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I fumbled for words.

I explained that I was in a relationship and he was still married to his wife, he responded that his marriage was soon going to be over; he deliberately kept quiet about my being engaged.

I reiterated it to him that I was in a loving relationship. He kept quiet for a few minutes and then he asked if I would have married him if I was single and searching. “Maybe”, I replied reluctantly.

Then we both laughed it off. But the truth remained that I could get married to him if we were both not engaged to other people.

What else do I want I a man? He’s got it all.

I tried as much as I could to hide my escapades from Tade. I even changed his number on my phone from Mr. Mark to an abstract female name that would give him no idea who was calling or who I was chatting with.

I deleted suggestive chats and messages from him and I always had a lie to cover up for the time I spent with my boss. I was going to keep doing that for however long it was going to take.

Mr. Mark started to respect our friendship as he promised. We left work early, ate lunch separately and spoke on phone less often.

I guess people were tired of suspecting that we that we were having an affair and we didn’t care as well.

One Saturday, Tade and I had an amusing time out; playing games, chatting and having fun. When it was time to leave, he didn’t want me to, he pleaded with me spend the night at his place, I turned him down.

Tade and I had come a long way with our mutual agreement not to have sex until our wedding night.

We had always put each other in check, watching out and protecting each other. Tade didn’t persist with his appeal that I spend the night and I was glad he didn’t.

I was celibate and we had agreed to defer sexual activities until we were married.

I appreciated that he didn’t mount pressure on me, he never did. I hurried out of his house back to my apartment before it was too late to get a cab, I didn’t know I had left me phone behind.

Mr. Mark whose name I saved with something else must have called and my fiancé would have answered the phone if he called repeatedly.

When I got home and discovered I had forgotten my phone at my fiancé’s place. I knew the cat was out of the bag……..







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