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Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

ways to make a long distance relationship work

I know that feeling though, when you are out there looking for ways to make a long distance relationship work perfectly for you. not to worry this post is one you will not regret reading.

A lot of people would have told you to move on. Your partner would not be coming back, or the timing is too long and your partner would have moved on and may end up breaking your heart. Listening to these guys can be extremely difficult for you. You might even end of feeling that maybe these guys advising you do not like you.

They do like you really, just that they are more concerned as to you wasting your time waiting for that guy or lady to be back. You see?

To some people, Time is money.

Believe me, it will not be easy, even the distance may make your heart hurt in longing for the man/woman of your dreams. Things could get thorny, and you could end up being lonely and longing for your partner most of the times. What I need you to know is that distance can be one of the best things that could happen to your relationship.

Long distance relationships can complex and sweet at the same time, and really. The depth and strength of your love would be tested.

You would be tempted in so many ways and the longing for your partner would make your heart grow fonder. A lot of people believe that distance between love birds make the heart grow fonder. I agree with this premise on the basis that when love is handled as maturely as possible between the lovers, then it is suffice to say that the heart will sure grow fonder and the love will wax stronger; more rock solid.

In order to keep the water of your love flowing, you need to master ways to make a long distance relationship work because it requires a lot of processes and efforts.

Remember that relationships between love birds that are close to each other requires work not to talk of a partner that you would not see for sometime; months, even years.

Your ways to make a long distance relationship work could be tough and easy depending on how you so much want your relationship and how dedicated and convinced you are that your relationship will work.

Best ways to make long a distance relationship work

Communication is one of the best ways to make a long distance relationship work as you will see below

I will continue to re-emphasize on the role of communication in long distance relationships. It is one of the best ways to make a long distance relationship work. You need to send the quotes  and messages long distance relationship to keep the fire of your love burning.

You should also not forget to send sweet romantic love text messages to the partner of your dreams. Create a schedule for this and both of you should endeavor to stick to it. It would be difficult, I know but when you have the fact that it is one of the ways to make a long distance relationship easier for you, then this should be enough motivation for strict adherence to communication.

Also, calls are very extremely important to ensure ways of making long distance relationship easier for you. Regular daily life updates should be shared between you and your partner. Remember to share experiences, have fun in between and try to catch up on old times putting your daily updates into perspective.

Amazingly in this era of social, and ease of communicating, remember to share pictures, timelines, voice and video calls; Skyping, Facebook Live, infact Whataspp video should always be what you both should engage in. When you adhere to this communication trends, then it becomes easier for you both to strengthen your love by cutting off the ‘LONELINESS’ barrier. A barrier to long distance relationship that COMMUNICATION helps to solve.

Talking dirty is one of the best ways to make a long distance relationship work

I am sure a lot of you would agree with me on this as one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work.

When you create sexual tension and desire for a partner that is faraway, you are bound to make him or her go crazy and long more for you. Sex is not just a chemical reaction, it is also as emotional as it is biological, and you need to leech on this to fire up the emotions in your relationship.

Remember communication? Send him flirty texts, provocative outfits, why not try sexting. Make your partner go crazy.

Be careful not to share Xrated videos though, unless you trust your partner enough to keep your secrets secret. Alright?

Sexy jokes and jests also works well on ways to make a long distance relationship easier.

One of the best ways to make a relationship work is to set ground rules

What do you intend to achieve in your relationship?

one of the ways to make a long distance relationship easier if for both of you to deal with trust in your relationships. You need to set ground rules whether you are together or not. What level of commitment are you expecting from your relationship and what could amount to cheating. Remember that when these rules are clear, it helps both of you to focus on the goal; whether long term or otherwise.

Setting ground rules also allow you both to discuss on issues that bothers on insecurity and jealousy. When this is don, you can save yourself from a lot of aches, breaks of your heart and you will bhe able to deal with your partner better despite being away from you.

Trying to perform similar activities is one of the sure fire best ways to make a long distance relationship work

Watch same movies, buy similar books, listen to similar music and try to discuss your POVs from what you have read, seen or listened to. This is one of the sure fire ways to make a long distance relationship easier and work for partners.

Asides the fact that it bridges the communication gap between both of you, it makes you hearts grown fonder for each other and creates experience that you would reminisce when both of you are finally back together.

Being honest with each other is one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work

One of the ways to make a long distance relationship work is by discussing various issues that bothers on fear, and honesty.

You should try as much as possible to single out cases where you feel situations are not done in the right way to your partner. You need to voice out whatever you feel could damage the honesty and trust you have built with each other.

Do not try to deal with issues on your own and as much as possible try to get all the support you may need from your partner in the relationship. Reaching a common ground in your discussions is very key in building honesty in your relationship.

Stalking isn’t bad so far it is done moderately

Another way to make a long distance relationship work is by stalking your partner online. Tag him to your posts on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pin interest and Google plus. Laugh over pictures online, like and drop comments to show that you are both aware of the stalking.

Let it be reasonable and moderate and you are just on the track of making your long distance relationship work.

Remember that writing love letters is one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work

Don’t be too tired. Love letters are timeless and you are sure writing very cute love letters will make your partner value the time you have taken to curate such beautiful piece and appreciate it no matter how place he/ she is.

Write and continue to write, share thoughts and convictions through your love letters. Smile through the process and bask in the euphoria of love letters exchange. It is fun and you don’t need to get tired of it.

Keeping yourself busy is also one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work

You will always think about your partner whenever you are less busy and not doing anything. You need to learn to engage yourself in chores whenever you miss your partner.

Jog around the neighborhood, join a gym class, make new friends, and just enjoy it while at it. When you have time to have chats with your partner, you can now discuss your new found hobbies with him/ her. This is another one of the major ways to make a long distance relationship work.

Do not make hasty judgement

When we are away from our partners for so long, we begin to draw hasty conclusions in our head the moment we see things that we don’t like happening around them.

He might have made a post about love online, taken some pictures with a female colleague. She might have gone clubbing with male friends or shared a table with some guy and then you are beginning to draw conclusions based on what you have seen and noticed.

Hey, take a chill pill, that is really unhealthy for your relationship.

I understand that distance can play dangerous games with our thoughts that we make different kinds of assumptions and conclusions.

You need to constantly set a reminder of yourself whenever cases like this comes up. Your partner is far away from you and instead of letting emotions run riot in your head, you could just seek clarifications when you are not clear about certain situations instead of making conclusions in your head.

Having a concrete plan when you both get back together is also one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work

What is your relationship goal? Are you getting married like almost immediately? Buying a house? Getting a new car? Getting engaged?

Talk about this together to keep you both in check and try as much as possible to begin to work towards in your different locations. I have noticed that a lot of distance relationships don’t work because they don’t have a goal in sight.

You want to make it work? Have a goal in sight. Don’t just go with the flow. You need to goal it to work it. It shows the strength and positivity in getting back together and trust me, it increases the level of commitment between you both as well.

Listen to people but acting on it is your decision

People will always talk, okay?

When they realize that he or she is taking too long to come back to you. They will advise you to move on. There will be a lot of skeptics on your pathway. You will also get a lot of warning and ‘Don’t say I did not tell you’.

What you decide is your decision. Do not ever listen to them. Remember to use your discretion eventually okay?

You just LISTEN – It is your relationship and not theirs, and working it rests on you and not THEM!

Respect each others independence

Sometimes you need to give your partner a break, it doesn’t have to be texting and calling all the time. You get what I mean? What he or she experiences would be different from your experience, especially when he/ she is outside the country. It is a new world out there, different people, different culture and different expectations. Okay?

Respect their independence and they will honour yours as well. When this happen, you gain more respect and value in the relationship and this may eventually foster to a degree, mutual love and understanding between both of you.

Remember that your partner has his or her own pursuits as well. Family to talk to, friends to chat with, career to pursue. Therefore the earlier you respect your partner’s independence, the better.

All relationships are not easy whether you both are together or far away and the earlier you try to cultivate the blossoming flower of your long distance relationship the better the chances of making it work in a huge way.


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