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New Month Text Messages Prayer Points For Breakthrough

new month text messages prayer

In this new month, all that we need are prayers, and that is why I am sending in my new month text messages prayer points for breakthrough. For the Christians, you do know that without God, nothing is possible.

Even for the Muslims, you always know that you need to commit your way to the hands of God, so that all you wish for will definitely be yours. Just in case you are looking at the prayer points for breakthrough in thus new month, then you are on the right blog. Remember that as much as you wish yourself this prayer, you should also send to your family and friends. We all need prayers in our lives don’t we? This new month text messages prayers will surely come in handy.

New Month Text Messages Prayer For You

My collection of new month text messages prayer that you need to send to your loved ones:

1 As you march into your new month, all glory will be yours in this new month. My new month prayer for you is that God will answer all your prayers in this new month. Be prepared to receive all the best gifts from the heavenly father. Happy new month from me to you. Best Regards.

2 You will never have any reason to march into your untimely death in this new month. The almighty God will bless you in all ramifications. You will have all the best reasons to smile and be happy. Greatness is yours. Receive your wonders and your glory. God be with you in this new month. Rise and shine!

3 Each day of this new month will bring you all the happiness, joy and all celebration that you deserve. You will never lack in this new month. You will have all the reasons to smile and appreciate the goodness of God in your life. Happy New month to you my friend.

4 In this new month, the favour of the lord will shadow you in all ways. The mercies of God will be upon you in all spheres. You will have every reason to experience unspeakable joy. All your heart desires will be granted for you in this new month. You will smile and be happy because he has made things his own way.

5 May the tiniest of your heart desires be answered by the almighty God. I pray that God will position you for the amazing things in this new month. Everything you lay your hands on will be successful in this new month. Through the grace of God. Happy new month to you!

6 You need to be as determined as possible, and surmount all sort of challenges that may want to hinder you from being great. You need to ask for God’s mercy in every spheres of your life, so that you will trample upon snakes and scorpions. Happy new month.

7 All closed doors will be opened unto you this new month. You will have every reason to be happy and smile. You will encounter all the greatness that is due a child of God. May your beginning be powerful such that everyone will see you and appreciate God’s glory in your life. Happy New month to you. May your month be great.

8 As you progress into this new month. May the doors of heavens be opened unto you. may you experience great things and new glory today and forever. take charge because the month is yours already. may God bless you and keep you. Happy new month.

9 This is your month of jubilation, so I just want to welcome you to your month. Joy, happiness and immense celebration will be yours since you have decided to trust God in your ways and path. Be rest assured that he has got you covered. You will experience a calm like that of the river in all the things that you lay your hands on. God’s hands will always be on all your projects. Happy new month to you.

10 No matter how your last month went, always acknowledge the fact that he brought you into the new month for a reason. He did that so that he would be able to turn your sadness to joy and your disappointments to multiple blessings. Believe in him and all your prayers will be answered. Happy new month to you.

11 You hopelessness will be turned to renewed hope. All the good things you have lost will be returned to you in multiple folds. The lord will bless you and all your needs will be tended to. In this new month, you will sing a new song. You give shout in praise to God above. He will answer all your prayers. Happy new month. God be with you!

12 May the brightness of the sun lead you to enter and challenge all dark areas of your life. May you achieve all that you want to achieve in this new month. May you break forth, new paths and may you have every reason to be thankful and joyous this new month. May the blessings of God never leave you. You will dance in happiness because the month is yours. Happy new month!

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New Month Prayer points for breakthrough

Find below the collection of new month text messages prayer points for breakthrough for your use. You can use these messages or add a few words to make it as unique as you want it to be:

13 You will breakthrough in this new month, you will break forth in all ramifications. You will break all boundaries and all barriers in your life. God will lift you up higher than your enemies. Your glory will shine so bright that people will begin to run into you for cascading blessings of God. Rise and shine dear, the future is yours.

14 The path that God has chosen for you will be yours. He has given you the beauty of life and he has saved your soul. May you continue to shine brightly under the protection of the almighty. May the enemies’ hands never reach you. You will ahead of them in every step of the way. Happy new month. Good Tidings.

15 The lord almighty will support you and bless you beyond your own imagination. He will take you from your present level to another level. He will surprise you and make you should ‘Hallelujah’ in appreciation. This month is your month. Welcome to your month!

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