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Facebook Dating – Good or Bad?

Facebook dating
Issa Ibrahim Momoh is a Journalist from Kogi state who is based Lagos. A writer and a relationship and life coaching expert per excellence. His vast idea about life had invigorated him into writing and my piece is life changing. You can reach out to Issa on +2348080165456.
He shared his thoughts on Facebook dating and we loved it. Read on:

It all started I meet him online, we started talking, and what next…devil takes over, the next thing she will say is please advise me, now learned from other people mistake.

You’re tired. Even you know it. 
You’re exhausted of being everyone’s welcome mat; of being everyone’s stepping stone.
You’re tired of having people walk all over you and having absolutely nothing to show for it. You are just plain sick of being used and abused, dumped by everyone you meet on Facebook or online.
It looks like all Men are the same, but No, sometimes you are the cause.

You advertise yourself on Facebook, next, you meet a guy on Facebook.
You Like Him on Facebook
You Gave Him Your Number on Facebook,
He Called You and start giving you money on Facebook. Next level is HERE!

You Guys Hooked Up At His House
He Finally slept with You
Then Gave you Just Transport Fare
You’ve Fallen For Him Cos He’s A Fresh Guy with Lots Of Likes On His Pictures
In fact, He’s Facebook Famous
You Visited Him Like 3 Times Which He Also slept with You Completely Three times.

But You have A Boyfriend But Yet You’re Cheating On him bcause You Think The Fresh Guy really Loves You With His Sugar Coated Lips..
After Some weeks Or Probably Months You Later Found Out He Had A Girlfriend.
Now It Damn On You that You’ve Been Used and Dumped.

No way again..You Try to Contact Him , He stops picking your calls, he even Blocked you On Facebook.Now You’re heart broken..
Babe you cheated on Someone Remember?
Now you’ll say all guys are the same
Nah All guys ain’t the same.
Few are players, while Many Can sacrifice Everything they have for you, Stick To One guy, Facebook likes ain’t nothing.
Love your man and you’ll get it back in return..

Finally we all know that Girls are easily Enticed By Money and Looks, So Many Of them End up losing Their lives To Ritualist because Of MONEY And Material Things. Some are now getting marry to Old Men.

Young lady let me advise you:

Beware of Facebook love and dating. What works for others may not work for you,

Everybody’s destiny is not the same.

Some are dead now, but you are alive. Who shall be the Next Victim.?

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