Have you ever noticed no matter how much couples love each other, they still fight?

Have you ever seen two young lovebirds quarrel so much and you wonder, with so much love irradiating between them? Why do they raise their voices so high even after professing earth and heaven love to each other.

Do they love each other truly?

Oh yes, it is so obvious and can be seen obviously. They are like a paper that’s open to all. Their love is quite intoxicating. Then they argue and throw verbal tantrums.

You now begin to wonder! Is love not enough to cover for all wrongs?

My question to you, do you love yourself? If yes proceed with the next question.

Do you get angry with yourself? So angry you could almost hit yourself if possible or mentally torture yourself?

Do you feel that?

If your answer is yes, then a little glimpse into the life of the lovers who fight is clear enough.

Love don’t stop you from fighting with your spouse/partner, maturity and understanding does.

The fact that you love someone doesn’t make you totally blind to their wrongs even though it is expected that you ought to.

Love is kind, caring, forgiving, remembers no wrong. Love does not revenge, but love is not immune to pains, disappointment.

When love is hurt, love feels it but doesn’t act on it negatively.

Love approaches the wrong from a peaceful angle and settles it.

Love is permitted to express her feelings.

Being so bitter and angry over everything is extremely dangerous to your relationship.

The difference is, love gets angry and handles it in a peaceful manner.

It doesn’t seek to scatter or insist on bother on negatives. Love seeks to amend wrongs and not justify wrongs.

When couples who are genuinely in love fight, they fight to agree on a better resolution.

Their fights always seek to bring about a better situation/agreement. They just don’t fight to tear each other down or bring down each other’s self esteem.

Love is beautiful. It doesn’t seek to be right all the times.

Just like you get angry with yourself and within few minutes you have forgiven yourself, even though it still hurts you for making such a mistake but you let go because you can’t afford to be mad at yourself for long.

It is normal for couples to disagree over issues but it is not normal to seek revenge or seek plots to scatter everything.

Learn to settle issues amicably, don’t shout on your partner when issues arise; settle with love.


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