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Perfect Romantic Online Dating First Message For Her

perfect romantic online dating first message

Put on your A game, mesmerize her with a perfect romantic online dating first message and you will be on your way to getting that girl of your dreams online. Easier said than done, right? Luckily you have, the best website for knowing what you need to get the girl of your dreams.

When you appear incoherent, then it is normal for every smart single girl online to ignore your advances through any measure of social media you deem fit. You cannot assume that you would get responses from an online dating site by just writing/ typing words as you deem fit. You see? There are a lot of amazing single ladies online. Some are there for the fun, and some are there to

You see? There are a lot of amazing single ladies online. Some are there for the fun, and some are there to fulfill their long wish of meeting their future spouses. Which it is possible for you to fall into the latter category if you are as mature online as you are offline.

I am sure you are aware that a lot of ladies now find love online, meet their future partners and they live happily ever after, and when you move closer to such ladies you would hear sacred stories of the first deal breaker for the girl which would ultimately be the online dating first message from the guy who is seeking her hand in friendship.

It is so unfortunate that a lot of girls get so many worrisome online dating first message from guys and they find it so cliché and patronizing.

You know why?

As guys that we are, we might have checked out a couple of girls online and we look at the possibility of talking to all of them at once. While we are trying to achieve that, we end up sending the same random online dating first message to all of them at the same time.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of smart girls online, and they actually know when we guys try to chat multiple girls at the same time, and trust me, the moment she realizes this. Then it is a ‘No No’ for her!

Hey, you just lost an awesome lady!

Ideally, I would expect every seriously searching bachelors out there to go through the profiles of these ladies and ultimately look at the girl that fits the personality you are on the lookout for and not just doing a merry-go-round, jack of all trade venture.

It simply means you are not the serious type!

You give to get what you want, you ensure you own what you want! 

How do you even give to get when you are not really prepared to give? When you want to have your cake and eat it!

Hell No!

You will not be able to achieve that because if you have the intention to play a girl online for the first time. You may even end up getting played!

Do you get my point?

My friend, Charles asked me sometimes ago.

Why do I get rebuffed in all my attempts to chat with girls online, some can be very rude, curt and annoying, and I end up getting disappointed finding real love.

Now Charles, two things here!

What did you see in the online profile that triggered you online approach of the said girl(s) in question?

What was your first online dating first message like?

How many girls were you chatting with at that time?

You see, most of us guys like to feed girls the same lines they are already used to and this forms a major part of discouragement and outright rebuff.

I mean why will you chat a girl up because she is just beautiful? You did not go through the profile to find out what really interests you from the onset. While I would agree that beauty is a major source of attraction for any guy, It would be important that you note that so many people end up getting deceived by beauty.

Or better still, a lot of girls on online dating site are aware they are beautiful and are already used to online guys appreciating their beauty in the first online message. This is not just enough to get the ladies’ attention. She is already used to the line. In fact, she gets that same online dating first message whenever she is online!

Don’t you get it?

Online dating is like a war, you both are virtual and since you are aware you need to win, then you need the most creative thought process to get her to seem interested and respond to you at an online dating first message.

So I told Charles;

You need to check out her qualities, find out the similarities and common interests she shares with you and giving that the nudge close to home – asking her questions related to the common interest or creating time to make her see why you love what she loves!

Common interest could be in terms of passion, hobbies, skill set, professional experience and even your love for where she is located.

A girl that realizes that you place a lot of attention to the details of her online profile would find it easy responding to your online dating first message.

Your online dating first message must be the best to come yet and should be filled with so much sauce and juice, enough to get the girl asking for more.

It must be enshrined around her interests and personality rather than her looks and her beautiful profile page. Unnecessary cat calls won’t just work for you. Unless you are on the lookout for dummies who won’t eventually worth a penny of your time. You would eventually end up being as miserly as you started out!

Gorrit now!??

There are a lot of tips relating to online dating first message that you would feel are enough to help you knock on that girl straight on for the first time. What you fail to realize is that, the online dating first message seen may not serve the true purpose of its intention.

Getting the attention of that girl on the dating site goes beyond the normal pickup lines that you have stored somewhere, it balls down to your opening lines mixed with a lot of ingenuity on your part, and ultimately you may end up with that girl of your dreams.

I have decided to put together that killer best online dating first message for that girl you always check her profile out online and trust me. It may be the end of single’hood or bachelorhood for you.

You may decide to use these lines, which is fine in all ramifications or you could just decide to take it a notch further and dwell more on personalities and what tickes your fancy about the profile.

You could even go funny on the girl; ask funny questions get her on a ‘LOL’ response and leave the rest to a friendly conversation and breaking the ice!

Now let’s get on with it, shall we? Online dating first message to knock her off her feet!

1.Your profile is interesting! WoW! So you have seen the last episode of Desperate Housewives. I missed the last episode last week, and hope to catch up this week and meet you at par.

Oh ! You are a sucker at playing Guitar, What level are you on so far? I just bought my guitar, can’t wait to get on with it!

This shows you have checked through her profile and a few of her hobbies caught your fancy. A girl who is truly serious about looking for a meaningful guy online will be caught up by that level of seriousness and dexterity in checking her out and seeing beyond her beauty and physical attributes.

She will sure give you a Nod, if not immediately but know that enough impression has been left on her to respond some other time.

2. Hello Dear, How are you?

I am (mention your name). I love to beautiful faces as I am a freelance photographer and an accountant. I love to travel a lot, experience different weather and atmosphere!

What about you?

Online messages makes a whole lost of sense when you know what to say to get her to respond. Always take mental notes of the importance of writing quality online dating first message that talks about your first before dwelling on her! This is very important as it piques her interest in you as well.

3. I just checked out your profile. Do you work at/ have you worked at (mention the name of a place) even if she doesn’t in the actual sense work there?

A lot of ladies love questions that show interest and they would seem eager to respond.

The reason is not far-fetched anyway. Asking a question related first chat may make the girl seem there is a possibility of you knowing her somewhere, hence, she would be bound to respond ASAP. The onus now is on you to take the chat to the next level.

Key prop is, you have gotten her to respond to your online dating first message.

Easy, right?

4. The third picture on your profile is a little bit clingy! The curves on such a figure would make me go run to my sis to tell her she needs to do a complete overhaul of her online picture gallery. I’ll bet my last dollar, that outfit was tailored to fit! So very on point!

Yes, right there, a little bit funny, devoid of negativity and a tad sassy is all you need for her to check her chat and just smile. You are being cheerful, carefree and at the same time making a funny, sexy remark showing your obviously weighted first message is enough to pull the girl into a response.

5.  I am sorry to not have messaged you earlier. Your picture and online description caught my eye and I just had to share details with my friends. I do not really know how to start a chat with you and needed all the confirmation to give it a go.

You are truly beautiful.

That will truly catch her eye. Get her to smile and maybe ponder on the essence of taking out time to check through her profile and call your friend’s attention to it.  You just have to ensure that you are truly interested in her to catch her attention.

Away from the robust online generic/random ‘Hey’ ‘Hi’ romantic online dating first message that is flying everywhere. It is time to get that girl of your dreams.

You can also check First Dating Messages that get responses

I am not a fan of stock/ generic messages. In fact I frown at it. As mentioned earlier, a lot of girls are smart enough to determine whether a particular online dating first message is meant for her or not. This will propel her to respond to your opening lines for online messages.

Writing perfect online dating first message for her is not a difficult thing to do. Once you get into that writing frenzy, it becomes a norm and your creative eye is opened to seeing how to carve amazing first message to girls as their personas vary.

As soon as you check her out, there will be something different that will catch your fancy, and you then open up your creative mind to dwell on that interest.

Guys, I repeat again

Short words are a No No. Words like

Hi Baby

Hey Cutie

Hot girl

Sugar Baby

I have a big cassava

Can I hang out with you?

My first online dating baby

Hey Can I meet you?

I like your DP

You are the hottest girl I have seen today 

This hair looks fake


How are you today

Please respond

I am so happy to chat with you

Hey I am in love with you!

Those words are so lame and will not, I REPEAT! will not get you the woman of your dreams online. You need to take out time to fathom her interests and online description.

You want to get a girl to respond to you at an online dating first message, read me:


It is so bland and boring. Who wants to respond to that?


You think she doesn’t know that already? If she really is beautiful, you won’t the first nor the last to tell her that. It is rhetorical.

No use for unnecessary pickup lines that seem outdated. You are immediately going to be a turnoff for that online girl.

Be mindful of your language construct as well, your grammar must be well constructed alongside your content. Not all ladies you see online are dolls. Some are very professional and detailed who have keyed into online to get the man of their dreams. Let both your grammar and your statement be awesome in all of its entirety

While some of you may advise that there are no clear-cut online dating first message to get her to talk to you per say, Finding time to carve out the right online dating first message will pass a serious information to the lady on the other end.

Regardless of the various shenanigans going on online dating and the social media. There are still loads of serious girls who craves your perfect romantic online message. It is left to you to be generic and lose the golden girl of your dreams, or pull your act together and see how you can take your online romantic message a step further.

My final word of advice and this goes to all the ladies:

I remember when my baby sister told me about a guy who was fond of chatying her with ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’ ‘Hey’ How she finds it so irritating that she had to block him. Funny that I told her, the guy types the same generic word to a thousand other girls online.

Why type that when it appears the girl may have heard the same words over and over that it becomes so boring?

There are guys with good intentions online. Not all guys are scammers, some of us are even online to find true and genuine love. The onus is on you to decide on who to chat and who not to chat with.

Responding to guys who finds you attractive is very important. However, beware of copy and paste online no do-gooders who won’t even take out time to check your online presence out before sending a generic message. Imagine that they have sent the same messages to hundreds of women/ girls.

You know the funny thing is, you can even ascertain the kind of guy you would be getting into by even the first online chat. A guy that cannot take out time to check your profile out will never find time to check on you if eventually, you decide to get on with him and make him your man/ boyfriend.

Sometimes, it beats me how girls find it easy to even respond to guys who sends a line that you have heard from a million and one guys.

If you respond to ‘Hey’, ‘How far’ ‘WhatsUp’, ‘Howdy’ ‘Hello’. trust me, your relationship will only be limited to generic statements. You are better and smarter than that!

You should read my 5 signs that show you are ready to date again

You deserve a whole lot more than first-time generic words. You deserve that special first chat. Don’t you think?

Find this content insightful and engaging, then don’t read alone, share with your friends. Let us all learn from this post.




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