All the ladies, get in here. This is just for you. Remember all the funny pick up lines you have heard from Nigerian men? Well, your list may have been exhaustive but trust me, Nigerian men keep re-inventing themselves in the game of hooking up a fine Nigerian girl. They begin to get as creative as they want by looking up all the corny and funny pick up lines to get a girl to look their way.

We all know that the best way to get a girl is by having the perfect choice of words, right? Some funny Nigerian men anyway take it a notch higher by making their pick up lines funny.

While some Nigerian men can be boring in their manner of approach to ladies, some are quite corny and humorous in getting the attention of the babe. I have decided to share with you my listof funny pick up lines used by Nigerian men to get ladies’ attention. Remember that this list is not really exhaustive so you can add more that you know!

Let’s get started on the funny pick up lines used by Nigerian men, shall we?

1 Where have you been all my life?

This funny pick up line is usually used by men who wants to get a lady to like them like almost immediately. While they may sincerely mean that from the bottom of their hearts, care should be taken to confirm whether these categories of Nigerian mean actually mean the statement posed by that funny pick up line or not. Most of the time, a lot of Nigerian men are not truly sincere with that statement and due to the fact that Nigerian ladies are already used to these statements, it still sounds funny to them.

I mean how can you meet a lady for the first time and ask her where she has been all your life. Funny and cheesy pick up line right?

This is not to say that, a lady has not fallen in love with a guy who started out with such pick up lines though! Funny does it, isn’t it?

2 Hello, I am an armed robber, I am here to steal your heart

I have heard this very cheesy pick up lines on three occasions, a situation that made me ask a couple of Nigerian ladies who told me this pick up lines is bland and boring. Whichever case it is anyway, it is still one of the funny pick up lines used by Nigerian men to get a lady’s attention.

3. I saw a vision from God and he told me you are my life partner

You see them in every corner of the church. Strange eligible bachelors. Their brains are devoid of all wooing lines and they will resort to using the name of God to get you to like them. While some men can be quite honest with this outburst based on the fact that they have truly heard from God. This line has now become so misused in churches now that we do not even know who is right from wrong. the best way ladies react to men like this is just to walk away.

If you want to like and crave for a date, just ask! Don’t bring the name of God into this!

Funny Nigerian men. LOL!

4 You need to check the fabric of my shirt out, it is simply boyfriend material!

This is another popular yet tricky term used by Nigerian men. Since the days of the popular ‘Wife material’ started trending. Nigerian men decided to create their own style of wooing Nigerian ladies!

Since a proper a good is measured by the length and quality material to eventually pin point the realization of being deemed a wife material, the who says a good husband should not be deemed by materialness as well. If a guy walks up to you with this hilarious line. The next question you can jovially ask him is, ‘How many yards of boyfriend material though’?

5 What is your name? Or should I just call you mine?

A lot of Nigerian guys have decided to tune up their dating style by using this popular line when they want to get the name of a lady off her. A lot of ladies are usually turned off by the bland request for their name. ‘May i know your name’? seemed to be overdue for replacement hence, the creative way of requesting for names now!

A Nigerian guy can meet a lady at an event, in church or even on the road, and in order to reduce the level of awkwardness that may arise from asking for a lady’s name they tend to use those words. You see how funny and creative Nigerian men can be, all in the name of dating? Interesting!

6 Do you live in a maize farm, because I am stalking you already

This is a funny and creative phrase used by Nigerian men on socially media, especially on Instagram. Usually a stalker may be seen as a bad influence in real life, but Nigerians devised a creative and harmless way of passing the stalking information accross to make the lady blush in pure appreciation.

I have seen a couple of ladies on Instagram who got across to me based on the fact that they liked certain Nigerian men based on how they slided into their DMs commencing a chat with them. This is becoming very popular now and a lot of Nigerian men are beginning to use this line to get their social media crush interested in them.

7 Oh gosh, I wish I had met you first

A lot of Nigerian men who are already in a relationship usually use this line on Nigerian ladies. While this may be a little bit pissing and embarrassing to the ladies. Some actually find it fun and amusing. Interestingly, the line just does not mean the guy has given up on the lady, it is just a way of saying that, despite the fact that he is in a relationship, he may decide to go for her and leave his present girlfriend.

While a lot of Nigerian ladies appreciate being doted on and being valued for their beauty and sexiness, it is advised that they tread this path carefully. Nigerian men who use this line are usually very deceptive and are great users and dumpers of ladies.

You will not want to be heartbroken as a lady, would you?

8 You are really cute, you look like my mom!

This is another very funny line used by Nigerian men. This kind of line is usually used in most cases where the Nigerian guy really intends to go  deep with the lady. This type of line is also used where there is the intention to build an emotional connection with the Nigerian lady!

We all know that ladies have this psychological inference they draw from men comparing them with their moms, and so this lines creates the kind of connection they require to get into the Nigerian ladies’ heads! It is now a common line by Nigerian men since they find it easy building the connection with the funny pick up line.

While a number of Nigerian men may be sincere with this approach, Nigerian ladies still find it a tad corny and funny because it is now a popular term used by every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’.

9 You think I am drunk? I am only intoxicated by you

This is another corny, cheesy and funny pick up lines used by Nigerian men. Men who are usually at a loss of what to say at a particular time always rely on this funny pick up line to get the attention of the Nigerian.

i am forced to ask Nigerian ladies though, whenever you get this funny pick up line by Nigerian men! How do you react? Angry, uneasy or you just coarse in ripples of laughter or smile? Share with me!

10 I am not staring at your boobs, my eyes are finding their ways into your heart!

I remember just last month, a Nigerian lady told me on Instagram about this hilarious and funny pick up line used by a Nigerian man on her at an event. She felt so uneasy when the man keeps staring at her boobs only the for Nigerian man to walk up to her, extended his hands and told her he was not actually staring at here boobs but her heart! he wanted to find his way into her heart!

Funny right?

Nigerian men for you! They will always come with creative and funny pick up lines for you, that will leave you reeling in laughter.

I had to tell her, it was a popular funny pick up line used by Nigerian men who intended to be randy while checking a Nigerian lady out, and it has been used a lot of times that the truth in the statement has been abused by all and sundry!

There you have it, Deedee’s list of cheesy, hilarious, corny and funny pick up lines used by Nigerian men. Do you have other funny pick up lines to add? Feel free and drop in the comments section below. Let us rain on the Nigerian men’s parade! What do you think?



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