My best wishes to you on your engagement.

15 I cannot but just send my best wishes on my friend’s engagement when I heard about it. You have made an awesome catch and I am excited to be a part of your journey together. I know you are going to hold on to him so tight and do everything possible to ensure you have the best of your marriage. Congratulations darling. May God be with your home.

16 An engagement is the icing any relationship could pray for while the marriage is the highest of love and joy in any engaged relationship. I wish you congratulations as you make your life’s journey at the very top. Cheers

17 We all know that engagement is a promise of marriage. Make sure you keep the promise of everlasting support and happiness to your spouse as you commence an amazing journey together. Congratulations Dear. Three hearty cheers

18 Remember being in a relationship with someone is like testing the waters of love. Putting an icing on it and getting engaged is when you now want to swim in it, and getting married is when you make the decision to drown in it with your partner, I wish you the best that love and life could offer. My best wishes dear best friend.

19 I see what love, dedication, commitment, promises and emotional destiny is when I look at your relationship. Your relationship is a model of other relationships to look up to, and I am so glad that I am a part of your engagement. Always try to remain the same as you have started this beautiful journey together. I am proud of you, dear best friend. My best wishes to you and Le Boo.

20 I am sure I have not read the best love story yet, because with your family, it is bound to be written so well. You are the perfect example of a love story so amazing. Congratulations on your engagement Baby. God bless your home.

Funny engagement wishes for your best friend

21 You can decide to go funny by sending a couple of funny engagement wishes for your best friend. You need to give him/her something to laugh about in the middle of all the euphoria. Don’t you think?

22 Wedding is just like going to a prison
Engagement is like being docked and arraigned for hitting love so hard
But anyway, Who doesn’t want to go to the prison of love?
Congratulations on your journey to the prison of love. I hope you are convicted and sentenced for life.

23 This moment that you have ended spinsterhood by getting engaged. You have commenced a sugary life of prison. Have an amazing sentence. Cheers

24 Remember you are going to be banned from seeing other guys, you are going to be stopped from hanging out with the girls, You are going to criticized on the basis of commitment. But then you are going to be loved in a crazy and amazing way. Congratulations on your engagement.

25 Marriage is a challenge, be ready to accept and fight for it. Congratulations

26 I am very much excited that you both are getting married. As best friends, you guys will make the most amazing couple and I am sure you will always remember this day of your coming together to be engaged. Remember though that love is tolerance; a Lot of things will happen like arguments, differences and tempers will be flying everywhere which may want to erode the foundation of your love. Always remember to ignore the little issues that may become the big issues and love like no other. I wish you the very best engagement wishes as my best friend. Cheers!

27 You are so mean. You just left me in the single garden and got engaged. You are so callous, You left me lonely and so hopeless. I know you will be busy with your partner and I am sad our friendship will be affected. But guess what, I am happy that you made your choice eventually, continue the ride to full bliss and happiness. Congratulations on your engagement best friend.

28 I wish you all the best as you get engaged to the one person that you will piss off for the rest of your life

29 I am already clearing my itinerary for your wedding. Now is the time to get really drunk. Congratulations

30 Congratulations on your final catch. You better don’t drop him/ her

Poetic engagement wishes for your best friend

Who says you can’t go poetic as you string up a number of poetic engagement wishes for your best friend. Isn’t it time to make your best friend appreciate the artistic side of you? See examples of poetic engagement wishes for your best friend that you can use.

31 Whenever you begin to doubt whether you made the right choice, whenever you feel so bad after a fight, whenever you feel so angry and you want to stay apart. Just take a deep breath, hug your man/ woman and stare deep down into your souls, remembering how you both met. Trust me, you will come back alive and happy for that is the real essence of love in marriage. Congratulations.

32 I am so excited, that you finally decided to put a ring on it. You are not just a couple, you are a unique one at that. I wish you the best congratulations as you journey down the aisle

33 I pray that your romance will continue to blossom as you commence this journey of life together. Congratulations

34 Let your love be deep.
Let your love be sweet
Let your love overcome all ego
Let your love stay happy
Let your love be everything
Congratulations on your engagement

35 I know that everyone will laugh and say you both are beautiful
I won’t go with the norm and say that
I will say you both are the best thing that ever happened to love
Because you are a definition of love itself
Your true love makes be blush in scary excitement, that I want to love again and again
My best wishes on your engagement

36 Couples like you are so difficult to discover around
You are a match made in heaven as God already stamped your matrimony
I am sure this is the beginning of a lot of amazing things to come
Congratulations on your engagement

37 Congratulations to my sweet bunny and honey pie on your engagement
I hope you have the best of the love and togetherness now and forever

38 I know I need to say this
The scent of your love gets me drunk
Your affection for each other shines so bright that even the sun doffs its hat
I know you guys are going to grow old and so gorgeous together
I can’t wait to be a part of your journey into the future. Congratulations

39 You are not only lucky to have your man, you are blessed. Your story has been the most challenging yet exciting ever, and I wish you the very best of a lifelong journey. My best wishes on your day.

40 No matter how life happens to you. No matter the difficulties you encounter. Always believe that with your love, you will both scale through. Congratulations on your engagement.

Romantic engagement wishes for your best friend

Remember to fire up the romance your own way as you send romantic engagement wishes for your best friend.

41 Let your love be the plant and make sure you water your plant everyday to keep it growing and blossoming

42 You are a story to be told to younger generation. Your love is the true definition of life and everlasting togetherness

43 Do not despair for God has made a beautiful future for you. A future that you will be happy to be in.

44 Let the light of your love so shine before, so that they can use your love story as a point of contact to other families

45 You have made the decision to stay true to love today, and I am happy to be a part of your life long journey together. I am very sure the both of you will grow old together before you are perfect for each other

46 Remember the romance before marriage, do not make it slow down instead fire it up in its full throttle and make him want you more.

47 Your love is a drug to other single out there. Remember to send in the correct prescription. Congratulations

48 I wish you the grandest of all life journey. I wish you the most awesome of all togetherness. I wish the best of everything love offers. I wish you eternal prosperity. Congratulations

49 Tears of happiness fill my eyes when I heard of your engagement. Your love is the true definition of slow and steady and it has grown tremendously over time. This sums up the foundation every family needs to stand the love test of time. I wish you the best of this beautiful journey and I pray God supports your every decision now and forever.

50 Go now, get on with it, cement your partnership. It is the lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sights. Congratulations baby.

Now that you have seen and read it all the engagement wish for your best friend, start copying, start texting.

You can also hit the share buttons and share our engagement wished for your best friend with your friends. We all need love..

I can bet it with you that your friend will love and thank you for this your best, romantic and funny engagement wishes that you have taken out time to send

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