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150+ Funny Would You Rather Questions You Can Ask Your Lover

funny would you rather questions

Let’s say you and your lover wants to play a game. A question game, I would advocate that you start with some funny would you rather questions that would make your day and relationship funny.

What are funny would you rather questions?

Funny would you rather questions are questions that leave you with two options to pick from. Some questions may seem quite freaky and weird, while some may seem totally fun and likable that you may decide either to answer the first or the second.

Would you rather jump on this post right now? or move to the next? If you would rather enjoy this post with me or call your friends to join in reading my funny would you rather questions? The list of funny would you rather questions are exhaustive and brings you in the world of asking all the funny questions you can imagine.

My top funny would you rather questions for you

1 Would you rather climb the highest mountains or swim the deepest seas for me?

2 If you were asked to come into this world again, would you rather go back to the past or move into the future.

3 Would rather eat pizza and be overweight or just go green and be underweight?

4 Would you rather be the dumbest person in the house or the smartest person

5 Would you rather prefer the latest car of the year of have a library filled with books and be the most knowledgeable individual around?

6 Would you rather be the listener in a conversation or the one who starts and ends the conversation?

7 Would you rather be a time stopper and freeze time or be the one who makes decision in everything?

8 Would you rather continue in this relationship with me or restart again?

9 Would you rather be able to talk your way out of any relationship arguments with me or simply fight your way out of it?

10 Would rather be a fish in the sea or a bird in the air?

11 Would you rather be deaf or would you rather be dumb?

12 Would you rather have a baby before marriage or have a baby after marriage?

13 Would you rather have long legs or short arms?

14 Would rather your nose be very long or your tongue be very short?

15 Would you rather jump at every junk you see or stare at your favorite junk food and pass?

16 Would you rather survive in a very hot weather or enjoy the cold season?

17 Would you rather date an Ibo man or a Yoruba man?

18 Would you rather stay in coma for 20 years or be in prison for 15?

19 Would you rather fight the good fight of faith or concede defeat?

20 Would you rather have 5 brothers or 5 sisters?

21 Would you rather have a sumptous dinner date on the mainland or go clubbing on the island?

23 Would you rather be a Superman or a batman?

24 Would you rather have no father or mother?

25 Would you rather work from home for 8 hours and 6 days or work at an office for 6 hours and 5 days?

26 Would you rather look like a dog or smell like a dog?

27 Would you rather play FIFA with me or play hide and seek with the girls?

28 Would you rather have an oblong head like that of a cucumber or have a water melon shaped head?

29 Would you rather live in a penthouse or a duplex?

30 Would you rather fly in the air or speed in the boat?

31 Would you rather live one earth or in Mars?

32 Would you rather lose your sight or your voice?

33 Would you rather love me or hate me?

34 Would you rather eat my food or buy your own?

35 Would you rather date your ex or move into the future with me?

36 Would you rather play on water or play in a garden?

37 Would you rather be weird or be freaky?

38 Would you rather scream like a mad man or mew like a cat?

39 Would you rather have a dog as a pet or a crocodile as a pet?

40 Would you rather follow your passion or still deal with a 9-5?

41 Would you rather have kids in your marriage or none at all?

42 Would you rather give birth to a baby or adopt a baby?

43 Would you rather get married at 30 or at 50?

44 Would you rather rent a movie and watch at home with me or go to the cinema?

45 Would you rather go to a church or go to a mosque?

46 Would you rather be a goat or a sheep?

47 Would you rather date a black man or a white man?

48 Would you rather live in Nigeria or in Ghana?

49 Would you rather do the most craziest thing ever or the most dangerous thing ever?

50 Would you rather climb mount Everest with me or swim River Nile?


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