Meet 5 Year Old Jare Ijalana – 2018’s Most Beautiful Girl In The World

As the year 2018, is drawing to a close, it will be significant to highlight some giant strides recorded by the Nigerian/ African child in the course of the year. One of such is the revelation of superstar child model Jare Ijalana. Jare put the black African child on the world map in the year 2018 with her stunning beauty which caught the attention of the world.

Jare Ijalana a Nigerian child model was named the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ after stunning pictures of her went viral on the internet and social media platforms in July 2018. She has been referred to as the “African Barbie” because of her doll-like look. 5-year-old Nigerian girl Jare Ijalana is the first black and African girl to be so named. The title of ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World has previously been held by French child model Thylane Blondeau and later Russian models Kristina Pimenova and Anastacia Knyazeva.

Jare has been featured by a number of high profile online and traditional media platforms some of which include, Yahoo Lifestyle, People.com,  Dail Mail UK, Elle Cote D’Ivoire, The ‘Talko’, Public Magazine France, Tendances People Magazine, Pulse Kenya etc.

Jare Ijalana has also been interviewed by Univision TV America, RTL NEXT Television Germany and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Africa)

Jare and her sisters are featured in the current edition (Fall Edition) of NYSFE Magazine, New York, USA.

Jare has also run campaigns for some brands both in and outside Nigeria.

Jare is a member of a group of 3 child model sisters, known as the J3 sisters. Jare is the youngest of the 3 sisters. Her elder sisters are Joba Ijalana (10years) and Jomiloju Ijalana (7 Years). Jare and her sisters maintain an Instagram account @the_j3_sisters which have garnered over 109,000 Instagram followers in just 4  months it was opened and still counting with followers from all over the world.

Jare has inspired so many girls to shine in their own beauty. She has definitely raised the bar.

The future looks very bright for Jare as she continues to fly the flag of the beautiful black African child.


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