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Good Night Sweet Dreams My Love

good night sweet dreams my love

Good night sweet dreams my love. After wishing your love good night, won’t you also wish him or her sweet dreams? I will rather you do that and this is how to.

When you are just about to close your eyes to a sweet surrender, you should remember that no one knows what tomorrow will bring, not you, not her, therefore it is important that just before you surrender your self to the whims of sleep. You should try to wish your lover good night sweet dreams. Then he/ she will know that you are not only concerned about his/ her morning but also the nights that come after each day.

You can there send quotes of good night and sweet dreams or messages from your heart that mentions good night sweet dreams just like I am going to do here! Just before I wish you good night and sweet dreams, I wish you would read this and maybe share a couple with your lover.

It will make a lot of sense, won’t it?


Good night sweet dreams my angel

1 A beautiful angel is just standing by your side
Don’t be scared because he is there to protect you
From all the dangers of the night
Good night and sweet dreams my angel

2 You are the most marvelous person ever
And for this I have given you the whole of my heart
Good night my darling
May you have a lot of sweet dreams filled with me in them.
Good night sweet dreams my angel

3 The pleasantness of the surrounding environment
Will make your sleep beautiful and restful
Remember to just head to your window
And stare into the beautiful night
Let the breeze strike your face
As you breaths in the air that blows into your room
Good night sweet dreams my angel
May the angel of God be with you all through the night

4 When the moon comes during the night
It makes itself available to bring beautiful colours into your night
When the stars come at night my love
They comes to add amazing sparkly light in support of the moon
As you lay in your bed to sleep this
I pray that all your morning, noon and night remains as beautiful
Bright and colourful
Good night sweet dreams my angel

5 24 hours culminates into a day
7 days changes to becomes a week
4 beautiful weeks give us one sweet month
But one beautiful, sweet and amazing person
Makes the who life worthy of living
You are the most beautiful human ever
Good night sweet dreams my angel

6 The night comes with all silence
The night comes with all beauty
The night comes with all calmness
But the night can never be perfect
Without someone like you sleeping in it.
I am wishing you the best night rest tonight
Good night sweet dreams my angel

7 It is just so painful
That I am not anywhere near you
Distance separates us
But I know that you will dream beautiful dreams of me
I miss you so much my love
And I hope that I am missed as well
Good night sweet dreams my angel

8 Have the most beautiful dream ever
Because the nights are just made for you
To sleep and rest well
Good night sweet dreams my angel

9 Hey baby, I am called night
And I am here to carry you away
From all the stress of the day
I am here to take you away
From all the worries that
May have come your way
The weapon I possess is sleep
That will attack you so much that it will make you go deep
So kindly surrender all your will and power
And not me carry you far into the place of bliss
Good night sleep dreams

10 The night comes sometimes fast
The night comes sometimes slow
But what is important is that, as the night comes
It allows us to dream beautiful dreams
As the night comes everyday
It allows us to relax from all the worries of the day
As the night comes, it gives us the possibility
To make all our dreams come true
Goodnight sweet dreams my angel

11 A day has come to an end again
I am truly grateful for having a special person
Like you as my friend
Kind and sweet friends are difficult to come in contact with
And that is why I am grateful for having you as a friend and a lover
good night sweet dreams my angel

12 I want to hold you in my arms and capture you all year round
And let our two hearts melt together as one
I want to live and revel in your love
And thank God for giving me a blessing of you from above
Good night sweet dreams my angel

13. Thus, this evening is for you and me alone, my anticipation is for you to have a sweet dream tonight. I want you to enjoy every aspect of the night in blossom conditions.

14. Goodnight sweet dreams, I wish you the best night ever, may your sleep be of the type the righteous ones had in the past and present.

15. I hope for a sweet night dream for you. Thanks for coming around yesterday. Happy sweet dream ahead. You are perfectly gorgeous.

16. Cute lady, I hope to say goodnight to you. I wish you the best of luck all this day of your life. Goodnight sweet love.

17. May you find the best in all you are doing. May your night blow up in fragrance of love and passion. Sweet Dream my beautiful wife.

18. I don’t know what’s happening where you are right now but wherever you are, always remember that someone is thinking deeply about you.

19. Goodnight sweetie, I am wishing you a blossom night dream. May you find endless peace and comfort all your life.

20. What really makes me happy the most is the fact that you are more special than million girls out there. Good night sweet love, I appreciate you like never before.

21. The night when the moon smiles at you and the stars sing a lovely night song. Have a dream of passion and love that sweetens the heart.

22. I am just happy that you find true relaxation this evening and also hope that you find peace of mind in all your endeavors. Goodnight.

23. I am wishing you a happy night, how I wish we are together tonight I will have rest on your lap to go to sleep. Goodnight.

24. Thinking about you this night, wish to hold your hands any moment from now. Goodnight sweet dreams.

25. Your cuteness is as good as the most precious gazelle in the world. I love to see your beautiful face. Goodnight and have all the best tonight.

26. I am in love and tonight the love is far away from me. Goodnight sweet love and you shall progress in life.

27. Anytime I miss you, I feel like to shed furious tears. You are the most beloved person in my life. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best.

28. The dream of passion that makes me happy is the one that comes from your eyes. Goodnight my love.

29. In your eyes I see the light that never off, the light of love, light of joy and everlasting friendship. Goodnight, have the best night ever.

30. I love you like never before you’ve changed my life with your love and care. Thanks for this great impact from you.

31. I never knew you will make this day a precious one for me, I am finally in love with the right person. Thank you sweetie.

32. You are my best friend my joy, and the best ever. You are my life angel, the surest love of my life. Goodnight.

Great Sweet Dream My Love Quotes

33. I hope to have you around me, wishing you a lovely day and night. May your dream tonight be of happiness and joy.

34. I want to say goodnight to the queen of my heart. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Goodnight lovely sister.

35. I am happy to witness this day because I have you in my life. Thank you so much and may you find endless peace and compatible joy.

36. I need you to have a peaceful night, may your sleep be blessed with bliss that will make you wake up in a comfort tomorrow.

37. I imagine us sitting under a tree, enjoying the bliss of the true love burning between us. I am happy to have you for me. I love you my happiness.

38. If I have the chance to cuddle you tonight, I will not miss the show at all. Good night and have a sweet dream.

39. I am happy with you because I can trace my joy to you. You are my pure love. I really miss you. You are the best for me.

40. It doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is the love we have for each other. The light that shines on your face is the beauty that makes me happy the most.

41. Goodnight to the only angel I have, goodnight to the passion that flows in my heart. I will never take the risk of losing you for anyone.

42. I will always be proud of you anywhere at any moment. You are the most intelligent girl ever met in life. I love you like a precious treasure that is rare on earth.

43. The kind of feelings I have for you is not of this world at all. It is found from s world totally different from ours. I love you so much.

44. Goodnight is always hard for me to say, but I have no choice than to wish my heartfelt wife a sweet dream.

45. I am in Love with a unique lady, the path I take to loving you is a bit weird as it does have control. I am totally addicted to your beauty.

46. I need you all my life. You are the most wonderful person in this world for me. I am happy for you as you are the best pearl I have for you.

47. Thank you for all your efforts in my life. Thank you for granting me all of my request that benefitted us both, at last, you are the love of my heart.

48. You are my heart, my petal, and flower that will always saint nice to me until the end of time. Goodnight and have a sweet dream.

49. I just want to be happy with you every second, every minute. I want to love you for being there all the time when I need you most.

50. I feel like cuddling with you right away. I am so much in love with your body as it entices me. Goodnight.

51. If I have the way to touch your body, I will have done so. I will be glad for having the super privilege to touch the most beautiful body in the world.

52. I need you like a flower flowing in the ocean of love, I am happy for you as there is no other treasure like you in my heart.

Sweet Dreams my beautiful wife

53. You are the most gorgeous woman in this world, none has ever been able to replace you in my heart. Thank you for everything.

54. I just want to say goodnight. I miss you so much and will love to meet you at any moment so we can enjoy the love that exists between us.

55. The wave of love I have for you is a super fantastic gift, it makes me happy and also gets me more attracted to you. I love you, Sweet baby. Have a sweet dream.

56. Your love for me is the never-ending type. I saw it in your eyes staring at me irresistibly. Thank you for your sincere love.

57. What really matters to me the most is to know that your health is sound and you are in good condition Have a sweet dream.

58. Goodnight to my baby girl, I want to wish you a peaceful night with lots of comforts roaming in your heart. Good luck baby.

59. I am not that happy that we are far away from each other, but I am sure that my heart is always with you. Goodnight.

60. I never wish to forget you even in a jiffy, anytime I am asleep I still relate with you. I don’t think there is a minute to forget you in my dictionary.

61. What really makes you more adoring to me, is the fact that your goodnight sweet mama, lovely treasure and the most beautiful lady in the entire universe.

62. How was your day sweet lady? I hope you are indeed fine? I love your body shape it is the most loving thing ever touched.

63. If there is any way to please you tonight, I will always be here for you. Goodnight my sweet honey flower. I love you.

64. I just want you to know that I will be there in all you do, I will reach out to you in my prayers. Have a sweet dream my precious.

65. You are my hoodie angel, my chocolate and the most beloved wife whose love dwells in my heart. I can’t possibly love any other girl besides you.

66. I need you as my wife and you are my love, my heart, and my pleasure. Goodnight sweet dreams, may you find peace in your life.

67. Whatever makes me happy is a good thing from you. Goodnight, it is my job is to ensure that you are always comfortable with me.

68. I am in need of you all my life as you have become the most precious gift I love to hear from all my life. I love you.

69. There are many reasons why I cannot stop thinking about you. You are my beloved friend and lover. I wish you the best.

70. You will not understand how much I miss you until you are back again. However, I want you to have a sweet dream wherever you are.

71. It is my joy that a person like you is part of my life. You have changed everything about me just as the air sweeps away the dirt. I love you.

72. There is no night I don’t remember you, you are always the last thought on my heart. Your thought also wakes me up.

Goodnight sweet dreams to my man

73. I know I will miss your tonight, I will be back soonest so your beautiful face will shower some joy on me once more.

74. Never mind what people say about me, focus more on the true love I shower on you. People don’t want to see us together but I never mind too.

75. I have finally met my better half. I am glad it is you. Thank you so much as I will always be proud of you all the time.

76. What really matters the most is the kind of love you share with me, a sincere life that I can’t deny. Goodnight baby love.

77. I wish you more blessing every minute, I wish you more love and passion every now and then and wish you sweet dream all The time.

78. I just don’t know why your thoughts keep coming to my heart. I am captured by your love. I have no choice but to say thanks for everything. Goodnight.

79. Life has changed, it has brought a good fortune to me and which is your presence. I am lucky to have you as a husband. Goodnight.

80. If I have a special way to touch your chest tonight, I will spend all I have to do so. Please come back home I am already missing you. Have a sweet night dream.

81. Dream of me, dream for us and ensure I am the most beautiful diamond in your dream. Kiss me, hug me, and feel my body as you like.

82. I have given you all my heart and now it is left to you to put a smile on my face all the time. Good to have you as a divine gift, I need you like never before. Every day and night, my love increased for you.

83. I just want to tell you that there will be no me without you-I will not be happy if you dare leave my life. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

84. Since your love is always on my mind, I don’t think it is possible to forget you until the end of time. Goodnight angel.

85. I waved at you today but unfortunately, you didn’t see me, I cried out louder, you were on the earpiece. Now, I am lonely but want you to come to dwell in my heart tonight.

86. Thank you for showing me the kind of love I always wanted. I wish you the best of luck. I love you like never before.

87. Maybe it is time to put a smile on your face, it is the time you need to enjoy your efforts. You have always been a good husband. I love you.

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