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…..My relationship with my boss went on unhindered. We still got together often, eating, talking and making out. One evening, he asked if I could come spend the weekend over at his place. Of course I could. I couldn’t say no, the ball was in my court and am not about to give it away.

I knew it was improper to spend the weekend over with him, not only because we could have sex again but because of all the circumstances surrounding disappearance of his wife and son.

I shut conflicting thoughts out from my mind because I had to guard my relationship with him jealously and made sure he didn’t get upset enough to want to leave me. I’ll have to do everything I could to keep the fire burning even if it meant spending the weekend at his apartment against my will.

I picked some of my nice wears and waited for him to come pick me up in my house on Friday evening as we planned. We were both happy to be together. When I got to his house, I kept my luggage in the guest room I slept him the first time I came as he told me to. We had food, drinks; we talked, played games, and had a lot of fun.

Maybe I even did the right thing breaking up with Tade, I thought to myself in the euphoria of the moment.

Mr Mark got along so well. We saw a movie that night and got kissing in no time, we kissed and cuddled and touched and of course had sex… the next day was a Saturday. It was another day of sexual escapades.

The guilt and naivety I felt the first time was no longer there. I felt more comfortable with having sex with him and even enjoyed it; we both enjoyed each other’s body. After several rounds of intercourse that afternoon we both fell asleep in the living room.

Around 4pm in the evening, there was a knock on the gate. I was half awake but I heard that knock clearly. Apart from the fact that I was a visitor in that house, there was a gatekeeper that world get the gate so I didn’t bother getting it, whoever it was I knew I had to put ,myself together because I was almost naked. I put on something comfortable and sat up on the chair. Mr Mark was still having naked ad deep asleep I was confused. I wasn’t sure whether to wake him up or leave him. I wondered who was at the gate.

While I was trying to pull my thoughts together whether to open the gate or not, the living room door flung open, I tapped Mr Mark gently and he woke up startled. Then a middle aged woman walked in with a very small boy. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that was Mr Mark’s wife, my instinct already did.

She stood there staring at me. I couldn’t figure out what was going through her mind. Mr Marks jaw dropped. I had never seen him that jittery and incapacitated.

Rosaline! He exclaimed, his voice trembling. The little boy screamed daddy , then the woman pulled him away with her as she walked away to one of the rooms.

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