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Amazing Birthday Prayer Points for My Love

birthday prayer points

Whether you are sending happy birthday messages or birthday texts, having a mix of birthday prayer points with give your message the added depth it deserves.

Birthdays will never be complete until we have shown our affection to those that we love, from friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, colleague to even mere acquaintances, we just need to send our birthday prayer points and wish them the very best as they age in grace. The best collection of birthday prayers, amazing birthday prayer points, special birthday prayer points, great birthday prayer points, birthday SMS of prayers are all you will find here and you can gladly share with those that you love.

Remember that these prayers can serve as birthday prayer for sister, birthday prayer for self, birthday prayer for a child, birthday prayer for son, thanksgiving birthday prayer, birthday prayer service, birthday prayer poem, birthday prayer message for boyfriend.

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Why are birthdays important?

Birthdays signify a new age for a person. It means that the person being celebrated was born at this date years ago. Birthdays mean a lot. Relationships have been scattered because one partner forgot that their partner’s birthday is that day. One of the worst things a partner can do is to forget their lover’s birthday. It stings like a bee sting. Never be the one to forget your partner’s date. It is risky and disastrous to a relationship. If you know you are liable to forget, note in your phone’s reminder.

Wishing your partner a happy birthday in a very cute way could make their day. They will really appreciate your effort in making their day a special one. It is more than just greeting them but also backing it up with prayer. Pray for them. Send them birthday prayer texts. They will feel indeed special. Always make your partner’s day a really glamorous one for them. Do whatever it is you can to make it special. You will see your partner will be more satisfied with your relationship and therefore, happier.

But we know not everyone is good at crafting out messages. So we decide to help you. Below we have more than 50 prayer points prepared for you to text to your partner. Pick and send!

Great Birthday prayer points to my love

1.  The hands of God will touch with favour, you will be successful in everything you lay your hands on. God will bless you from this day henceforth. You days will be blessed from today henceforth. It is your birthday dear. Rise and shine, God is with you already.

2. Every ray of sun will be declared as the golden grace of God on your life. You will be decorated with grace so much that you will encounter success, prosperity, greatness and everlasting peace in your life. You will be a living testimony of the grace of God in everything you do. The glory of God will never depart from your life. You are a son/ daughter of grace. Happy birthday dear

3. Do not listen to what people say, the grade that you have is not a major separator and determinant to who you are but it is the grace of God that determines who you are. The evidence of prosperity is not a function of labour but favour. You were never promoted based on merit but by the divine of mercy of God. He was  and still is the one that brought you out of the miry clay and he has been with you today. As you celebrate another year today, may his grace surround you. May you be an evidence of multiple prosperity in the name of Jesus. Happy birthday to you.

4. Let me use this amazing opportunity to welcome you to another amazing 365 days of your life. You will continue to grow in the grace of God, in power, strength and grace. You will be lifted high above all the earth and God will place his hands on everything you do. Have a great birthday, God is with you and for you.

5. The little will grow to become bigger. The subtle you will grow to become firmer. Whether your will can’t carry you the grace and mercy of God will drive you there. God will single you out for special and divine upliftment. Sadness will never play its part in your life. You are an evidence of testimony. God is with you today. Happy birthday.

6. Hey, it’s your birthday darling. I pray for more years into your life today. The almighty God will add many years to your present age. You will never lack anything good today and always. Your birthday will be remembered as a day when God’s blessings multiplied in your life. You will be a king of blessings today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

7. The blessings of God will your portion in this special day of yours. The future will bow down for you because the signature of God is already on your tomorrow. You are blessed today and forever. Happy birthday to you. Keep enjoying the grace of God.

8. I am indeed happy and excited to be associated with you on this special day. I want to share my prayers with you. May this day be filled with laughter for you. May the best gifts in life come your way. May you enjoy the grace of God today and forever. May you celebrate many more birthdays on earth. Just as you have risen in happiness today, may the rest of your days on earth be filled with happiness. Happy birthday to you.

9. Wow! your birthday is here again. Beyond your wildest dream will you enjoy the prosperity of God, and you will always have more opportunities to keep shouting hallelujah because God will fill your life with great things this year. The agents of darkness will never come near you because God’s umbrella is upon you always. You are a chosen son/ daughter so I wish you the happiest birthday ever. Enjoy!

10. You are an amazing and special creation of God. It was never a mistake that God created you, because you have been one of the most amazing gift of God to my life. I pray that today and all the rest of your life be surrounded by the warm love, peace and grace of God. It is your birthday, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy celebrations.

11. The long awaited day is here. It is an amazing day of happiness, joy and singing. I pray that God will be with you, and cause you to smile always. You will never be a victim of untimely death. You will live to fulfill the wish of God for your life. You will move from grace to grace and from glory to glory. Peace will surround you today and always. May God be with you darling. Happy birthday.

12. I celebrate with you my dear on your birthday. You have been an amazing gift from God to me and till today I continue to appreciate God for bringing you my way. You made me understand what love means and showed me to be a better version of myself. You are just different and special, and I am indeed excited to be here to witness another birthday yet again. With happiness in my heart, I send my birthday prayers and wishes to you. You will encounter more blessings of God now and forever. Happy birthday to the best lover ever.

13. You are a light that shine to brighten all those that are around. You are the hope for this generation and the generation unborn. You are truly special and amazing, and your birthday is an amazing reminder of the gift of God to all of us in you. I pray today that the oil that God has poured on your head will never run dry. You will move from grace to grace from today till forever in Jesus name. Happy Birthday prince, God be with you!

14. Happy birthday to you my dear. May you always be uplifted in all of your endeavor. Have fun on this glorious day.

15. Happy birthday to you love! It’s your day today! May God shower you with more blessings than you can ever ask for. May you always prosper.

16. Happy birthday to you Sweetie! May your days be long on the surface of the earth. May you live long in perfect health. Amen.

17. Happy birthday my pumpkin. Today is the day that you were born decades ago. May this day bring you breakthrough in all spheres of your life. Amen.

18. I pray for you on this day of yours that you will continue to soar. You will rise! Happy birthday! I love you. Always.

19. Happy birthday to you my one and only. I pray for you today that God will perfect everything that concerns you. I cherish you! You know that.

20. Loving you darling is one of my main purposes on earth. Happy birthday! May I never lose you and may you also never lose me! We will be together forever. Amen.

Birthday Prayer Messages For Lover

21. Happy birthday to the best person in my life. May you conquer territories! May you break boundaries. May you be the epitome of success!

22. Happy birthday to you my love. I pray that in your workplace you receive never ending favour. You are blessed!

23. Happy Born day to you! I am so excited! Hear this: may you live to see your children’s children. May you reap the fruits of your labour.

24. Happy womb escape to you Dear. It’s no secret that I always wish you the best. Today, I pray that the best of things, the best of favour, the best of life shall never elude you. Amen.

25. Happy birthday sweetie pie! May you never lack anything good. May all of your dreams come true! You are the perfect gift.

26. Happy birthday to you Honey. May God’s blessings over your life never cease.

27. Happy birthday my love. May our love never die. May you be always happy. May you never know anything that will cause you to be sad.

28. It’s your day love. May God’s unending protection never cease upon your life. As you celebrate your birthday today, may you always be protected.

29. Happy birthday sweetie! I pray for long life, prosperity, success and great achievements for you. You are covered in God’s blessings. Amen.

30. Prayers are the best gift we could ever give to a loved one. It’s your birthday today and I pray for you that you will be a ruler of many nations. May nations bow before your feet. Amen. Happy birthday!

31. Happy birthday to you My Sugar. May God grant you perfect grace to fulfill purpose. May you live a life full of purpose. Amen.

32.Happy birthday my plum. Birthdays signal the beginning of a new phase and even better phase in a person’s life. May this new phase bring you pure bliss. Amen. Love you!

33. Happy birthday to you Love! This is a new age you’re entering. May you experience unlimited favor, blessings, joy and abundance of wealth in this your new age. You are loved. And I will always pray for you.

34. It’s your birthday! Happy birthday! It’s time to be joyful! My prayer for you today is that all doors of opportunities will be open for you. No opportunity for you to rise will pass you by. You will excel!

35. As you are ushered into this new age of yours, may the Good Lord continue to protect you from all evils. May the power of the negative forces never have power over your life. Happy birthday to you My Sweet heart.

36. Happy Birthday my Heart. As you celebrate your big day today, prosperity will be yours forever, happiness will be yours forever, you will always move forward and never backwards in Jesus’ name. Amen. You are loved dearly.

37. Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie! I pray for you that the good Lord will not cease to rain showers and showers of blessing upon you. He will continue to pour on you infinite grace. Amen. It’s your day! Own it!

38. In this new age that you are being ushered into, may God lift you up to high places and greater heights in Jesus’ name. Not only in this your new age, but for the rest of your life. Amen. Happy birthday Mon Cherie!

39. Happy birthday to you! As you step into this new age, may Goodness, mercy, favour, full protection and provision always follow you. All the days of your life. Happy born-day!

40. My love.. Happy birthday!. It’s a new phase in your life. My prayer for you today is that whatsoever you lay your hands upon to do will always prosper. May all the works of your hands excel and be successful! Amen.

Birthday Prayer Poem for Lover

41. Oh. My dear! It’s your B-day! I pray that God blesses you with enough credit alerts! More money to your bank account and more cash to your Wallet. Have fun! It’s your day!

42. Happy birthday! May you always know excellence, uncountable blessings, favour, prosperity and joy! May you never lack in these things! Amen! I love you dearly.

43. Happy birthday my Love. May our love wax stronger than ever. May our bond be forever strong. I will never lose you. Amen.

44. Happy birthday to you Honey pot! May your cup run over with blessings. May God bombard you with so much blessings that you will be overwhelmed! Enjoy your day!

45. Happy birthday to you my dear sugar. I pray for you every time I pray. And I pray for you now that you will marvel at the height that God will take you. God will lift you higher. Higher than you ever imagined. Amen.

46. I pray for you that the powers of darkness never have power over you. You will conquer your enemies. You will trample them under your feet. You will be victorious. Happy birthday to you my blueberry. Love ya!

47. As you step into this new age, may this new phase of your life be full of surprises. May God overload you with bunch of happy surprises that you even had never thought of. You are blessed by God my Darling. Happy birthday!!

48. Happy birthday! Love, may you always rejoice and have fun in this new age of yours. Joy shall never cease in your life. You will keep smiling and being jolly all the days of your life. Remember, I cherish you so much.

49. Happy birthday to my heart throb! How I love you my dear! I pray that you always emerge the best in every thing that you do. Forward ever for you.. And backward never. Amen.

50. It’s your day Baby. May you forever be triumphant over your enemies. May your enemies see you and wonder amongst themselves, who is your cornerstone. May Christ never stop being your cornerstone.

51. Happy birthday to you. My lover. May you always afford to buy whatever things you wish to buy. May you never be broke. May God bless you so much you’re shocked!

52. Oh my dear! It’s your B-day today! May you never work too much to earn a decent income. May money come to you whenever you call on it. May you be wealthy. Amen.

53. Happy birthday Raspberry! May God grant you the grace to impact so many lives positively. May God enable you to be a positive influence to people. May people all over always respect you. Take care my dear.

54. Happy birthday my dear! I have been waiting for this day to pour prayers on you. May you always excel. May you never lack anything good in this world. May God always strengthen you to pass through life without stress. Amen.

55. Happy birthday Sweetie! It is your day again. May God grant you the grace to always do His will. Because God’s will is what is most important. May God continue to uplift you. Amen.

56. Happy birthday to you my sugar crush! May all of your heart desires and wishes be granted. You will rise above your peers. They will come to celebrate with you for your success. Amen.

57. Happy birthday  to my heart beat. May God make you the father of many nations as He made Abraham. May you live long in perfect health and prosperity.

58. It’s your day! I am so happy for you! You will not know sorrow in your life again. You will not know stress again too. You will know ease, comfort, and peace. May the Prince of Peace himself come to reside with you. Stay blessed!

59. Dear, birthdays are so important. I will be committing a great sin if I don’t pray for you today. So, I pray that you always have reason to praise God. That you always have reason to sing songs of praise and victory. That you always fly high. Amen.

60. Sweetie, you are celebrating your day today. May all the rest of the days of your life be full of great achievements. May your name be a huge force to reckon with. May people respect you wherever you go. May your light always shine bright. Amen.

61. Happy birthday from the deepest parts of my heart. My heart prays for you today. May our union be more blissful than it already is. May the devil never come between us. May our union be one that other people will be looking up to. Amen. You rock!

62. Happy birthday to you my darling. You know how much I love you. I pray that you always be an inspiration to people. That people always get inspired when they see you or watch you do your thing. That you reach higher than the sky. The sky is but your starting point!

63. Happy birthday to you my baby. May God grant you the power to overcome all sorts of temptation that the devil might present in front of you. May you be as sinless as possible so that you can make heaven. And I also will try to be as sinless as possible so that our love story will always continue! I love you my baby. That is my prayer for you and us!

64. Happy birthday my coconut! May you always be the top in whatever you do and wherever you go. The bottom is not and will never be your portion. Greater heights to you my beloved. Jesus Loves You!

So We hope you found the perfect birthday prayer point to pick from the above. If you did, then that’s good. Make your partner love you more today. Send them that beautifully crafted happy birthday prayer point. Win major points in your partner’s heart.





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