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Runs girls In Nigeria – Difference Between Ashawo, Olosho & Ashomu

runs girls in nigeria

Runs girls in Nigeria – Nowadays, you will agree with me that there are some set of ladies around us and on the street we tour every day that may not bad looking though. They come in different ‘sizes’ and ‘packages’ you might also have noticed. Some of them are easy to get while some are not at all, this though is depending on your approach and packaging.

are not too difficult to have deals and connections with. They are those girls you tag ‘slay queens’ on your street that you can always talk to. Even though some of them will turn you down, most of them are quick to ‘do’ you. On this set of girls, you do not need to spend too much, this is also is largely depending on how you portray yourself.


If you have been to the ‘Ipodo Ikeja’ area of Lagos state before, then you might have come in contact with these girls. They are generally called ´bend down select´ but in this case, it stands and chooses your specs.

You don’t have to know them from Adam, but the moment you talk money and your price are agreeable to them, you are just good to go. These ones have a different category from the ‘ashomus’. You do not have to go extra miles to have any of them. They don’t have a fixed price. With prices ranging from #500 you are good to go. They all have their categories and ‘monetary’ tastes.

Also, they operate in fixed locations. You called them in, they pass the night with you, and the next day everyone goes back to his/her business like nothing happened.

These ones, you are not obligated to them in any way. They cannot contact you for any financial assistance in the nearest future, whatsoever.  Even if you perchance cross path with them on the streets or anywhere else you have to just feign complete non-recognition.


In the hierarchical order, this is the highest of the category. These ones operate in not too obvious ways. They leave doubt in the mind of people as to what they really are. Many people refer to some ladies who they presume that their ways are not pure enough; like what they do is not that clear to people.

Like I mentioned earlier, they are the highest on the order. Their payments range from like 2 million nairas upwards. Here, let me remind you of some instances where their impact have been felt.

You remember that government official? That one who had to pay a lady like that billion of naira for no reason at all? Let me not say more than that.

Then, there is the case of another lady who accused a popular pastor of having affairs with her.  The issue was very hot then and it trended really well.

Now these ones fall under the ‘Olosho’ category. They have the unwritten contract of the man having to help out whenever they have financial issues and stress. They can afford to live in big houses in elite areas and drive good cars.

When their rent is due or to change their phone, they can call on their ‘customer’. They can profess love to everyone on their ‘customer’ list and not bat an eyelid at all.

They also see it as a profession. Some of them do it on part-time while others do it on a full-time basis. If you have watched Jenifa’s diary, the case of Pelumi is an instance. They even go to the extent of ‘recruiting’ younger ladies and ‘train’ them in the art.

How to Identify The Ashomus, Ashawos & Runsgirls

For the first categories, the ‘Ashomus’, they are not so hard to distinguish. They are the regular, fine girls you see on the street, on the campus, in the area and other not too special places.

The ‘ashawos’ are mostly recognized by the way they dress, and the manner by which they talk. Their dress sense immodesty is second to none. Even the way they talk is so crude and vulgar.

They chew gum, drink, smoke and many others. In short with their appearance you will know them.

The ‘oloshos’ are also not that difficult to spot. But the best way to know some of them is when they do not have a substantial job and yet lives large. They drive big cars and live in sophisticated houses in estates. Their account balance speaks volume and they do not hesitate to show off their opulence.

Reasons some ladies plunge into this unholy act

There are so many reasons why ladies, go into the art of selling their body to make money.  And here I will talk about just a few of it.

First is poverty

It is a known fact that the economic situation of the country is nothing to write home about and the state of things can make situations hard on people who do not have a considerable source of income. This alone makes some ladies seek an alternative in indulging in this art.

They see it as an escape route from having to wallow in poverty. Since all that is needed is to spend a night (or nights) with a man and get paid at no cost of any stress whatsoever.

Ayo, an Ashomu or classic runs girl that I know is the eldest child of a family of 6 children. Her father was a clerical staff in the railway corporation and her mother a petty trader. She assumed the responsibility of catering for her younger siblings and her family at large when her father lost his job. It was not an easy task as she was just in her third year in the university. She had no choice but to resort to sleeping with men for money to cater for her needs and family’s and to keep her younger ones in school.

Another reason is imitation

Now imitation of any bad trait is bad on its own, and it is very easy to fall into the trap of pressure among one’s peers. Some ladies who come from the average family but wants to have things that they think they should have will resort to sleeping with men to get them.

They see their mates driving big cars, some of them can afford to live off campus, use the latest phones, have the latest gadgets and stuff in their apartments, knows people of affluence and so on. They feel intimidated and want to be like these peers.

Let me cite an instance of this. Ola (the name has been changed here) comes from an average family. The father is a retired school principal and the mother is a matron in one of the leading teaching hospitals in the country. She was brought up to be and has always been a well-mannered child all through her younger days. She gained admission into a Federal university and had to live on the campus; which is the normal thing to do, of course.

Getting to a wider and freer environment exposed her to a lot of vices, both the good and the bad. She started seeing things differently. This is largely due to the fact that she attended a private university. She saw her peers driving big and exotic cars on campus. They spend as freely as she cannot even imagine. She began to see herself as inferior to them.

At first, she withdrew, reduced her mingling with them and faced her studies. Later, she saw that she could not even concentrate. The clothes the ladies wore the cars they drive, the money they spend, their talk on where they spent the vacation, among other things started getting to her and she could no longer bear it.

One day, she summoned the courage and moved closer to one of her course mates who talk a lot about exotic cities in the world. She jokingly asked her what her parent does. The ladies all laughed at her not comprehending her naivety.

They told her not to bother and refused to tell her a thing.

She would not be discouraged as she kept on pestering one of the ladies who was a bit closer to her.

They later accepted her in their midst and took her out on few occasions. After some months, due to her eagerness, she was introduced properly to their doing. They got her an Alhaji in the federal capital territory who started dashing her huge amounts and took her on exotic vacations.

Soon, she had joined the big girls on the campus club. In fact, she was feared by some lecturers who know the influence the Alhaji wield in the society.

From this illustration, Ola was intimidated and was easily influenced by her peers.

The third is for fun

Some of these ladies especially those who fall under the ‘Oloshos’ category do it, just for the fun of it. They feel that life is not too harsh and has to be lived to the fullest. They do not want to live a life whereby they would regret not ‘exploring’ enough at their youth age.

Another instance is that of Ope (the name has been changed too). She was born into a wealthy family; her father a senator and her mother own a fashion home. She sees life as to be lived to the fullest. So she embarks on an exploration of all avenues of fun and excitement. She travels, meet people, goes out with men, gets money from them and spends recklessly on what snots. She lacks nothing from home, but she just wants more adventure of life.

Those reasons listed above can be a cause.

But the repercussions?

There is no action without reaction; this is what school and different experiences of life have thought us. For this act, there are repercussions: Physical, emotional and psychological.

Physical repercussions

The physical repercussion is nothing less of disease; the diseases can range from minor to very serious anomaly. Sexually transmitted diseases which vary from staphylococcus, hepatitis B, gonorrhea to HIV/AIDS.

Someone who has had unprotected sex with the various individuals should not expect less than incurable diseases.

Then there is this popular notion held by many that a woman who has slept with so many men tends to have a very awful body odour. How true this is though, I cannot say.

Emotional and psychological repercussion

Sex has the key religions in the world has thought us, is more than just a physical exercise. It connects the minds involved in it to a supernatural realm. This, in simpler terms, means, that for everyone one an individual has sexual intercourse with, they already share a bond which is more than physical.

Now, a person, lady in this case, who has had sexual knowledge of many men, is it wrong to say she is emotionally tied down with them all? Well, I think such lady cannot handle emotions. She is already used to being with various men.

Let’s look at the instance of Ola mentioned above. She was able to manage the relationship with various men at the same time. In fact, she gave her body up even to lecturers to get grades just to pass out of school. After graduation and the compulsory youth service, she found, or let’s say, a man found her to be his choice to spend the rest of his life with.

She started the relationship but found out that she could not stay tied to a man at all. She is used to asking men for financial support, so she went on her ‘hunting escapades’ once more, hoping the guy will not find out. The rest is history, as she was found out and lost the one who could have been just perfect for her.

Apart from the way, Ola’s story ended, there have been cases of the lady having a child and not knowing who the father is, thereby having to raise a child on her own, a lady ready to settle down but found out that her fiancé’s father is the senator who spends on her in the ‘good old days’ and so many stories that touch the heart.

Well, ours is to talk and write, it is the reader/listener’s to accept or reject what we preach. But at the end of it all, it is not the best way of living for any lady who is determined to get the best out of life.

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    June 9, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Unholy act you say? If they decide to get a decent Job they will still be exploited… So let them be.. If you don’t like them go for the reserved ones… I wish I was an Olosho to start with… I will make all the money I want to make and disappear… The ones that get HIV are the careless men… Since Nigerian men feel its okay to use women… Their bank acct should speak..

    . Not my handwriting tho!

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